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What Is The Best Record Player With Speakers?

Published 18th May 2021
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The vast range of turntables that are available today are very, very different to the chunky, obtuse devices you would have seen in times gone by. Yes, say goodbye to hefty Hi-Fi systems and wired speakers forever - record players are back with a bang, boasting all kinds of state-of-the-art tech to suit the modern music maven! 

Combining tradition with the latest tech, contemporary record players offer all the joys of modern music systems - without ever compromising that classic, crisp sound that you can only get from a vinyl. From Bluetooth models to portable picks, there’s a record player out there to suit all your needs, whatever they may be. Perhaps the one that trumps them all, however, is the record player with speakers. With no need to source an external pair of speakers, these all-in-one gadgets are portable, practical, and ready to play your favourite tunes at a moment’s notice.

Mad about music? If so, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery through all things record player-related. Once we’ve covered the basics, we’ll show you a selection of some of our favourite record players with built-in speakers before dissecting each option to help you pick out the perfect one for you. Limber up - it’s about to get groovy, baby!

What is a record player?

record player on yellow background

A record player, also known as a phonograph or a gramophone, is an audio output device used for listening to music - specifically vinyl records. They’ve been around for years and years, providing a traditional yet terrific way to listen to music. With unmatched audio quality, it’s no surprise that they’ve remained at the top of the charts for generations, with everyone from groovy grandparents to tune-loving teens reaching for the records. 

Despite various changes and adaptations, the basic parts have always remained the same. A record player has a turntable, which is the large, circular plate that the vinyl record itself sits on. A rod in the centre holds the record in place while it is playing, and it’s usually covered in rubber or plastic to ensure your much-loved records aren’t scratched or damaged. The most important part of a record player is, of course, the stylus. Small but powerful, the stylus is usually made from diamond or another hard, durable material. It’s shaped like a cone and suspended by a flexible strip of metal. The pointed end of the stylus touches the top of the record while cleverly spiralling grooves of the disk pick up vibrations that are turned back into sounds, producing the music you hear! Pretty cool!

Why should I get a record player with speakers?

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Although the merits of a record player are evident, you may be wondering why you would need one when you have everything you need on your mobile phone, right? It has a speaker, it probably has Bluetooth, and you’ll most definitely have some form of music streaming app at your disposal, so why are record players with speakers so popular? 

Firstly, and arguably the most important factor for avid audiophiles, is sound quality. Put simply, the sound you get from a classic vinyl is far superior to that of an MP3 file. When music is streamed, tone loss occurs due to the compression of files. This means that the music loses that warm sound that vinyl is particularly known for. When listening to a vinyl record, you're hearing the music exactly how the artist intended it. Best of all, the speakers allow you to hear this straight from the record player - no need to connect to any external speakers - simple! 

Second, is the lack of external speakers. This means that you can just pop your record on and sink into pure relaxation without having to faff with wires and connections. Not only convenient for immediate listening, this also makes them far more portable, as there’s less equipment to lug around here, there, and everywhere. Plus, loads come with a handy travel case, which can be folded up and taken anywhere, just like a bog-standard briefcase - pretty nifty! 

Finally, if you’ve already got a heap of old vinyl records collecting dust, you’ll be able to listen to them in premium audio quality while also not having to splash out money to buy all of those records on streaming services. What’s more, most modern record players come with a range of dynamic features, such as Bluetooth and AUX input, so you’ll still be able to use the device and stream songs from your phone! With the built-in speakers, you’ve effectively got a record player and a portable speaker in one! By bagging yourself one of these magnificent music centres, there’ll be no need to splash out on an additional set of speakers - the integrated ones do a wonderful job on their own. However, many allow you to connect to an external set if you desire, so you can blast your beats in any way you desire!

Time to face the music

man relaxing listening to record player

All this talk of record players got you in a spin? Now we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to get to the fun part: the shopping! Our team of music buffs have put together a list of six of the best vinyl record players with speakers on the market today, from contemporary music centres that won’t look out of place in a modern home to retro record players that are sure to get you reliving your teenage kicks in no time at all. Whatever your style, there’s a record player with speakers for you right here in this guide! So, let’s get started and delve through a selection of the best record players with speakers.

DIGITNOW! Bluetooth Record Player With Stereo Speakers

DIGITNOW! Bluetooth Record Player With Stereo Speakers

Pros: Classic design blends retro with modern, all-in-one system, USB encoding converts vinyl onto a USB for portable listening

Cons: Smaller than competitors, no case to protect the device

For a record player with built-in speakers that gives you the ability to listen to your vinyl records, old-school cassette tapes, and the music straight from your mobile, look no further than this Bluetooth record player from DIGITNOW! The classic design of this record player practically screams ‘retro vibes’, but don’t be fooled by its traditional aesthetic - it comes packed with contemporary features! Yes, this all-in-one system really does do it all! You can play vinyl, connect it to your mobile via Bluetooth or AUX, listen to live broadcasts from the radio, and even play cassettes. Whatever way you want to listen to music - you can with this record player. What’s more, you can even convert your favourite vinyl records into MP3 and store them on a USB stick or SD card, so you’ll always have access to them no matter if the records get damaged or lost.

On the downside, this record player is relatively small compared to others on the market, and the built-in speakers may not stack up to the same quality as some competitors. Also, unlike many other portable record players, this device doesn’t boast a suitcase design, meaning it’s more difficult to move around varying locations. However, if you’re searching for a record player with built-in speakers that has lots of different features and ways to listen to your music, this is certainly a shrewd choice.

Denver VPL-120 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player With Speakers - Turquoise

Denver VPL-120 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player With Speakers - Turquoise

Pros: Visually stunning, adjustable to play 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM speeds

Cons: Standalone vinyl player - lacks many of the additional features seen in other players of this calibre, no dust cover

With its sleek exterior, this 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player from Denver exudes luxury while providing a heightened sense of nostalgia. With full range stereo speakers integrated into the case, you can rely on this record player to bring the boogie whenever, wherever! Fully adjustable to either 33, 45 or 78 RPM, this record player can support your entire vinyl collection, so dust off those old classics and prepare to relive your teenage kicks. 

While the VPL-120 markets itself as a standalone model, it’s not without some additional extras. Want to immortalise your records in MP3 or WAV? Sure - simply use the included USB cable, connect to your PC, and convert away! Want to blast your beats on some external speakers? No problem - connect them up to the phono input found at the rear and let the good times roll! Of course, we have to mention that suitcase-style design, which makes transport a total breeze. When you’re done playing, remove the record, close the case, and take it with you wherever you go. Simple yet spectacular - what’s not to love?

The only real downside to this rockin’ record player is the lack of features, such as a cassette player or FM/AM functions, and the striking turquoise design may not be to everyone's taste. However, as standalone record players go, this is a fantastic option!

DIGITNOW! Turntable Record Player With Speakers - White

DIGITNOW! Turntable Record Player With Speakers - White

Pros: Use either as a standalone record player or convert your favourite vinyl records into MP3, chic and stylish white design

Cons: No alternative colour options, easy to mark

This record player with built-in speakers from DIGITNOW! has a fresh, classic exterior that won’t look out of place in any living room. A premium feature of this record player is its ability to be used either as a standalone record player or as a plug and play device using your mobile via the RCA connection port. What’s more, you can convert your favourite vinyl records into MP3 format. The stylish, neutral design gives the record player a traditional feel, and the suitcase design is portable so you’ll be able to enjoy your records wherever you go. Three different RPM speed options and the integrated stereo speakers contribute to a very attractive and highly functional record player.

Unfortunately, this record player with speakers doesn’t have alternative colour options, so if the white isn’t for you, you may need to look elsewhere to find your perfect vinyl record player. Also, as fresh and clean as the white style is, it’ll be prone to fingerprints and other marks. As such, if you’ve got a playful pet or curious children, you'll need to make sure this record player is kept in a safe space!

DIGITNOW! Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable With Speakers

DIGITNOW! Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable With Speakers

Pros: All-in-one record player, Bluetooth connectivity, CD and cassette tape function

Cons: Cumbersome design isn’t the most visually appealing, expensive compared to competitors

For an all-in-one record player that offers a premium listening experience, look no further than this Bluetooth vinyl record player with built-in speakers from DIGITNOW! Sure to keep you listening to your favourite records for hours on end, this record player has a vinyl turntable, Bluetooth connectivity, and also the ability to listen to cassettes and CDs! You’ll be able to utilise all of those CDs and cassettes that have been collecting dust for years. What’s more, the built-in stereo speakers provide high-quality audio that’ll allow you to listen to music in the way the artists intended it.

On the downside, this record player is fairly cumbersome in comparison to many of the other models featured on this list. However, for the features and functions it boasts, it’s certainly forgivable. It also doesn’t have the coveted briefcase design, which limits its portability, and it’s rather expensive compared to its competitors. Ultimately though, if you want a premium record player system that will allow you to listen to music in any way you want, you really can’t go wrong!

mersoco Bluetooth Record Player

mersoco Bluetooth Record Player

Pros: Stunning retro design, Bluetooth connectivity, headphone jack for private listening sessions

Cons: Only available in the one colour, small speakers aren’t the most powerful

This record player from merosco brings the retro vibes that a traditional record player should exude. The nostalgic design looks vintage while also maintaining it’s visual appeal, and will be perfect for anyone that’s searching for a retro record player. Despite its old-fashioned exterior, this record player comes packed with modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your phone and play your music digitally through the built-in speakers. What’s more, this vinyl record player includes vinyl to MP3 recording for playback at a later date. 

Obviously, the vintage design won’t be to everyone's taste, so if you’re on the hunt for a more modern look, you may be better off with some of the alternative options in this guide. Also, the speakers are relatively small and won’t produce booming audio. For a premium audio experience, you may want to connect to your own home stereo system using the RCA or AUX ports.

Denver VPL-200 Vinyl Record Player

Denver VPL-200 Vinyl Record Player

Pros: Stunning gloss black finish, integrated stereo speakers

Cons: Limited portability, no Bluetooth connectivity

This vinyl record player is without a doubt the most visually appealing option in this guide, with a beautiful gloss black finish that would look great as an ornament on any bedside table or sideboard. Additionally, the integrated stereo speakers give rich, warm tones that are befitting of its stunning exterior. What’s more, this record player allows you to connect your headphones to be fully immersed and listen to your vinyl without any distraction.

Unfortunately, one disadvantage of this record player is that it lacks a travel case, making transport a little difficult. However, with its sumptuous natural wood finish, it’s likely you’ll want to keep it in the same spot anyway! For a record player that sounds as good as it looks, this is a great option!

Sound: ON

wooden record player

So, there you have it, a selection of some of the best record players with speakers that are sure to improve your vinyl listening experience! To see an even greater range of rockin’ record players with built-in speakers, check out our full selection here. From vintage turntables to those with a more modern spin, you’re sure to find that special something to get you into the groove here at OnBuy! Alternatively, browse through our entire selection of record players to discover loads more audiophile essentials from the likes of Victrola, DIGITNOW!, Crosley, and Fenton

Interested in learning more about record players? Check out one of our previous guides that’ll give you the full lowdown of these timeless music centres. First foray into the fab world of vinyl? Our ultimate guide to record players is packed full of all the info and inspo you need to get started! 

Of course, what’s a record player without records? Our online music stores are jam-packed with a wealth of vinyl records, with everything from timeless classics to current chart toppers just waiting to be taken for a spin! So, whether you’re a Fleetwood Mac fanatic, an ABBA admirer, a self-confessed Swiftie, or crazy about Childish Gambino, you’re sure to find the ultimate additions to your vinyl collection right here.

The information is this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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