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The Best Bluetooth Record Players For 2021

Published 19th February 2021
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Even in the age of miniature media players and audio streaming at the touch of a button, record players reign supreme as one of the most popular ways of listening to music. Whether it’s due to their superior sound quality or cool retro aesthetic, music lovers of all ages can’t seem to get enough of these old-school pieces of kit. But what keeps bringing us back to vinyl?

One of the main things that sets vinyl aside from the rest is its stubbornness to conform to the pressures of modern trends, which has allowed it to maintain all the features, design qualities and standards that truly makes this hi-fi set-up special. Having said that, turntable technology hasn’t completely stayed at a standstill: since the vinyl revival in the early 2010s, there’s been some nifty upgrades that have kept this tech in line with the needs of the modern consumer – in particular, the adoption of Bluetooth technology.

Merging the old with the new, Bluetooth record players seamlessly fuse old-school mechanics and modern digital media together, providing a wonderfully versatile piece of kit that audiophiles of every generation will appreciate. Gone are the days of being tied down by pesky cables, as these innovative record players can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth ready device, from your speakers to your smartphone and beyond. What’s more, many of these newly-evolved devices come with a variety of smart features and additions, including USB outputs, headphone jacks for private listening sessions, AM/FM radio functions and more, so it’s never been easier to lose yourself in the wonderful world of music, whatever you’re into! 

What to look out for when buying a Bluetooth turntable

bluetooth turntable on bed

Before setting your heart on a new Bluetooth record player, there’s a few of things you need to consider:

  1. Budget
  2. Additional features
  3. Wireless or portable
  4. Bluetooth: in vs. out


It may seem obvious, but figuring out how much you’re willing to pay is always a great place to start when thinking about investing in a new Bluetooth turntable. Of course, more expensive models will boast a wider variety of high-tech features which may appeal to the more avid music lovers among us, but you don’t necessarily have to splash the cash too much to grab yourself a quality piece of kit. In fact, you can find a whole host of high-tech Bluetooth record players for as little as £50, so whatever your budget, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying that quintessential vinyl sound.

One of the best ways to determine your budget is to take a look at the main differences between a record player at the lower and higher end of the price spectrum, and deciding which features you definitely want and ones you can live without. For example, are you wanting to copy the music from your LPs directly to your computer? If so, you’ll need a record player with a built-in USB port. If this doesn’t interest you, then you may be able to pick up a cheaper model without this feature.

Additional features

To keep vinyl king, many Bluetooth record players come packed with a wealth of tempting additional features. As previously mentioned, some record players come with a USB output which can be used to convert your favourite records into digital audio files – and that’s just the start! Want to listen to digital music as well as vinyl? You’re in luck, as many Bluetooth record players offer a USB input or AUX port which allows music lovers to play their favourite MP3 files with just a cable or a USB stick. Need a moment to yourself? Make sure you pick up a record player with a headphone jack so you can enjoy an immersive private session. And, if you’re looking to cast out cables forever, some Bluetooth turntables can even be connected wirelessly to your smartphone, allowing you to play songs from your favourite streaming sites through internal speakers – sweet!

Wireless or portable

It’s easy to see ‘portable’ and automatically think ‘wireless’, but these don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with tech. Some Bluetooth vinyl players are marketed as ‘portable’ due to their convenient, compact size and easy-to-transport design, but they may still need a mains power source for operation. If you’re looking for something you can transport from room to room in your home or take to your friend’s for a party, then a portable record player is a great choice for you. But, if you’re after something you can take to the park, beach or outdoor space where you won’t have access to a power source, opt for a wireless model. These little beauties come with a handy rechargeable battery, giving you the freedom to listen to your favourite tunes anywhere, anytime, with ease.

Bluetooth: in vs. out

Another important factor to consider is how versatile you want your Bluetooth record player to be. Are you looking for a device that simply connects to external speakers and plays music solely from your vinyl collection or are you searching for something you can use to play digital music through built-in speakers? If you’re after the latter, you’ll need a Bluetooth-in record player. As the name suggests, the signal goes into the record player, allowing you to connect your smartphone or MP3 player wirelessly and listen to all the best chart-topping tunes straight from your favourite music streaming sites through its integrated speakers. In contrast, Bluetooth-out turntables send the signal out to external devices, connecting wirelessly to your speakers to give your record player an extra sound boost. If you’re after the best of both worlds, look for a vinyl player that supports both Bluetooth in and out connectivity.

What’s the best Bluetooth record player?

turn table

Once you’ve established exactly what features and functions you’re looking for, you can let the fun part begin - the shopping! If you don’t already have a make and model in mind, don’t fret: we’ve put together some of our favourite systems on the market currently, showcasing everything from pocket-friendly picks to premium plate spinners for each and every need. So sit back, relax, and prepare to discover your next high-fi must-have! 

Digitnow Vinyl Record Player With Bluetooth

digitnow colourful record player

Pros: Wireless, portable briefcase design, built-in stereo speakers, generous price tag

Cons: Graphic print may not be to everyone’s taste, need to remember to charge before taking out

Main features: 

  • Multifunctional: record player, FM radio, LP to MP3 recording, MP3 player function & Bluetooth audio receiver
  • Bluetooth-in: play all your favourite songs wirelessly from external devices 
  • Lightweight & portable, with a handy suitcase-style design for effortless travel 
  • Fitted with a rechargeable battery for uninterrupted listening on the go
  • Comes with built-in stereo speakers, USB port & headphone jack 
  • Eye-catching 90s-inspired design that looks as good as it performs 
  • Three-speed settings (33, 45 & 78 RPM)

This all-in-one Bluetooth record player truly packs a punch and, with a pocket-friendly price tag of just under £50, you really can’t go wrong! As the only fully wireless gadget on our list, this little beauty is an absolute must if you’re on the hunt for something you can take with you wherever you go. Bursting with a variety of additional features and packed with oodles of character, this truly irresistible piece of kit makes a stunning entry-level record player for music lovers of all ages. 

DIGITNOW! Bluetooth Record Player With Stereo Speakers

digitnow bluetooth record player with speakers

Pros: Packed with a variety of additional features, sleek design

Cons: Transparent dust cover prone to dust, needs a mains power source for use

Main features:

  • All-in-one music player & vinyl record player 
  • Comes with USB port, 3.5mm AUX jack & SD card reader
  • Bluetooth-in function allows you to play songs wirelessly from any Bluetooth compatible external device
  • Comes with built-in stereo speakers & headphone jack for private listening 
  • Features a cassette player with eject & fast-forward functions, as well as AM/FM radio
  • USB/SD encoding converts vinyl to USB flash drive or SD card in MP3 format 
  • Belt-driven vinyl turntable with three-speed settings (33, 45 & 78 RPM) 

Fusing the old with the new, this Bluetooth turntable is the ultimate choice for all die-hard music lovers. With a built-in cassette player, you can listen to all your favourite old-school tracks with that quintessential cassette sound that you simply can’t get elsewhere. With a whole host of additional features at just the touch of a button and an extremely generous price tag coming in at just over £50, this Bluetooth record player is a must-have addition to your hi-fi set-up. 

DIGITNOW! Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable With Stereo Speaker, CD & Cassette Player

digitnow CD record player

Pros: Integrated stereo speakers, all-in-one sound system

Cons: Bulky design, on the higher end of the price spectrum for this list

Main features: 

  • 33/45/78 RPM turntable system with Bluetooth-in function, built-in AM/FM radio, cassette player, CD player & AUX jack for connecting to external devices 
  • Direct USB/SD encoding feature allows you to preserve your vinyl records in MP3 format
  • Built-in stereo speaker provides loud & clear sound 
  • Comes with a full-function remote control with instant play, pause, skip & recording buttons
  • Integrated LCD screen with handy backlight

Are you longing to listen to all your favourite old-school vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs but don’t want to buy a separate music system for each? Well, you’re in luck, as this multifunctional Bluetooth record player does all that and more! Acting as a fully-functional vinyl turntable, cassette and CD player, AM/FM stereo radio and USB/SD card encoder all in one sleek and stylish device, this turntable is among some of the most feature-packed pieces of kit you can find on the market. Bursting with high-end features, without the high-end price tag, this music centre is the perfect pick for both avid audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

i-Box Turntable With Bluetooth

ibox record player

Pros: Vintage design, 7-in-1 sound system

Cons: More cumbersome than other models, difficult to transport

Main features:

  • 7-in-1 music centre, complete with two built-in stereo speakers for audio playback directly from the turntable 
  • Comes with a built-in easy-to-pair Bluetooth-in connection, cassette & CD player, FM radio, AUX in, USB port & headphone jack 
  • Three-speed turntable is compatible with singles, LPs & 78s 
  • Supports USB/SD card encoding 
  • R + L line out for external speaker connection 
  • Blends modern technology with retro-classic aesthetics

If you love vintage-style gadgets, you won’t be able to get enough of this old-school vinyl turntable! Combining vintage retro style with all the latest tech, this Bluetooth record player gives you the absolute best of both worlds, letting you relive your youth without compromising your modern needs. Fully-functional as a vinyl, cassette and CD player, FM radio and more, this hi-fi music system provides everything you need to enjoy your favourite music, all in one classically-styled piece of kit that’s sure to elevate any room in your home.

TEAC TN-180BT White Bluetooth Turntable

Teac record player

Pros: Minimalistic, compact design, peerless sound quality

Cons: The most expensive model on this list, requires external speakers

Main features: 

  • Belt-drive motor with three-speed settings (33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM) & precision stainless steel spindle 
  • Easy-to-connect Bluetooth-out function: simply hold down the pairing button at the base of the tone-arm until the built-in light indicator illuminates 
  • Flexible to suit your needs: features phono outputs at the back of the turntable for wired connections if your external device doesn’t support Bluetooth 
  • Auto-return tone-arm goes back to original position automatically as soon as the vinyl has finished playing 
  • Tone-arm preinstalled with a moving magnetic cartridge for immediate playing 
  • Constructed with high-density MDF to dampen vibrations & enhance playback

Compact, stylish and packed with a wealth of high-quality mechanics, this Bluetooth turntable is a must-have for avid vinyl listeners. With a stainless steel spindle and belt-drive motor, this stunning turntable produces a clearer sound than most other direct-drive DJ players, maintaining accurate rotation speeds to provide the most superior sound quality possible. As the only Bluetooth-out device on the list, this is the ultimate choice for those wanting to rediscover their favourite vinyl records on a booming external sound system. Simply connect the player to your headphones or external speakers via Bluetooth and immerse yourself in that peerless vinyl sound we all know and love.

Let the music play!

man listening to record player

Searching for even more inspiration? Check out our fully-loaded Audio & Hi-Fi department while you’re here! Among our extensive selection of audio gear, we’ve got everything you need to totally transform your existing set-up, including an even wider variety of record players, retro jukeboxes and so much more. If you’re looking to grab some gear to pair with your purchase, don’t forget to pick up some sound-enhancing speakers before you go, too! 

Please note: The information in this guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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