Vibrating Dildos For The Ultimate Pleasure Sensation

Vibrating Dildos For The Ultimate Pleasure Sensation

Published 12th April 2021
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Searching for a superior sex toy to transform your bedroom activities from bland to utterly mind-blowing? You’re in the right place! With a vibrating dildo ready and waiting in your bedside table, you can make those masturbation marathons or steamy sex sessions with your significant other even more sensational than before.

So, why not allow yourself to get tempted and take a look at our five best vibrating dildos? Showcasing everything from realistic to strap on, strapless and even DIY models, our selection is sure to grab your attention. Before we delve straight into these must-have models, we’ll explore the difference between a vibrator and a dildo, why you need one, and how to choose the best vibrating dildo to suit your sexual escapades. Packed with sexual know-how, you’ll be an expert in no time.

What’s the difference between a vibrator and a dildo?

vibrator and a dildo

Are you new to the wonderful world of sex toys? If so, you might not realise the difference between a dildo and vibrator. Afterall, both kinds of sex toys are wand-like, phallic-shaped toys that provide sexual pleasure and help you to get creative in the bedroom, but using them for their intended purpose is practically guaranteed to get the most O-inducing results.

Specially designed for internal insertion, either anally or vaginally, dildos give a satisfying sense of sexual fulfilment for the lucky user. As they can be enjoyed by both men and women, they’re popular across the board and come in a huge variety of inviting designs. From scintillating suction cup creations to realistic dildos with plenty of detail, every preference of style, length and colour is catered for by the thriving sex toy market.

Vibrators, on the other hand, are often desired for external stimulation, delivering exciting vibrations to sensitive areas like the clitoris and nipples. Plus, they can even be used against the shaft of a penis to experience another kind of sexual sensation. Although some vibrators are insertable, bullet vibrators are often much slimmer and shorter, meaning they’re less likely to provide that satisfying sense of internal fulfillment that you get from a dildo.

Why should you opt for a vibrating dildo?

opt for a vibrating dildo

You get the best of both worlds! As explained above, standard dildos come without that stimulating little buzz while a vibrating dildo lets you enjoy powerful vibrations, as well as the satisfying sensation of internal penetration. Especially useful for anyone who struggles to reach that all-important climax through penetration alone, an added vibrating function can tip you over the edge by stimulating your sensitive external areas at the same time.

Vibrating dildos are able to effectively stimulate internal erogenous zones such as the P-spot (prostate area) in the fellas and the G-spot (sensitive internal area of the vagina) for women during penetration. Plus, they can be easily used as standard dildos by simply not using the vibration modes, so why not give yourself the extra vibrating option?

How to choose a vibrating dildo

choose a vibrating dildo

Bear in mind that bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to selecting the right vibrating dildo! While some more experienced sex toy users and those who prefer a larger appendage might favour models with an impressive number of inches, beginners might want to start out by using a vibrating dildo around 6 to 8” instead of behemoth 11” creations.

Not to mention, if the insertable length is longer than you can handle, you don’t have to use the entire toy. When first testing your limits, always hold your vibrating dildo firmly by the shaft to ensure you have full control during use. Sexual pleasure should always feel comfortable, so it’s important to stop using your sex toy if you experience any kind of pain or displeasure.

Like dildos, the vibrating alternative comes in many different styles and materials to please all kinds of sex toy enthusiasts. However, you’re unlikely to find a vibrating dildo made from hard materials like glass, metal or plastic as the inflexibility of these materials limits the vibrations. As a result, the best vibrating dildos are typically made from soft and bendable silicone, so it’s certainly worth flicking through our online selection of silicone dildos for a vibrating model.

Another material to stay away from is jelly rubber. Considered a toxic material by some, jelly rubber contains a group of chemicals called phthalates. Found in everything from nail polish to food packaging, these chemicals have been the subject of many studies and while they haven’t been proven to affect human health, many sex manufacturers are choosing to create their toys without this inessential ingredient nowadays.

When it comes to the aesthetic appearance, you can explore all kinds of incredible creations that are as easy on the eye as they are powerful. From black dildos to realistic vibrating dildos, there’s something to suit the inner desires of every sex toy fanatic. For a more lifelike sexual experience, the realistic models are best, but if you’re searching for something a tad more out-of-this-world, delving into the non-realistic category of dildos should do the trick!

Searching for a vibrating dildo that can deliver hands-free mutual stimulation? Look no further than strapless strap ons. While the name sounds confusing, this type of dildo is inserted inside the wearer while the other end can be used like a real penis to please your lover. It doesn’t require a fiddly strap or harness like traditional strap on dildos - a feature which may be appealing to some, but could prove tricky for inexperienced users. Ultimately, when it comes to any sex toy, it’s a good idea to try out a few and see what works for you.

OnBuy’s tantalising top five vibrating dildos

OnBuy’s tantalising top five vibrating dildos

Ready to discover the perfect vibrating dildo to get you grasping for the bedsheets? Our tempting top five vibrating dildos have been hand-picked to include all kinds of styles, sizes and vibration modes to excite everyone, regardless of your gender or sexual preference. Filled with vibrating strap on dildos, realistic vibrating dildos and many more eye-catching alternatives, you’ll have an abundance of vibrating dildos to choose from.

The mutually satisfying strapless strap on | Dual Motor Rechargeable Vibrating Dildo Strapless Strap On

Dual Motor Rechargeable Vibrating Dildo Strapless Strap On

Pros: Provides satisfaction for both parties, 30 settings, USB rechargeable, discreet style

Cons: No-harness design may slip, nearly 9” length may be too large for some users

Featuring a sleek and discreet design when compared to the traditional dildo style, this strapless strap on is more like a futuristic piece of tech than a sensational sex toy! The double-ended design provides sexual stimulation for both yourself and your partner by simply inserting the shorter end inside the wearer to act like a real penis. If you’re playing solo on the other hand, then the shorter end makes a brilliant handle for precise pleasure control, allowing you to switch between over 30 individual settings to discover the one that makes you moan the most - in a good way!

For those who always seem to run out of batteries, this powerful dual motor vibrating dildo is USB rechargeable, which will save you both time and money when it comes to sourcing packs of suitable batteries. The substantial 9” length is even covered in soft and body-safe medical grade silicone for a sumptuous (and ultra-safe!) sexual experience. Plus, it comes complete with a handy storage bag to make protecting your vibrating sex toy even easier. The only minor disadvantage to this toy is the lack of harness that could cause it to slip, though this should get easier with experience.

The dishy DIY delight with a little buzz | Cloneboy Cast-A-Vibrator Penis Moulding Kit

Cloneboy Cast-A-Vibrator Penis Moulding Kit

Pros: Allows for personalised pleasure, makes two copies, comes with an added stimulation sleeve

Cons: Requires a willing participant to model, on the more expensive side

Despite the more expensive price tag, this personalised penis moulding kit is a fun, sexy and wonderfully creative way to make not only one vibrating dildo, but two silicone penis copies based on the member of your favourite fella! Overflowing with all the necessary ingredients you need to whip up two silicone rubber copies of your own, your partner’s, or any other willing male participant’s appendage, this DIY alternative to purchasing a vibrating dildo includes 3D gel and silicone rubber hardener. Completed by simply sliding the included vibrating bullet inside the penis copy, you’ll have your very own vibrating dildo in a flash.

To make the penis moulding process as straightforward, easy and enjoyable as possible for the user, it even comes with an erection-sustaining lasso cock ring and a stimulation sleeve for extra sexual sensation under the covers. Plus, the kit contains no skin-irritating plaster and uses a medically tested moulding material made from natural algae to keep your intimate area sitting pretty throughout the moulding process. One of the major advantages of this kit is the combination of high-quality silicone and the sensitive moulding process that delivers a realistic look and feel on the finished product.

For a racy and realistic ride | Spicy Affair Curved 7.5

Spicy Affair Curved 7.5

Pros: Curved tip for G-spot stimulation, variety of speeds, made from flexible silicone, waterproof

Cons: Battery-powered - requires AAA batteries, realistic design is indiscreet

A curvaceous creation that won’t disappoint in the bedroom, this silicone vibrating dildo from Spicy Affair boasts a host of sought-after features, including the waterproof exterior that makes sexual soirees in the shower (or bathtub!) a big hit. However, the most exciting part of this realistic vibrating dildo is by far the curved tip that’s been specially designed to hit that G-spot for extra satisfying internal stimulation. Paired with a choice of seven different vibrations speeds, you can personalise the intensity of this sex toy to suit your desired level of pleasure with ease. Regardless of whether you want to gradually edge yourself towards an orgasm or reach climax in a matter of minutes, you can do it all with this handy vibrating dildo.

Finished with the option of a titillating turbo vibration mode and a generous 7.5” length, you can send your intimate area into sexual outer space! Thanks to the soft and skin-like feel of the silicone exterior combined with the realistic balls, veins and curved penis tip, it’ll feel just like the real thing. The only slight downside to this realistic vibrating dildo is the required AAA batteries to keep it up and running. Subsequently, you’ll have to remember to take the batteries out after every use to prevent them from draining or potentially leaking and breaking your new sex toy.

Experience ultimate hands-free pleasure | Spicy Affair 7” Realistic Suction Cup Vibrating Dildo

Spicy Affair 7” Realistic Suction Cup Vibrating Dildo

Pros: Hands-free stimulation with suction cup base, seven vibration modes, silicone construction

Cons: Remote isn’t waterproof, indiscreet realistic design

Boasting a considerable seven various vibration modes, this sturdy suction cup dildo can be easily attached to all kinds of hard surfaces for hassle and hands-free pleasure when the mood strikes. Best for introducing into one of your sensual solo sex sessions, you won’t need to use your hands or ask a partner to help you achieve that irresistible O with this suction cup dildo bolstering your sex toy collection. Simply select the setting that feels the most satisfying using the compact remote control and let the magical combination of the vibrations and 7” length take you to new sexual heights.

Made from soft and flexible silicone by a credible sex toy manufacturer, it has a natural bend when internally inserted and feels wonderfully lifelike thanks to the realistic exterior complete with veins and a distinct tip. The Spicy Affair vibrating dildo is completely waterproof, so it can even be used in the shower or bath for a spot of sensational masturbation. Thanks to the waterproof feature and silicone material, this vibrating dildo is incredibly easy to keep clean. However, the remote itself has no protection from water, so it’s important to position it safely away from any sources of water.

How to care for your vibrating dildo

care for your toys

First and foremost, it’s incredibly important to remember that vibrating dildos feature electrical insides, so they can’t be washed like your standard dildo. Typically, it’s a much better idea to carefully wash your scintillating new sex toy by hand (with plenty of warm water and soap or a dedicated sex toy cleaner) while guarding the battery case or charging port - helping to prevent any splashing water from busting your bedroom buddy.

Plus, a common method for cleansing dildos is by boiling it, but this should never be attempted with a vibrating dildo as it’ll more than likely damage the internal motors of your toy and ruin those heavenly vibrations. We also suggest avoiding fragranced and antibacterial soaps when cleaning your vibrating dildo as these types of soap can contain irritating ingredients - a sensation you certainly don’t want to experience down below!

Once your titillating sex toy has been thoroughly cleansed, it needs to be stored in a cool dry area to maintain the condition. This means ensuring it’s not laying around or collecting dust on your bedside table by popping it into a fabric bag or drawer that won’t hold moisture and attract bacteria. By learning how to properly care for your vibrating dildo, you can keep it buzzing for many more years of boudoir bliss!

Buzzing bedmates

Buzzing bedmates

If our selection of vibrating dildos has put the buzz back into bedtimes and you’re after even more tempting treats to stimulate your most sensitive zones, why not take a look at our entire selection of sex toys? With so many scintillating sex toys to discover, designed for both him and her, there’s something to satisfy every sexual desire on our online shelves. 

What’s more, if you’re looking for more inspiration to spark your sexual flame, check out our selection of sex toy guides, just like this one. Showcasing everything from first-time toys to discrete delights and even hands-free contraptions for couples, we’ve got every steamy session covered, whether you’re enjoying alone or with a partner. The ultimate pleasure experience is just a few clicks away - what are you waiting for?

Please note: The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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