Getting to grips on how to workout at home can sometimes be hard - especially when all you want to do is lie on your sofa after a hard day's work. However, OnBuy have devised a guide on how to exercise with and without equipment at home - so that you're equipped with all the knowledge you need to stay fit and healthy - not just through 2019 but forever!

Reasons why working out at home is better than the gym


Reasons why working out at home is better than the gym

It's vital that you do not follow the common misconception that you need to have a gym membership to stay in shape. If you know how to workout at home, it can sometimes be more effective than going to the gym. Here are some reasons for this:

  • Home workouts are free!
    Whether you opt for a workout with or without equipment - it's free and you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. Once you pay the initial prices for your workout equipment - that's it - no monthly extortionate gym membership costs.
  • Less worries.
    When you're working out at home, no one is judging or watching you. So, you feel more comfortable pushing yourself even harder, without worrying about whether your face looks like a tomato...
  • No commute.
    If you're on your sofa being lazy, but you've planned to do some exercise that day - you're more likely to get up and do a home workout in your living room, than you are to drive/take the bus to the gym.
  • Personal trainer.
    YouTube! YouTube workout videos are great for when you're unsure of how to carry out your workout. This is because you can follow a trained professional who can push you to your limits. This type of workout is free, unlike the high prices you are required to pay for a personal trainer at the gym. A gym class also doesn't have as much variety as the workout videos that are available on YouTube, where you can pick from an array of workouts, from HIIT and yoga to kickboxing and many more.
How to exercise at home with equipment


How to exercise at home with equipment

Exercising with equipment at home is a cheaper alternative to going to the gym and paying a monthly membership. Here are a list of machines and exercise equipment you can incorporate into your home gym:

1. Treadmill

The treadmill is a popular machine which helps in getting your heart-rate up and improving your stamina. Incorporating even just 20 minutes of cardio (running) can make a big difference to your fitness levels. This treadmill also folds so it doesn't take up a lot of space when it is not being used.

2. Aerobic Step

An aerobic stepper is a great exercise tool when working out at home as it enables bigger moves when stepping on and off of it, for example. Home workout ideas with this aerobics stepper are endless, allowing for a range of creative and high-intensity exercises.

3. Stepper Machine

Similar to the aerobics stepper, is the stepper machine - a smaller, 'home-friendly' version of the popular elliptical machines often found at the gym. This machine is ideal for your home gym. Perfect for a lower-body home workout that can easily be done when watching your favourite show on TV.

4. Exercise Bike

Another way you can exercise at home is by using a stationary exercise bike. This machine will build up and tone your legs. If you cycle for 40 minutes each day, you are sure to see results. Don't forget to increase the levels when you can feel that it's getting too easy for you.

5. Dumbbells

When wondering 'how to workout at home', dumbbells are an essential piece of equipment. There are a variety of great exercises that can be carried out using only dumbbells, such as bicep curls, overhead presses, dumbbell side lunges and many more.

6. Kettlebells

Incorporating kettlebells into your home workout plan is easy. Utilise them when doing simple exercises such as squats and lunges, to add extra weight and make the exercises more advanced.

7. Cable Crossover Machine

Why not opt for a cable crossover machine to incorporate into your gym at home? This machine works every muscle in your body. Effectively strengthen and build your muscles with this multi-use machine!

8. Pull Up Bar

A pull up chin bar is easy to fix onto your door. Doing a few chin-ups every time you walk into the room may be an effective way to get your daily exercise in, at home.

9. Yoga Mat

Add some 'om' to your home workouts. Using a yoga mat is vital for stretching out and practicing your 'downward dog'. Alternatively, you can use your mat when performing ab and other floor exercises - making your home workout much more comfortable as you'll be lying on a softer surface.

10. Sit Up Roller

A sit up roller is a fun alternative to just doing normal and sometimes boring crunches/sit-ups. Why not include a sit-up roller into your home gym?

11. Ab Crunching

Activate your abs with this power plank abs cruncher! Want that six pack? You can achieve this simply, in the comfort of your own home, with this innovative machine. Just plank on the machine and crunch your legs in, towards your chest, while pulling up the slidable knee rest.

12. Ping-Pong

Love playing ping-pong? Invite a friend or family member over to play some table tennis with you! This is an extremely fun way to train at home, certainly making you forget that you're exercising. However, bear in mind that you do need quite a lot of space in your home to fit a table tennis table in.

If you can fit the table into one of your rooms or in your garden - great (just don't forget the table tennis bats!)

13. Boxing

Boxing is also great for burning calories! Boxing a punching bag for 45 minutes can burn up to 375 calories for an average male and up to 309 calories for an average female. This is a great cardio workout. Furthermore, it's a great stress reliever after a hard day at work. If this sounds like an ideal form of exercise for you, be sure to install a punching bag and buy some boxing gloves so you can easily exercise at home.

How to workout at home without any equipment

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How to workout at home without any equipment

Working out at home doesn't need to feel like a chore. Here are 15 popular exercises that you can do at home without any equipment. These exercises can also be modified for beginners as well as for those who have more advanced fitness levels.

1. Squats

Probably one of the most popular exercises for the legs and glutes.

2. Plank

Make sure that your body is straight when you plank either on your forearms or on your hands. Try and hold the plank for at least a minute, per each round you do.

3. Sit-Ups

Sculpt your abs with this timeless exercise. Aim for 50 of these during your workout at home.

4. Burpees

These will get your heart rate going! Feeling like a pro? Add in a push up each time you go down to the floor to make this exercise even harder.

5. Jumping Jacks

This exercise is a simple one but will still get your heart pumping - it is great as a warm up!

6. Sumo Squats

This exercise, which can be done at home with no equipment, targets your inner thighs and glutes.

7. Bicycle Crunches

Like riding a bike... but in the air. If you do this exercise every day at home, you'll be one step closer to the 6-pack you've always dreamed about. (Of course, you must eat healthily and incorporate cardio into your workouts too, in order to see results!)

8. Tuck Jumps

A high-intensity move. Working not only your legs, but also your abs. You'll definitely be sweating, even after just 15 of these. Aim for more if you can!

9. Wall Sits

An extremely basic move which will tone your upper legs for sure. This move can be easily done at home. Afterall, there are on average 4 walls in each room in your house - no excuses!

10. Lunges

This exercise activates your glutes and legs - if they're burning, it's a sign that you're doing them right!

11. Curtsy Lunges

This move is a backwards and diagonal lunge. Similarly, to how to you would curtsy to the Queen if you saw her.

12. Arm Circles

This one might look a little silly but it's an extremely effective move that targets your biceps and shoulders. No one will see you doing arm circles anyway, as you will be working out at home.

13. High Knees

This exercise, that you can easily incorporate into your home workout, will get your heart-rate rocketing.

14. Mountain Climbers

Another floor exercise that incorporates cardio and abdominal work - an ideal combo!

15. Push-Ups

This move works the whole body. Aim for 20 reps in one go. If you find these hard, put your knees on the floor but keep your back straight, in order to modify the move.

This guide on 'how to workout at home' should have given you some ideas on how to keep healthy and fit without the use of a gym membership. Whether you have equipment or not, we have given you home workout suggestions for both scenarios, so no excuses!

Remember, the key to a healthy life-style is balance. Make sure that you stay healthy 90% of the time, but keep in mind that it's okay to treat yourself or give yourself a break from strenuous workouts a few times a week. Do what works for you and what you enjoy!