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Address: 14, Beresford Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG10 3DT,
VAT Number: N/A

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Please note, these are the seller's default delivery options. Additional charges and handling times may apply to specific products.

Standard Delivery

Country Estimated Delivery Delivery Cost
United Kingdom
Mainland UK 3 - 5 days Free
Argyll and Bute with Loch Lomond and Inner Hebrides 3 - 5 days Free
Channel Islands: Guernsey 3 - 5 days Free
Channel Islands: Jersey 3 - 5 days Free
Firth of Clyde Islands 3 - 5 days Free
Isle of Man 3 - 5 days Free
Isle of Wight 3 - 5 days Free
Isles of Scilly 3 - 5 days Free
Northern Ireland 3 - 5 days Free
Orkney Islands 3 - 5 days Free
Outer Hebrides 3 - 5 days Free
Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye 3 - 5 days Free
Shetland Islands 3 - 5 days Free
Returns And Terms

All orders are made to order so if the item is faulty please return with in 7 days. No items can be returned if you have given the wrong information, spelling of names or if you have damaged the products yourself.


1, The sale of goods by LDK Print & Embroidery is governed by the following conditions except where modified and agreed by us in writing they shall be deemed to apply to the customer.

2, Delivery dates are given in good faith. LDK Print & Embroidery shall not be responsible for any failure to fulfil any term of this agreement if the order has been delayed, hindered, prevented by circumstances not within the control of the company or by any design changes made by the customer then no claims shall be made by the customer by reason or late delivery.

3, Goods sold shall be of merchantable quality at the time of sale. LDK Print & Embroidery will replace any goods that we feel are found to be of poor quality or any errors made by ourselves.

4, All faulty goods must be returned to us within 7 working days with an explanation of why the goods are faulty or of poor quality. NO refunds, replacement or exchange of any product that has been worn, mishandled or purposely damaged in anyway.

5, No Refunds to customers who cancel their orders after goods have been printed/embroidered or if the customer changes their mind when the products have been posted.
Any replacement products will be reproduced to the same spec, design and size.

6, Goods supplied by the customer or any third party on behalf of the customer for either embroidery, printing or any other purpose, shall always be at the customer’s own risk.
Under no circumstance will LDK PRINT & EMBROIDERY accept liability, under any condition or circumstance, for any damage to the garments or loss, however incurred, for such customer supplied items or garments.

7, All goods shall be at the customers risk from the time of delivery but will remain the property of LDK Print & Embroidery until all payment in respect of any goods delivered by LDK Print & Embroidery to the customer has been paid in full.

8, Not withstanding and regardless of artwork, the ownership and copyright of all digitised designs and artworks provided by the supplier is asserted and remains with Lisa Grainger, the owner and proprietor of LDK Print & Embroidery.

8.1, The charge for digitsing is to convert the logo to a stitch format that will be compatible to our embroidery machines. This is a one off payment and then your logo is stored for any future orders. If you would like your logo file on a disk in embroidery machine format there is a charge of £75 to release this.

8.2, The responsibility for ensuring that copyright and ownership laws are maintained in respect of all artwork supplied by the customer for inclusion in an order remains with the customer. To the fullest extent permitted at law the supplier shall not be liable for claims arising from the misuse or breach of copyright and/or ownership of artwork.

9, Sizes, measurements and descriptions of goods are for guidance only and the company cannot guarantee absolute consistency of size, material proportion, colour or shades.

10, Should anything be delayed or prevented from making any orders or delivery's owing to the act of god, war, civil disturbances, requisitioning, prohibitions of enactment of any kind, difficulty in obtaining the materials, machine breakdown, fire, accidents, theft or any other cause what so ever beyond the company’s control, then the company shall be at liberty to cancel or suspend the contract without incurring any liability for any loss or damage resulting there from.

11, Payments should be made to Lisa Grainger
LDK Print & Embroidery requires full payment (cheques to be cleared through the company's bank) before commencing production.
Customer orders are NOT subject to cancellation. Quotations are valid for 30 days from date issue unless prior agreement has been made between the company and the customer.

12, LDK Print & Embroidery reserves the right to charge £20.00 for any cheque that is not honoured and 2% interest per month on the outstanding balance.

13, Goods despatched to any third party at the purchase's request are entirely at the customer's risk, and it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that goods are correct in every respect before processing of goods commences.
Goods despatched are sent by first class post and charged at cost

Returns Address: 14, Beresford Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG10 3DT,

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