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Autumn skincare saviours you simply need this season

Published 5th October 2021
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Autumn is here again - a time of temptation (hello, pumpkin-spiced everything!), colourful transformations, and transitions - and no, we don’t just mean the changing of seasons; we’re talking about beauty, too!

It’s no secret that we all enjoy a spot of self-care when the chillier months and darker evenings roll back in - and skincare forms a huge part of the pampering! In fact, between August and September last year, we saw sales in our skincare category increase by 34%, which just goes to show how many of us look to revamping our routines as the weather takes a turn. 

With that in mind, we teamed up with Bournemouth-based blogger and full-time beauty buff, Emma Longden, who revealed her autumn skincare secrets. From makeup bag must-haves to application tips and tricks, discover Emma’s formula to flawless skin below!

Headshot Emma

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Woman moisturising her face

“It’s vital to pay attention to your skin in the autumn, especially when you’re not wearing makeup.”

As the temperature starts to drop, bringing with it hydration-zapping dry air, you may start to notice your skin feeling tighter, lacking radiance, and crying out for an extra touch of TLC. The solution? A high-quality, rejuvenating moisturiser

Thicker, richer creams and lotions are an absolute must for the cooler months, forming a protective, moisture-locking barrier against the elements. Despite what you may think, every skin type can benefit from extra hydration at this time of the year - yes, even oily! - so it came as no surprise that this was one of the first products Emma recommended to us.

Effortlessly easy to apply, Emma simply uses her fingers to warm the formula first, helping it to melt into the skin. However, she does occasionally use a rose quartz roller when working with heavier moisturisers - a ‘game-changer’ for application. Plus, of course, you get to enjoy a relaxing massage in the process - bonus!

Consider ‘intuitive’ skincare

intuitive skincare

“As I get older, it’s just what works for me.”

‘Intuitive skincare’ is a huge trend in the beauty world this year, with some even calling it the ‘feel-good’ facial! Instead of going on autopilot and piling on products as part of your daily routine, it’s all about giving your skin what it actually needs, when it needs it. By only using the right products at the right time, you’ll be giving your skin the care it craves while also saving yourself some cash in the process - pretty good, right? 

That’s not to say that you should eliminate every lotion and potion in your bathroom cabinet, though. Your complexion can benefit from a degree of consistency, so alongside your daily moisturiser, Emma recommends using a hydrating cleanser.

“The Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser is an integral part of my beauty schedule in the morning,” Emma revealed. “Despite the common myth that foaming products dehydrate your skin, this one helps to make mine feel really clean and clear.” 

You can also find a huge selection of cream and milk formulas if gentle cleansing and nourishment is what you’re after, or even a rich, soothing gel if you suffer from particularly dry or dehydrated skin. 

Top tip: Look out for fragrance-free formulas if your skin is on the sensitive side.

Me time is a must!

Woman pampering herself in the bath

“Making sure I have time for myself is really important.”

Skincare isn’t just a means to an end; it’s also the perfect excuse to give yourself a pamper! A great way to de-stress, indulging in a little self-care can help to lower cortisol and adrenaline levels, reducing oil production, clogged pores, and breakouts. Win-win all round if you ask us!

First up on Emma’s list of pamper products is face masks! These packs of pleasure are a must throughout the cooler seasons, helping to remove excess oil, grime, and dead skin from building up and causing breakouts. What’s more, they’re also thought to stimulate blood circulation across your face and neck, resulting in beautifully brightened and youthful-looking skin.

“I tend to use a thicker formula that requires more effort when I’m really making a night of it,” says Emma. “Quick sheet masks are great, especially for that noticeable injection of hydration, but I tend to just take these away with me as a temporary fix if I’m ever going on holiday or staying in a hotel.”

Two treat-worthy ingredients worth considering here, particularly in the autumn, are hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Present in all manner of skincare products, they’re unfailingly glow-giving and rejuvenating, hailed for their hydrating and brightening benefits respectively. Opt for a hyaluronic acid-rich serum if your skin is in desperate need of cheering up, or a vitamin C-based eye cream if your peepers are feeling puffy.

Top tips for lips

selection of lip balms
“Good lip care can help to avoid lines around the mouth, especially when you’re smiling a lot.”

Chapped, cracked, and split lips are almost inevitable in the chillier months, so what’s Emma’s secret to luscious lips? Combat the early signs of dryness with an extra shot of hydration! Regularly applying a moisturising balm, such as petroleum jelly, can help to heal stinging lips in the long-run, meaning your pout will permanently be protected, whatever the weather.

If your lips are particularly dry, gently exfoliate them with a specially-formulated scrub before applying your lip care product of choice. We recommend opting for thicker ointments stored in pots, as their fast-acting formulas are far more soothing than waxy stick alternatives. 

Mad about makeup? Here’s a hack for all lovers of lipstick: Stay away from matte formulas and switch to a gloss or cream lipstick instead, or even nab yourself a hydration-boosting tinted balm. Pucker up!

Get hands on with hand cream!

woman putting on hand cream
“Sometimes, just applying hand cream can feel like a spa treatment in itself.”

Hands are equally worthy of extra attention during the chillier seasons, but after 18 long months of sanitising (and zapping the moisture out of our hands in the process), this couldn’t be more important!

To maintain healthy-looking hands, Emma recommends using a nourishing hand cream, particularly following any exposure to water - no matter how lasting or brief! In the autumn months especially, look out for thicker ointments, richer creams, and professional treatments that are specially designed for ‘dry hands’, as these tend to hold the highest moisture content.

Stock up on all your skincare saviours

bath and skin care essentials

Now that you know what types of products to look out for this autumn, you can get to the fun part - the shopping! In an exclusive interview with OnBuy, Emma revealed all of her favourite products for the colder months. Check out her recommendations here and prepare for a season of sensational skin!

Looking for more? At OnBuy, you can find thousands of skincare goodies from some of the leading brands, including drugstore favourites like L’Oreal and Garnier, and luxury names like Chanel and Estee Lauder - all at fabulously affordable prices! Discover your skincare saviours here...

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