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Whether they're for special occasions or a regular part of the fun, sex toys today are as diverse, exciting and keen on self-discovery as the couples using them. OnBuy's here to take the hassle out of where to buy sex toys, leaving you with the most important bit - the enjoyment! Whether you're after sex toys for couples to enhance your pleasure, or some adult sex toys for personal indulgence, our seller community has male sex toys, women's sex toys and plenty more besides - you might just learn something new to try, too! Care to explore some of our naughtiest - but nicest - secrets?

You know what they say - sometimes, you just have to treat yourself, and those "treats" don't get much more indulgent than the sex toys offered by OnBuy and our partners! And speaking of partners, nowadays our use of adult sex toys is more and more widespread - and more exciting! Women's sex toys pack a surprising amount of technology into some of the latest vibrators and other goodies - although male sex toys aren't exactly slouches in that department either.

Those of you shopping for sex toys for the first time might feel a little out of your depth, and that's OK. Someone who's used an adult sex toy or two in their time will happily tell you that half of the fun is figuring out what works for you and what doesn't - there's no right or wrong to worry about.

Better yet, sex toys for couples can help you both discover all new ways to enjoy sensations and closeness that you may never have experienced before. But even if it does take two to tango, adult sex toys are just as ready to help those of us riding solo to find fantastic fulfilment, too. With sex toys from the likes of Nexus, Durex, and LELO, there's a plethora of high-quality sex toys just waiting to be discovered.

Are sex toys safe?

Adult sex toys are definitely safe - they'd not be allowed for sale otherwise! However, it's a smart idea to keep some things in mind to keep your sex toys fresh and poised to please you. Sex toys for couples, for instance, ought to be regularly cleaned and kept in good shape - this is to prevent any infections that might get passed along if any dirt is left on your favourite sex toys accidentally.

Not to mention, if you plan on sharing these toys with multiple partners, it's a great idea to ensure your sexual explorations are kept as safe as possible by checking out our vast selection of protective condoms and contraceptives. If you're particularly nervous about any potentional pain or discomfort associated with vaginal and anal sex toy experimentation, using OnBuy's range of lubricants and lotions can provide a much more gentle introduction than going without.

As with anything in the world of intimacy, it's a good idea to have an open and honest conversation with your partner to make sure you're on the same page in terms of comfort and enjoyment before you welcome women's sex toys or male sex toys into the bedroom... or wherever else you fancy using them! 

Does liking sex toys make me kinky?

Not if you don't want to be! Adult sex toys were once thought the realm of experimental couples, or singles looking to unwind with some extra added assistance. But nowadays, a combination of more open minds and media such as a certain Fifty Shades franchise have actually invited people to explore male sex toys, women's sex toys and sex toys for couples - as well as some lifestyles formerly thought taboo.

It could be that you wanted to explore a certain side of yourself but never knew where to buy sex toys, or it might be that you've come to understand certain things you like that even you yourself find surprising. These fantasies don't make you a freak (unless you want to be!), and it's both natural and healthy to explore these sides of your persona, either alone or with someone whom you completely trust.

And better still, sex toys give you a safe, indulgent and oh-so-exciting way to understand a deeper level of sex, connection and intimacy that you may never have experienced before. Whether you're a first-time shopper of adult sex toys, or someone looking to add yet another little luxury to your collection, take a look at what OnBuy has on offer - and prepare to see where these new experiences take you! 

Frequently asked questions about sex toys

What are sex toys?

Sex toys are objects that adults use during sex or masturbation. There are dozens of different types of sex toys, and each one serves a different purpose. Some are designed exclusively for men or women, while others can be used by both sexes. Some enhance your pleasure, others up your performance and stamina.

Why do people use sex toys?

There are all sorts of reasons why people use sex toys. Some people struggle to reach climax during sex and using sex toys can help send them over the edge, so to speak. Some people just want to spice things up in the bedroom.

What are the most common sex toys?

The most common sex toys are dildos, but there are plenty of other sex toys that are super popular. Examples include butt plugs and anal toys, masturbator sleeves and cock rings.

How can I be safe while using sex toys?

Safe sex toy use is a lot like safe sex. Always make sure your toys are clean before you use them, and you should clean them after every session. There are many specialist toy cleaning products that can help you with this. Only use sex toys for the purpose they were designed for. If you’re experimenting with anal sex toys, only use toys with a flared base, ring or other block at the end to stop them getting lost in your body. If you want to share your sex toys with your partner, be aware that they can spread STIs, so use a condom wherever possible.

What is the best vibrator out there?

This question depends on what you want a vibrator for! There are so many types, from clitoral vibrators that will send you wild to couples vibrators that you and your partner can enjoy together. There are also a type of vibrators designed for men too - prostate massagers. Explore our vibrator categories to learn more about these brilliant buzzers.

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