Mini Ovens

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For many of us, space is a major issue in the kitchen. Why not tackle the problem by opting for a mini version of one of the largest of all kitchen appliances - the oven? OnBuy’s range of mini ovens and hobs might have just the solution, in the form of your newest pint-sized powerhouse… Read More >
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About Mini Ovens

Whether you’re looking to free up some space in the kitchen or you simply don’t need a full-sized oven, OnBuy’s range is bound to help. Browse from a range of table top ovens and mini cooking hobs from the brands you know and trust.

We have a variety of bestselling halogen ovens for your perusal - these are known for faster, more energy efficient cooking of your favourite dishes. Also on offer are a range of mini ovens for baking, specifically designed to turn out evenly-baked cakes, cookies and pies galore.

Alternatively, opt for a mini oven with hob and grill to get the all-in-one cooking experience on a much more compact scale. OnBuy’s range also offers a selection of mini ovens with hobs - we can’t get enough of the stylish all-black models!