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Food For Foreplay: Treats And Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Published 22nd February 2021
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Whether you’re looking to bring that flaming passion back to a long-term relationship or enjoy solo steamy sensations in the comfort of your own company, you really can’t go wrong with a sizzling selection of sex toys! Since the release of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey in 2011, both couples and singletons alike have been seeking to explore their deepest sexual desires, becoming more and more confident with starting (or adding to!) their collection of boudoir bedmates. It’s hardly surprising, then, that sales have been skyrocketing - especially during lockdown - but what if you’re looking to add even more excitement to the bedroom?

If you want to become an expert in all things erogenous, it’s time to introduce food to your foreplay. Yes, you read that right! When you think about it, sex toys and food actually have an awful lot in common: they’re sensual, stimulating, and have the potential for great diversity (in short, they’re a truly fantastic pairing – the cookies ‘n’ cream of the bedroom, if you will!). From chocolate with cock rings to strawberries with strokers, there really is no end to the combinations you can create. 

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite pleasure-inducing pairings. So, read on to discover how to set those spines tingling and maximise arousal - we promise you won’t regret it!

Be prepared

Be prepared

Though it may seem obvious, your diet plays a massive part in elevating your sexual experience. Keeping your circulatory system in good working order is a sure-fire way to improve stimulation and stamina in the bedroom, so be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables if you want to enhance and extend those steamy sessions! 

The famous aphrodisiacs are also great for heightening libido, with ingredients like crab, lobster and even pine nuts really packing a punch on the sexual urgency scale. In fact, studies have shown that the high zinc levels in foods such as oysters can boost cell metabolism and even regulate testosterone levels, leading to an increased drive and reinforced sexual appetite (no pun intended!). 

Why not try these performance enhancers alongside training units and fleshlights to indulge in waves of pleasure while perfecting your bedroom techniques? Both you and your partner will certainly appreciate it!

Bullet vibrators and whipped cream

Bullet vibrators and whipped cream

Whipped cream is perhaps the mother of all foreplay foods, and a classic for a reason. If the Varsity Blues bikini scene didn’t convince you, you definitely won’t be left feeling surly after a session with this sexy staple! Its fluffy-yet-sticky consistency is both foamy and delicious, making for a tasty, titillating treat when exploring each other’s erogenous zones. 

We’ve paired it with bullet vibrators for this very reason – there really is no comparison when it comes to intense arousal. In many ways, they’re some of the most sensual sex toys around, and should never be underestimated as the true technology that makes pleasure a priority. For powerful tantalisation, why not have your partner apply lashings of whipped cream from the neck to the navel, while you ride sonic waves of whisper-quiet pulsations from your buzzing bedmate? 

From waterproof and rechargeable models, to silicone and G-spot massagers, you’ll be left feeling giddy, fulfilled and satisfied by the sheer choice of vibrators on offer. No matter what kind you prefer, there’s always room for more in your arsenal. Alternatively, if you’re a beginner looking for a fabulous first time toy, check out our guide of the Top 10 Sex Toys for Beginners, which is bursting with all manner of bullet vibrators and miniature massagers to help kickstart your sexual discovery.

Dildos and melted chocolate

Dildos and melted chocolate

Dildos and melted chocolate may sound like an unusual combination, but it works just as well as the mind-blowing blend described above. After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of indulgence?

Conceivably the most erotic food, chocolate is almost a level up from whipped cream. With its drippier, smoother, and softer consistency, this titillating treat requires far more tongue action and dexterity from your partner, working miracles for mutual stimulation. 

A fun thing to do with chocolate syrup or sauce is to write loving messages on each other’s bodies, enjoying the sweet treat as you go. As well as feeling physically amazing, the aphrodisiac qualities of this sweet and sumptuous delicacy will dramatically heighten your senses, sending you both into overdrive. Be sure to use larger areas like the back, stomach and buttocks as a canvas though - no one wants sticky chocolate stains on their sheets!

While you’re both engaging in this shared activity, why not introduce a dildo to fully enhance the excitement? Available in a huge range of materials, sizes and flexibilities, they really are the most versatile of sex toys. Silicone and PVC models are great for mimicking that realistic skin texture, while steel and glass options benefit from a firmer, more rigid structure. Whichever you choose to pair with chocolate, it will certainly maximise your pleasure.

Kegel balls and champagne

Kegel balls and champagne

Forget good food for sex, champagne has made an appearance! Yes, move over cherries and chocolate, this bubbly beverage is the true solution to any boudoir boredom. 

One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs on offer, champagne is packed with magnesium, zinc and potassium, the essentials for both male and female hormone production. As well as adding a touch of luxury, glitz and glamour to any sensual scenario, its opulence and class can really make any occasion feel special. Crack out your most beautiful flutes and even scatter some scented rose petals to set the ambiance and raise the romance.

In keeping with the elegant and refined nature of champagne, why not enhance the sophistication with a kegel ball? Sleek, slimline, and oh-so stimulating, these scintillating sex toys are among some of the most sensual and sumptuous around. Whether you know them as Ben Wa, jiggle, orgasm or geisha balls, these pulse-quickening spheres are sure to get you exploring your erogenous zones with far greater depth and intensity than ever before. 

Vibrating varieties are perhaps the best for immediate stimulation, but the sheer number of sizes available means you’ll never be stuck for choice again. Pair these intimate orbs with the most tantalising of tipples to experience a whole new level of eroticism and indulgence.

Cock rings and strawberries

Cock rings and strawberries

For some old-school charm and enchantment, you can’t go wrong with strawberries. From both a nutritional and sexual standpoint, there’s plenty to love about them: they’re rich in antioxidants and packed with a healthy dose of vitamin C that can help to promote blood flow (need we say more?). Why not dip them into some melted chocolate or fondue as a simple yet effective tool of seduction? 

Preface your foreplay by running a half-bitten strawberry all over your partner’s upper body or inner thighs and enjoy the sweet trail it leaves behind. As well as heightening overall body stimulation, this exhilarating activity is sure to set hearts racing and tongues twitching. After all, nothing exudes sex quite like this sweet and sugary treat - and it’s even shaped like a heart!

We’ve paired these edible valentines with the humble cock ring, a source of mutual delight for every party involved. Just as the strawberry offers dual stimulation, so too does this sex toy, keeping you both in the throes of pleasure for longer. Just like men, they come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning every preference is catered for. The steel, stretchy, and vibrating variations on offer are all fantastic for complete, wide-reaching excitement, sparking passion in each and every situation. 

Cleverly combining cuteness with charisma, strawberries and cock rings really do make the perfect match.

A note on lube…

A note on lube…

If the mixing of food and sex toys isn’t your thing, why not try edible lube as an alternative? Not only great for reducing friction but your worries and tension as well, this slippery substance cleverly encourages a feel-good glide during sexual activities, and can really enhance oral pleasure. It’s also convenient, incredibly safe to use, and far less messy than drizzled chocolate, saving your time and bedsheets from stains and constant washing.

While salted caramel, cherry, piña colada, and even pumpkin spice (yes, pumpkin spice!) may sound more like beverages, they’re actually some examples of lube flavourings on offer. Whether water-, silicone-, or oil-based, you’re sure to have hours of indulgence with the intentionally formulated fun, flirty and fruity tastes.

We hope this has aroused your interest, and you’ve been inspired to try something new with your partner. If you’re looking for some saucy additions to embellish your pairings, why not treat yourself to some sexy new lingerie or enlivening erotic outfits? Whatever you choose, one thing’s for certain: you’re sure to enjoy a racy (and tasty!) night.

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