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Wet 'n’ Wild Water Games That Are Sure To Make A Splash This Summer

Published 22nd June 2021
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Prepare to pack all kinds of exciting and stimulating activities into your scorching summer with OnBuy’s irresistible selection of wet ‘n’ wild water games. By snapping up one (or several!) of these welcomed heat-busting entertainment options, you’ll be able to keep both yourself and your guests comfortable and amused for hours on end - all without breaking the bank!

From thrilling water pistol duels that’ll help you to settle any squabbles to hosting your very own pool volleyball tournament, your summer soirées will never be classed as boring. Regardless of whether you're searching for family-friendly outdoor activity or some over-18 entertainment for an adults-only affair, we’ve got a splash-ing variety of water toys and games that you’ll be eager to explore this season!

Step into summer with a crowd-pleasing slip ‘n slide

slip and slide

Unless you’re offering your fellow guests a delicious ice cream or an ice-cold beverage, nothing will receive a more positive response than suggesting a spell on the slip ‘n slide! Popular among both adults and kids alike, a slip ‘n slide is perfect for entertaining active children that need to burn off some energy during the summer holidays. You can pick up both adult and kid-friendly versions to ensure they’re built to withstand the energy and weight of the user. One popular option for children includes the Slip’ N Slide Triple Racer With Slide Boogie Board from Wham-O - large enough for three kids, this garden behemoth promises mountains of fun!

Boasting sprinklers around the entire edge (apart from the starting line), children can whizz down this watery pathway with ease in an attempt to reach the end first. However, due their slippery nature, it’s important to note that slip ‘n slides can be dangerous if set up poorly, used improperly, without parental supervision, or while inebriated, so both adults and kids should take care when using any kind of exhilarating outdoor water slide! Plus, they can also become tiresome on hot days, so it’s best to use them during the cooler afternoons rather than around midday when temperatures are at their warmest.

Get your own back with water gun games!

ladies playing with water pistols

Has a family member recently annoyed you by snaffling your favourite snacks? Or maybe a close friend has you feeling frustrated after ‘borrowing’ your sunglasses for too long? Get your own back by inviting them for a friendly afternoon chock-full of water gun games! Another summer activity that’s ideal for kids and adults alike, water pistol games are a wonderful way to cool down when you haven’t got enough room for a swimming pool or hot tub in your backyard. Searching for an easy-to-hold yet powerful water gun? Look no further than Nerf and their vast selection of water pistols designed to help you soak the competition during games that involve target practice with plastic cups or hanging beach balls.

The Nerf Super Soaker FreezeFire 2.0, for example, holds nearly 600ml of water and can release a stream of water up to an impressive 11.5m to leave your backyard battleground awash. Before picking up a water pistol, you should always check the instructions and warnings to make sure it’s suitable for the recipient and ensure they avoid directing the water gun at anyone’s face or eyes. It’s also recommended to only use cold, clean water with these water toys to avoid any injuries, and of course, you’ll also need to invest in two water guns - if you want a fair game!

Throw on your game face for pool volleyball

jumping into pool

Determined to take on the whole family or beat your best mate? Pool volleyball encourages you to embrace your competitive side this summer! All you need is a substantial swimming pool, a volleyball net, a ball, and several friends to form two teams, so you can host your very own pool volleyball tournament. In our vast online collection of swimming pool toys and games, you can find an array of inflatable pool volleyball nets - just like this STOBOK Inflatable Pool Float Set that comes complete with a cactus-adorned inflatable volleyball net and two volleyball balls for unmissable matches. 

Made from premium, eco-friendly PVC, this colourful and attention-grabbing pool volleyball net is incredibly durable thanks to the scratch and tear-resistant material which ensures it survives many fun-filled summers. It’s also super easy to inflate and deflate which makes pool floats and inflatables like this volleyball net perfect for taking with you on holiday if you haven’t got your own pool. Team water games are especially brilliant for building teamwork, communication, and swimming skills in kids, so they’re a great choice for older children, too. Regardless of whether you’re playing 1-1 or in teams of several people, pool volleyball is also a show-stopping way to start any adult outdoor party!

Inflate your pool entertainment options

baby in pool

Are all those hours spent lounging around the pool making you feel lazy and unmotivated? Get active and entertain yourself instead with a selection of novelty, practical, and Instagram-worthy pool floats and inflatables! From elaborate inflatable dinosaur pool floats that are sure to go down a treat with kids to inflatable jumbo beach balls that can transform any adult event from bland to brilliant, these finishing touches make all the difference and can prevent boredom from setting in on particularly hot days! Plus, as mentioned above, inflatables can also be easily stored and taken on holidays to ensure you’re never stuck for something to do while swimming.

Inflatable beach balls also allow you to get stuck into a wide variety of water games including testing your ball-balancing skills, playing catch in the pool with pals, and even trying out paddleball. Ideal for the whole family (apart from kids under three years old), these inflatable toys and games are a great way to include everyone. Especially useful for families on a budget, the versatility of pool inflatables means all you need is a little imagination and creativity to ensure your summer is one to remember without spending lots of money on various water games for different age ranges.

Need a hand keeping little ones cool?

water sprayer

Safe and exciting, kids’ sprinklers really are fun for the whole family! Unlike pools where accumulated water can pose a safety risk to babies even at a few inches, sprinklers allow them to enjoy splashes of water - without causing their parents to worry. This Banzai 14663 Sprinkle 'n' Splash Play Mat, for example, features a water-filled sprinkler ring that sprays streams of gentle water upwards to create a safe, shallow paddling pool and entertain up to several curious and excitable little toddlers at once. The play mat itself boasts a colourful and eye-catching underwater theme as it’s covered in cartoon-style sea creature characters including cute orange fish, bright yellow starfish, and even purple octopuses.

Suitable for kids aged 18 months and above, all it requires is a tap or garden hose to start cooling off your little ones. However, please bear in mind that adult supervision is always required when your toddler is meeting these adorable ocean creatures! For older children above the age of three years old, we recommend kids’ sprinkler mats with bigger streams of water - like this deAO Sprinkle And Splash Pad that’s made from robust and weather-resistant materials, boasts easy assembly, and encourages active kids to get away from the TV and enjoy the outdoors!

Stay safe in the sweltering sun!

baby with sun hat and shades

No matter how you and your family plan on having fun outdoors this summer, making sure everyone is protected, safe, and happy in the warmer weather is key to hosting a successful and entertaining garden party. First and foremost, it’s vital to always seek adequate protection from the sun for all outdoor water games! 

Sun protection comes in all kinds of forms, from sun hats to sunscreen, so there's a wide range of clothing and cosmetics that can help to defend your delicate skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Even if you’re spending most of your time outside in the pool, sunscreen only has a limited amount of resistance to water, so it’s important to reapply generously to prevent any painful burns or dodgy tan lines! By way of illustration, water-resistant sunscreen typically lasts anywhere between half an hour to two hours, so keep topping yourself up as needed.

However, no matter how much sunscreen you slather on, you should also plan your water games to only take place during the cooler hours of the day for the utmost comfort in the heat. Avoiding a scorching game of pool volleyball in the midday sun by choosing to host it in the afternoon instead can prevent your guests from getting sunburnt, developing heat exhaustion, and even becoming dehydrated.

Another way to combat this is to ensure there’s plenty of shade in your garden using methods like awnings, gazebos, and shade sails, to name just a few reliable (and stylish) options. Once you’ve given yourself multiple ways to cool down if the summer sun becomes too much, you can wave goodbye to working up a sweat and focus on having fun outside with our wet ‘n’ wild water games instead - you’re welcome!

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