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The Best Bullet Vibrators For Your Next Steamy Session

Published 2nd June 2021
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Searching for a small yet ultra-stimulating sex toy that’ll transform your undercover antics from pleasing to utterly sensational? A buzzing bullet vibrator is an irresistible choice, but why? We dive right in and discover what makes a bullet vibrator so desirable in the bedroom, how you can take advantage of those pleasurable pulsations, and what you can do to keep your new sex toy in perfect condition - covering everything you need to know!

Best of all, we also check out six of the best bullet vibrators currently on the market across a wide range of price points, so there’s a titillating toy to suit every budget. Regardless of whether you’re new to the wonderful world of sex toys or you’re looking for a brand new bullet vibrator to replace your current model, you’re sure to find the best bullet vibrator to send you to sexual nirvana right here.

What is a bullet vibrator?

what is a vibrator

A bullet vibrator, also referred to as a ‘vibe’, is a compact sex toy specially designed to provide you with plenty of external stimulation by delivering pleasurable vibrations to the vulva and clitoris. Typically, women who struggle to orgasm from penetrative sex alone find a bullet vibrator to be a helpful bedroom addition for achieving climax - both with a partner and during a steamy solo session.

One of the most appealing aspects of a bullet vibrator is their small, sleek, and discreet design which makes them ideal for taking with you on your travels. There are many different types of bullet vibrator to suit every user, including battery-powered bullets and rechargeable bullet vibrators, as well as single-speed models and multi-speed creations, so you’ll have an abundance of blissful bullets to explore!

How to use a bullet vibrator

how to use vibrator

Specially designed for external stimulation, bullet vibrators work best when used against the highly-sensitive area of the clitoris or vulva. As the primary source of female sexual pleasure, the clitoris is packed with thousands of nerve endings, making any kind of physical sensation against this area feel fantastic. However, every woman is unique - after all, different strokes work for different folks - so the success of a bullet vibrator really depends upon the individual’s sexual preferences.

If you want to try out a bullet vibrator for the first time, some of the most effective ways of using this kind of sex toy includes drawing small circles against the clitoris with the tip of the toy. Bullet vibrators typically feature a rounded end or distinct tip that’s perfect for targeting smaller areas, so they can also be used against nipples, the shaft of the penis, and even the perineum if you’re willing to experiment a little. 

It’s important to note that, unlike classic vibrators that feature an easy-to-grip or pronounced handle, many bullet vibrators unfortunately run the risk of getting lost inside you if used for internal pleasure. Although some can be retrieved, we recommend sticking to external stimulation only when using a bullet vibrator, especially if you decide to use lubricant which can make your sex toy harder to grasp. For internal insertion, try looking for a classic vibrator or rabbit vibrator instead. If anal play is a bigger turn on, then opt for a vibrating sex toy with a flared base, like a butt plug, to prevent it from going too far.

OnBuy’s top six sensational bullet vibrators

pink vibrator

Now for the main event you’ve all been eagerly waiting for - our hand-picked selection of tantalising bullet vibrators! From intense little vibes that’ll have your grasping for the bedsheets to discreet bullets that’ll go unnoticed even in public, we check out the pros and cons for all our best bullet vibrators. Below, we also explore budget-friendly bullets that can be snapped up for less than £10, as well as more premium picks that are perfect for pampering yourself. So, why not join us and get some sought-after sex toy inspiration today? You’re sure to be feeling the good vibrations very soon!

For an insanely intense experience | Durex Intense Delight Bullet Vibrator

durex vibrator

Pros: Reliable brand, affordable price tag, waterproof, quiet operation, lasts up to five hours

Cons: Battery-operated (requires 1 x AAA battery), only one vibration pattern

Have you ever wanted to venture out of the bedroom for your delightful dose of sexual satisfaction? With this Intense bullet vibrator from industry expert Durex, you can do exactly that! This velvety-soft silicone bullet vibrator feels incredible against your intimate area and is completely waterproof, allowing you to enjoy exquisite external stimulation in both steamy showers and romantic bubble baths

Plus, the whisper-quiet operation makes it ideal for discreet pleasure in shared households, which is particularly useful in homes with thin walls! Not to mention, this small sex toy measures just 92mm in length and 22mm in depth, meaning it’ll fit snugly into compact bedside tables and overflowing chest of drawers.

The only downside to this scintillating battery-powered sex toy is that it features just one vibration mode which can become boring and repetitive when compared to bullets that boast a multitude of speeds and patterns. However, the one-button operation is incredibly straightforward and easy to use, allowing you to turn the toy on and off in an instant. This discreet bullet vibrator from Durex also lasts up to an impressive five hours using just one AAA battery, giving you more than enough juice for a lengthy lovemaking session or several solo stints.

An adorable addition to your sex toy collection | Je Joue Purple Bullet Vibrator With Rabbit Ears

purple vibrator with ears

Pros: Rabbit ears provide extra clitoral stimulation, features 5 speeds and 7 patterns, rechargeable

Cons: On the more expensive side, one of the bigger models - less discreet

The next tantalising toy on our list is this purple bunny bullet by the ‘sexperts’ at Je Joue, which comes complete with a pair of rabbit ears. While this bunny ear addition is undeniably sweet, it also serves a practical purpose by providing the clitoris with extra stimulation. The distinct ‘ears’ softly hug the clitoral area, sending rumbling vibrations straight to your sexual sweet spot. With five different speeds and a choice of seven patterns, you can tease and tantalise your sensitive areas to your heart’s content. It’s also completely waterproof, giving you the option to take it with you on your aquatic adventures in both the shower and the bathtub - the choice is yours!

While this cute vibe has a higher price tag than some of the previous models, it still provides fantastic value for money as it’s USB rechargeable. That’s right, this rechargeable bullet vibrator doesn’t require any fiddly batteries and is therefore less likely to run out of juice midway through your boudoir activities. Designed in London, Je Joue’s range of luxury vibrating sex toys pack a powerful punch despite their sleek and attractive exterior. However, this bullet vibrator measures roughly 140mm in length, making it one of the largest (and less discreet) models in our top six bullet vibrators. It’s also worth mentioning that an hour of charging will result in just an hour and a half of play time.

For straightforward sexual stimulation | So Divine Green Thinkin ‘Bout You Bullet Vibrator

so divine green vibrator

Pros: Tapered end for targeted pleasure, ultra-affordable price tag, elegant dark green exterior

Cons: Requires three x AG13 batteries, features a single speed setting

Small enough to fit easily in the palm of your hand, this mini bullet vibrator from So Divine is your key to instant sexual pleasure achieved through a speedy climax. Despite the fact this toy has just one vibration setting, it can still expertly edge towards that sought-after ‘O’ using its pulsating pattern! Plus, you won’t need to waste time flicking through the other vibration modes to find your favourite pattern or speed. Thanks to the tapered tip, you can target all your sensitive areas with precision, ensuring the most incredible sensations! Not to mention, the tapered tip also makes it easier for your partner to pleasure you by directing the vibrations to your sweet spot - perfect for couples looking to experiment together!

Like all battery-powered bullets, this Thinkin’ ‘Bout You vibe can be frustrating if it runs out of batteries right before you want to enter the bedroom, especially as this model takes three of the lesser-known AG13 batteries. The compact length and petite diameter is also similar to the Rocks-Off model that can make holding the device difficult. However, for the affordable price tag, we can overlook these minor downsides and focus on the stunning dark green exterior, the latex and phthalate-free material, and the waterproof design.

The premium choice for indulging your desires | LELO MIA 2 Black Lipstick-Style Bullet Vibrator

lipstick vibrator

Pros: Discreet lipstick design, USB rechargeable, 6 vibration patterns with adjustable strength

Cons: Most expensive vibe in our top six models, lasts just 1.5 hours on a single charge

Looking for an inconspicuous sex toy that even the most seasoned sex toy users won’t suspect? Consider opting for this exquisite LELO Mia 2 model. Boasting a lipstick-shaped exterior, this pocket-sized vibrator wouldn’t look out of place in your purse or your makeup bag, making it ideal for taking almost anywhere without attracting any unwanted attention if it slips out of your bag.

Featuring a mainly black exterior with metallic accents, this silver bullet vibrator is a luxurious little toy that features a wide range of sought-after functions, including a choice of six vibration patterns, adjustable vibration strength, and a waterproof exterior. Regardless of whether you use this beautiful bullet in the bathroom or the bedroom, it’s sure to knock your socks off!

Similar to the Je Joue model, this sumptuous silver sex toy is another rechargeable bullet vibrator and can be easily plugged into the USB port on your computer or laptop for effortless and convenient charging. However, a single charge will only provide your delectable device with just one and a half hours of battery life. So, if you’re planning a long-lasting lovemaking session, a battery-powered bullet (and plenty of suitable batteries!) may be preferable and a touch more practical.

How to look after your bullet vibrator

hand holding batteries

Key to keeping your buzzing best friend in prime condition, it’s important to always take out the batteries after your steamy session has come to an end. Unlike rechargeable bullet vibrators, you need to remove the batteries from battery-powered models to prevent them from leaking or becoming drained when not in use. As a result, you’ll be able to keep your bullet vibrator in pristine working condition for much longer - and you won’t have to worry about running out of juice halfway through your bedroom antics.

Some of the more affordable bullet vibrators are typically not waterproof, so it’s vital you keep water away from the battery section and remove the batteries before you attempt to clean your vibrating sex toy. Generally, a combination of mild soap and water is all that’s required to keep your toy clean and to prevent it from irritating your intimate areas. However, you could also use dedicated sex toy cleaner or skin-safe antibacterial solution for a more thorough cleanse, but on account of the electrical insides you should never attempt to boil a bullet vibrator. 

Once clean, simply store in a cool, dry area and ideally pop it into an appropriate bag for safekeeping. Many vibrators come complete with a soft, velvet storage bag to fend off dust and dirt while also giving them a degree of protection. Now you’ve mastered how to keep your bullet vibrator in the best condition, you can focus on enjoying those arousing vibrations. Suitable for use during a spot of thrilling foreplay, teasing your partner, or edging towards that incredible ‘O’, you won’t regret introducing a bullet vibrator into your bedroom! 

Eager to experience bullet vibrator bliss?

bullet vibrator experience

Now you’ve viewed a handful of popular picks, know how to pick the perfect bullet vibe, and have even learned how to take care of one, why not indulge your sexual desires with your very own model? Thankfully, OnBuy’s here to make all your bullet vibrator dreams come true with our huge online selection of vibrating beauties from a variety of trusted sex toy manufacturers.

Alternatively, if bullet vibrators aren’t your bag or you prefer something with a little more power, then why not explore the other satisfying variations? For an undercover experience you won’t forget in a hurry, try rabbit vibrators that have ‘ears’ for extra external stimulation or powerful and easy-to-grip wand vibrators that pack a pleasing punch. To find out more about the titillating toys on offer, from buzzing to bulging and everything in between, check out our selection of dedicated bedmate buyer’s guides while you’re here! No matter which stimulating sex toy catches your eye, a bullet vibrator always make a handy, compact, and irresistible additon to any box of adult bedroom goodies. Enjoy!

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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