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Rechargeable Duracell Batteries

Chances are if you're looking at the goodies on OnBuy, you're in need of some batteries to get things going too - and that's where rechargeable Duracell batteries come in! Highly efficient, hugely long-lasting per charge, and able to hold their power for up to a year when not in use, Duracell rechargeable batteries keep your technology on the move. Whether you're after rechargeable AA batteries like the Duracell AA 1300, or rechargeable batteries in other shapes and sizes, Duracell is the brand that promises plenty of power per pack!

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Looking to buy Rechargeable Duracell Batteries?

When it comes to batteries, there's usually one name on everyone's lips - and one energetic little bunny on their mind! Yet rechargeable Duracell batteries are growing in popularity more and more these days, thanks to being more environmentally friendly than disposable batteries - but also promising to last longer.

The likes of Duracell AA 1300 rechargeable batteries have proven a hit with families whose kids have power-hungry toys, with gamers whose controllers need plenty of consistent energy, and with pretty much everyone tired of having to shell out for new batteries every few weeks!

Solid performance in a perky little package, rechargeable Duracell batteries can make a huge difference to daily life - and OnBuy's seller community is as dependable as ever in finding the best rechargeable batteries bearing the Duracell name that money can buy.

How long do rechargeable Duracell batteries last?

The length of time rechargeable batteries last always varies by device, although it's safe to say that rechargeable Duracell batteries tend to last longer than most. It's actually how long rechargeable AA batteries and the like made by Duracell are able to hold their charge between uses that's the most impressive.

Taking Duracell rechargeable AA batteries as an example, you can expect them to hold their charge for up to a year when not in use. They're able to last up to 10 years in proper storage too, and can be recharged up to 400 times before fresh rechargeable Duracell batteries need to be bought.

That works out far less expensive than buying 400 new sets of batteries every time you need some!

How do you recharge Duracell rechargeable batteries?

Using a wall charger, usually made by Duracell themselves, you can keep the likes of your Duracell AA 1300 batteries topped up with power easily. The best rechargeable battery chargers give you visual indication of how powered up the batteries plugged into it are.

While you can use rechargeable AA batteries in wall chargers by other battery brands, companies prefer you stick to their own tech wherever possible. That's because they test, say, rechargeable Duracell batteries in a Duracell battery charger alone when they manufacture them, and that's how they guarantee the best performance.

What happens if you charge a non-rechargeable battery?

Please don't do that! The makeup of a normal battery and the likes of rechargeable Duracell batteries is very different. If you put a non-rechargeable battery in your wall charger, it will overheat.

Batteries that get too hot are extremely dangerous, and can rupture or spring leaks of nasty acid - or even burst or explode in especially bad incidents.

Do rechargeable batteries last as long as regular batteries?

Longer! Rechargeable Duracell batteries are nickel metal hydride batteries, usually abbreviated as NiMH. Regular batteries that can't be recharged are alkaline batteries - and put simply, NiMH rechargeable batteries outclass the alkaline batteries of old in almost every way, especially when it comes to longevity.

Now you're clued up and ready to power up too, take a look at the rechargeable Duracell batteries on offer via OnBuy - you'll be sure to find the perfect way to keep your gadgets going for longer than you might think!

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