Prey: Book One: Hell's Heart

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Prey: Book One: Hell's Heart
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When Klingon commander Kruge died in combat against James T. Kirk on the Genesis planet back in 2285, he left behind a powerful house in disarray-and a series of ticking time bombs: the Phantom Wing, a secret squadron of advanced Birds-of-Prey; a cabal of loyal officers intent on securing his heritage; and young Korgh, his thwarted would-be heir, willing to wait a Klingon lifetime to enact his vengeance. Now, one hundred years later, while on a diplomatic mission for the United Federation of Planets, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise are snared in the aged Korgh's trap-and thrust directly in the middle of an ancient conflict. But as Commander Worf soon learns, Korgh may be after far bigger game than anyone imagines, confronting the Federation-Klingon alliance with a crisis unlike any it has ever seen!
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Details for Prey: Book One: Hell's Heart
  • 9781501115790 (EAN)
  • 1501115790 (ISBN-10)
  • 9781501115790 (ISBN)
Detailed Product Information:
Book Details
AuthorJohn Jackson Miller
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Book TypePaperback
Release Date06/10/2016
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