How OnBuy Selling Works

Just as with customers, we want the selling process on OnBuy to be intuitive, simple and rewarding. We have explained the process of becoming an OnBuy Seller and the OnBuy Buyer process below:

Process of Becoming an OnBuy Seller

  1. 1. Before signing up, send us your questions Contact OnBuy and one of our on-boarding account managers will contact you to discuss your products and how OnBuy works, and answer any question that you may have with regards to selling on OnBuy.
    Contact Seller Team >
  2. 2. Set up an OnBuy seller account The next step is to complete our simple seller sign up form, including details about your business, trading information, legal entity information for your OnBuy account and your desired account type.
    Sign Up Now >
  3. 3. Set up your payment account During the sign up process we will ask you to create a Stripe account for payments. We use this method to process payments on your behalf, so that you own the transaction with the customer directly and OnBuy will never hold your money.

    Please Note: OnBuy will soon be changing payment carrier to PayPal in order to offer increased levels of security and protection for both buyers and sellers.
  4. 4. List your product inventory OnBuy is a catalogue system and you can list against existing products within the OnBuy catalogue. If your products don't exist already, you can easily create them through the Seller Control Panel. See Creating Listings >
  5. 5. You are now LIVE on OnBuy Customers can now buy from you on OnBuy and payments will process straight into your Stripe account ready for withdrawal to your bank account. Now you can enjoy low sales fees on OnBuy.

OnBuy Seller Customer Experience

The Customer
The Seller
  1. Customer visits OnBuy and finds a product that he wishes to buy from you.
  2. The customer clicks "Buy Now" and adds the product to the shopping basket. The customer completes checkout & makes a single payment on OnBuy.
  3. The money, subject to very low Stripe fees, will land straight in your Stripe account for you to withdraw.
  4. The customer receives a "Thank You" email from OnBuy and confirmation of payment.
  5. You are then notified of the order by email & within the OnBuy Seller Control Panel.
  6. You can then mark the order as dispatched, within your Seller Control Panel, to notify the customer.
  7. Customer is notified and once the product is received the customer can review the seller and the product.