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Overseas Sellers

Overseas Sellers

OnBuy is happy to support a huge number of countries to sell on the OnBuy marketplace. We are however limited to countries that are supported by our payment services provider, Stripe.

The list of countries supported by Stripe can be seen here:

Stripe requires your business to operate in a supported location and a bank account to be established in the supported location also. If in doubt, you can create a new Stripe account to ensure that your registration is successful here:

If Your Country Is Not Supported By Stripe

Stripe Atlas

For sellers in countries where stripe is not supported, who cannot meet the criteria via other means, Stripe does offer an "Atlas" service that may enable you to create a U.S. Business & U.S. Stripe account:

Please note that Stripe is the only payment service supported by OnBuy and it is the sellers responsibility to ensure that they meet the criteria of Stripe before signing up with OnBuy.

Please Note:
OnBuy will soon be changing payment carrier to PayPal in order to offer increased levels of security and protection for both buyers and sellers.

* 12 months free subscription will begin at the end of your final billing period in January 2018. This 12 months free offer applies to Standard Seller package only. Offer ends at midnight 31st December 2017.