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The Best Sex Toys For Men

Published 2nd February 2021
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With every passing year, we become more of a sex-positive society, with sexual health, BDSM bedroom antics, and even saucy sex toys becoming increasingly less stigmatised topics of conversation. As such, it’s unsurprising that more and more men are growing increasingly confident and comfortable in bulking up - or starting from scratch - their own collection of sex toys, which is why we’ve put together a line-up of some of the best male sex toys out there. 

Before jumping straight into our top selection of spine-tingling toys, we’ll explore whether these boudoir beauties are essential to your sexual routine and take a quick look at the different kinds of male sex toys that are available on the market right now.

Are sex toys necessary in the bedroom?

are male sex toys necessary

There are many aspects of your personal life that can encourage or deter you from snapping up some stimulating male sex toys. Regardless of whether you’re a care-free bachelor or happily coupled up with the love of your life, treating yourself or your man to a new bedroom delight can make all the difference to your steamy sex life.

While sex toys certainly aren’t for everyone, they’re perfect for spicing up routine sex sessions and turning them into something a little more special. Chock-full with incredible vibrating creations, textured cock sleeves, and magnificent massaging devices to get you hot under the collar, you can achieve a new level of sexual sensation with a well-placed male sex toy addition.

With sex toys that target everything from teasing the perineum to sending overwhelming pleasure pulsations to hit that ultra-sweet p-spot (the prostate!), no-thrills vanilla sex can be instantly transformed with the right sex toy, introducing you to brand new sexual feelings you never realised existed. Boasting a plethora of astounding anal devices, easy-to-use cock rings, and satisfying male masturbators, there’s a mind-blowing selection of male sex toys on the market.

What are the different kinds of male sex toys available?

different kinds of male sex toys

If you’re new to the wonderful world of sex toys for him, then you might not be aware of all the sexually stimulating options out there. Regardless of your sexual preferences or orientation, thanks to the wide and attention-grabbing variety of male sex toys, you’re sure to find the perfect bedroom goodie to add to (or begin!) your saucy collection of male sex toys.

Featuring sex toys that can be used by both heterosexual and homosexual couples, as well as plenty of satisfying sex toys to make self-pleasure even more erotic, discovering a tempting toy to suit your sex life is no hard task. From incredible vibrating cock rings to sleek strokers, and even full-size sex dolls, male sex toys have come a long way from standard cock sleeves.

If any of the above male sex toys have tickled your fancy, then why not read on to discover our top ten toys for your boudoir activities? Whether you prefer a spot of arousing anal play or you’d like a bedroom treat that stimulates yourself and your partner at the same time, we have the perfect male sex toy for you.

OnBuy’s top ten male sex toys

onbuys top ten male sex toys

Searching for some of the best sex toys for him on the market? Look no further than OnBuy’s helpful and informative top ten list of men’s scintillating sex toys! Featuring something stimulating to suit every sexual preference and orientation, shopping for sex toys for men needn’t be difficult or confusing. So, why not dive in and pick out the perfect male sex toy for yourself or your partner?

For erection protection | 3pk Men’s Vibrating Cock Ring Set

mens vibrating cock ring

Pros: Super affordable, three rings, textured and vibrates, provides clitoral stimulation, helps with ED issues

Cons: Battery powered - low life expectancy, focuses on longer-lasting sex rather then more pleasure

This colourful three-pack of vibrating cock rings makes a wonderful addition to the bedroom as they come in handy for those battling with Erectile Dysfunction or hoping to last longer during their sexual escapades. A cock ring works by applying pressure to the area around the penis, which causes blood vessels to constrict, resulting in a harder appendage that lasts longer when erect - something which both you and your partner are sure to appreciate!

Ultimately, an effective cock ring prolongs your riveting sexual sessions, lengthening the period of pleasure for both yourself and your partner. Finished with an attached nub, this soft, textured material can also rub against your female counterpart’s intimate area to simultaneously increase her sexual satisfaction.

The only slight downside to this male sex toy is the low life expectancy as it can’t be recharged. Once the battery runs out, you’ll have to move onto your next sizzling sex toy. Happily, this set includes three individual rings to keep the fantastic effect of the rings within easy reach once your current vibrating cock ring runs out of juice.

The luxurious cock ring for couples | Lelo Tor 2 Green Couples Cock Ring

luxury cock ring

Pros: Body-safe silicone, vibrations stimulate him and her, 6 modes, ideal for couples

Cons: The hefty price tag, only available in a dark green shade

Searching for a male sex toy that’s as equally thrilling as it is intense? Look no further than this Lelo Tor 2 Couples Cock Ring. Unlike the previous cock ring set, this vibrating wonder is a more luxurious variation that features velvety-soft body-safe silicone, six vibration modes, an attractive waterproof design, and is even fully rechargeable.

If you can overlook the rather weighty price tag, this indulgent male sex toy is easy to slip on and can be switched effortlessly between the various stimulation modes using the convenient and straightforward sex toy controls. Best used with a sexual partner who can also benefit from the arousing sensations, it makes a thoughtful gift for bolstering your bedroom antics.

Packaged in a stunning gift box and slipped into a satin storage pouch for safekeeping, you can keep this fully waterproof sex toy in prime condition, inconspicuously tucked away in your bedside table. Alternatively, you could also store it in your bathroom cabinet ready for a bathtub or steamy shower time romp whenever the mood strikes you

Achieve the porn star experience | Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya Vagina Masturbator

stoya detroya mastubator

Pros: Replication of Stoya’s vagina, patented Superskin material, easy to use and clean

Cons: Slightly more expensive than other male sex toys, more conspicuous than a cock ring

Based on the pornographic actress’ vagina, this Fleshlight creation is made from patented Superskin material that provides a wonderfully realistic feel to this male sex toy. This exact replication of Jessica Stoyadinovich’s intimate area lets you get the porn star experience without leaving the comfort of your own bedroom.

Also incredibly easy to use and clean, this compact sex toy for men is low-maintenance and involves no confusing controls that might hinder your sexual experience. Despite being on the more expensive side when compared to other affordable male sex toys, this bedroom treat is infused with Stoya’s signature Destroya texture for added realism.

Presented in an exclusive pearlescent case, this masturbation sleeve features a textured inner canal that provides intense pleasure when used either alone or with a partner. Styled like a torch to keep this male sex toy as discreet as possible, it can be easily stored in your bedside table for convenient sexual satisfaction when you need it the most.

The future of male sex toys | Lelo Red F1 Developer’s Kit

lelo f1 red developer

Pros: App-friendly, cruise control, 360° panoramic pleasure, discreet, window panel

Cons: On the more expensive side of male sex-tech, less visually-stimulating

As one of the most expensive male sex toys on our top ten list, this Lelo Red F1 Developer’s Kit doesn’t come cheap, but does promise a whole new world of sexual thrills and sensations. With regards to the outward appearance, this sleek bit of sex-tech could easily be confused with a top-notch speaker as it’s ultra-discreet and contemporary.

Even better than the outside is the pleasurable internal structure of body-safe silicone and dynamic technology that creates incredible 360° panoramic pleasure! Once your appendage is smoothly inserted within the sex toy, the intense dual motors, Cruise Control, and Lelo’s innovative SenSonic technology give you a plethora of playing options - perfect for a spot of feisty foreplay or solo masturbation.

Need to find out more about this app-friendly male sex toy? Why not take a peek at the video below and expand your knowledge of mind-blowing male masturbators today?

Try out some titillating anal play | Rocks Off Petite Sensations Teazer Purple Butt Plug

rocks off butt plug

Pros: Great introduction to anal play, 7 vibration functions, submersible, body-safe silicone

Cons: Slimline design may feel less satisfying for experienced users, isn’t rechargeable

Tease and please you posterior with just a few well-placed vibrations when you pick up this Petite Sensations Teazer Purple Butt Plug from popular sex toy manufacturer, Rocks Off. A brilliant slimline sex toy for introducing you to anal play, more experienced users might prefer a butt plug with a little more length or girth.

However, this sleek and stylish butt plug is packed with seven vibration functions to send your body into sexual nirvana. Made from body-safe silicone for your peace of mind and fully submersible and waterproof, you can even take this tempting little butt plug into the shower or bathtub for a spot of wet and wild action. 

Finished with a unique T-shaped base, this teasing anal sex toy gives you complete control and reassurance that it won’t get lost while you’re writhing around in pleasure. Have a yearning desire to find out more about this scintillating little sex toy? Check out the helpful video below!

Pump up the pleasure | Chisa Novelties Stunt Worx Max Version Penis Pump

penis pump

Pros: Ultra-affordable, boosts penis girth, phthalate-free and latex-free silicone, ideal for ED issues

Cons: Only temporary enlarging effect, requires manual pump control

For a fraction of the price of most of the stimulating male sex toys in our top ten list, you could own this Chisa Novelties Stunt Worx Max Version Penis Pump! The perfect sexual device for temporarily enlarging your member or maintaining a firm erection, this penis pump restricts blood from leaving your intimate area to provide extra girth and rigidity to your erection.

Ultimately, the aim is to provide a fuller feeling for your partner and to make your sexual sessions last longer and feel much more intense. Particularly useful if you’re having Erectile Dysfunction issues in the bedroom, this manually-operated penis enlarger pump can help to maintain your erection when it matters most.

Simply use the manual pump to effortlessly control and watch your penis growth through the transparent penis pump tube. The durable sex toy material is even made from phthalate-free and latex-free silicone making it suitable for anyone with latex allergies, too!

Another arousing anal addition | b-Vibe Vibrating Triplet Anal Beads

b-vibe anal beads

Pros: Remote controlled, 2 powerful motors, 15 vibration patterns, couples-centric design

Cons: On the more expensive side, more suitable for beginners than experienced users

If our previous anal sex toy suggestion didn’t get your motor running, then you might prefer this vibrating anal bead variation instead. An amazing anal addition to any beginners sex toy assortment, this anal bead wand has a considerable 4.6” insertable length and three anal bead nodes to deliver pulses of pleasure to your posterior in all the right places.

With the ability to be remote controlled, you can switch between six different vibration levels and 15 various vibration patterns with ease. Made from body-safe silicone like so many of our sought-after top ten male sex toys, it looks and feels fantastic against your skin. 

Can’t wait to find out more about this outstanding anal sex toy? The video below gives you all the extra details to make snapping up this superb sex toy a no-brainer. To take your anal orgasms to the next level, these b-Vibe Vibrating Triplet Anal Beads are all you really need!

How to take care of your male sex toys

cleaning sex toys

Now you’ve familiarised yourself with some of the very best male sex toys on the market to date, you’ll need to learn how to look after your new bedroom treat(s)! Indeed, whether you play prefer to play alone during some steamy sex sessions or you’d rather include a sexual partner in the frisky fun, keeping your male sex toys in prime condition is paramount to ensuring safe and fun bedroom activities.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent irritating and unpleasant intimate infections is by regularly washing your sex toys both before and after your sexual undertakings. To ensure any lingering bacteria is washed away, we recommend getting them squeaky clean every time you whip them out using either warm water and mild soap or a dedicated sex toy cleaner solution.

Women's Health even suggests using a condom (when suitable with the particular toy) if you plan on sharing your new teasing toy with a sexual partner to combat the spread of bacteria between you both. Some sex toys are even boilable for your peace of mind. however, you should always check the manufacturer’s instruction to ensure it’s being appropriately cleaned.

After washing, it’s a good idea to properly dry the sex toy, including any crevices that may be harbouring lurking bacteria. After all, warm and wet areas can create a breeding ground for bacteria, so always give your newly-cleansed male sex toy a thorough dry and store in the box, case, or bag that it arrived in.

If our line-up of the top ten sex toys for men has stoked your sexual fire and you’re keen to discover more, be sure to check out our extensive range of male sex toys while you’re here. Alternatively, if you lack experience and are looking for beginner-friendly bedmates to ease you into the exciting world of sex toys, check out our carefully curated selection of first-time toys for him and her. From 2-in-1 couples cock rings for simultaneous sensations to small-scale buzzing beauties for your erogenous zones, you’re bound to find something to spark your sexual desire among this arousing array of toys. So, dive in and discover your latest erotic essential - we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! 

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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