Creating Listings

OnBuy operates a catalogue system – so one or more sellers may sell the same product.

This results in less clutter for buyers to have to search through, with the added benefit of easy seller comparison (price, reviews and rating). There are exceptions to this rule. Categories of products that do not require a barcode (EAN, UPC or ISBN) will not be part of the OnBuy catalogue and instead, sellers are able to create new products for each listing, while no other sellers will be able to create listings on those products. Used condition products will also require individual listing information.

Which Categories Require Barcodes?

To list a product on OnBuy most departments require an EAN/UPC/ISBN barcode to be provided by the seller, as this assists OnBuy with matching products together and ensuring that we can efficiently market products. However, there are some global exceptions:

Department Is Barcode Required?
Arts & Antiques No
Handmade & Custom Items No
Collectibles No

Additionally, within the other main sections of OnBuy there are categories that don’t require barcodes, such as custom-made categories in furniture and jewellery. If in doubt you can contact the Seller Support Team >.

Adding products on OnBuy may be done manually through the seller control panel. If you need to bulk upload products, we can help to create products in batches using a CSV/XML files, as a one-off import. Our Seller Team will help you with this, and provide you the format/template for our upload, and help you to get this right.

Updating prices, stock, orders and providing dispatch notifications can be performed through the OnBuy Seller Control Panel, through CSV or through the OnBuy API. We also support several integrations which you can utilise to send your product information directly to OnBuy. See Integrations >

We keep the process of creating products or managing listings really simple and we are always on-hand should you have any questions. Feel free to contact the Seller Support Team >