Saflax - Pink Powder Puff - Calliandra Haematocephala - 10 Seeds - with Potting Substrate for Better Cultivation

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  • Brush-like blossoms all year and collapsing pinnate leaves at night
  • Fresh seeds from recent harvest
  • 10 seeds per packet
  • With detailed instructions for successful potting
  • Its natural habitat is the tropical and sub-tropical America. The Pink Powder Puff is widespread all the way from New Me


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SAFLAX - Pink Powder Puff - Calliandra haematocephala - 10 seeds - With potting substrate for better cultivation

Brush-like blossoms all year and collapsing pinnate leaves at night

With germfree and permeable potting substrate based on coconut fiber for suceessful cultivation.

Most characteristic for this beautiful bush are the up to 10 cm big blossoms. They consist of a dense tuft of long threads, which tower over the deep-laying, red coloured sepals of each blossom, giving them the appearance of a powder puff or brush. Its eye-catching and juicy blossoms spring up all the year and attract many butterflies as well as hummingbirds in its natural habitat. The plant grows slender and upright at first and then builds up a fluffy crown with pinnate leaves. To protect itself from humidification and heat loss, the Pink Powder Puff folds up its pinnate leaves in the evening. It is a carefree house or tub plant.

Natural Location: Its natural habitat is the tropical and sub-tropical America. The Pink Powder Puff is widespread all the way from New Mexico to Chile.

Cultivation: Seed propagation indoors is possible throughout the year. To increase the germinability, you can place the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. Press the seeds gently in the moist potting compost, put just a little compost earth on top and cover the seed container with clear film to prevent the earth from drying out. Don't forget to make some holes in the clear film and take it every second or third day completely off for about 2 hours. That way you avoid mold formation on your potting compost. Place the seed container somewhere bright and warm with a temperature about 20° C and keep the earth moist but not wet. The seedlings usually come up after two to three weeks.

Place: The Pink Powder Puff should be kept in a bright and/or sunny spot to flourish fully and nicely. It should only be protected from the hot midday sun during the summer.

Care: You should use high quality earth, enriched with perlite or such for better drainage. Especially during the summer your plant needs a lot of water when kept in a sunny place. Therefore, you should keep the earth always moist, but avoid water logging. Every three to four weeks it needs fertilizing and during blossoming add fluid fertilizer for tub plants every week as well. Prune the plant regularly to enhance a strong and bushy growth. Early spring is the best time to prune back strongly. By then you should repot in a slightly bigger container while shifting the whole clotted root without loosen it up.

During Winter: During hibernation keep your Pink Powder Puff in a bright place with a temperature between 10? and 15° Celsius. Give less water and after casting the leaves only as much as to prevent the clotted roots from drying out. Fertilizing won't be necessary until spring.

Bonsai ability: Yes

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12305-32-Calliandra-haematocephala.jpg - Kaveh - CC-BY-SA-3.0 -
12305-33-Calliandra-haematocephala.jpg - Tatiana Gerus - CC-BY-2.0 -
12305-34-Calliandra-haematocephala.jpg - Stickpen - Public domain -
12305-35-Calliandra-haematocephala.jpg - Forest & Kim Starr - CC BY 3.0 -



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