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Give your inquisitive little explorers a whole new perspective with a globe from OnBuy's collection. They'll be able to discover a whole world of information about our planet without leaving the house (or relying on the Internet!), adding to this knowledge the more they explore - and a globe is a fail-safe decoration for their room, too. Read More >
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About Globes

Getting a globe for your little one is a fantastic way to help them learn about the world. There's so much you can explore with them: from the locations of different countries and continents to the names of the oceans and rivers - you can even show them where your home sits on the planet! 

Our range of globes has everything you need to encourage your little ones to discover and learn. Among our selection, you'll find lots of different styles of globes for kids to kick-start their exploration - will you opt for an antique style globe for an old-school feel, or add a splash of colour to their room with one of our vibrant coloured globes? We've got plenty of sizes on offer too, from adorable mini globes that'll be perfectly sized for tiny hands, to bigger globes that'll look great adorning their playroom desk. 

We've also got a great selection of children's illuminated globes to choose from, which offer yet another new way of looking at the world. Depending on the globe, it'll light up different areas like animal habitats, world features, constellations - to name a few! Your little one will spend hours spinning and exploring their globe, and who knows, their discoveries might inspire a lifelong love of learning and geography!