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Inspired By Britain's Track Stars? Create A Gold-standard Fitness Routine With Our Tools, Tips, And Trackers

Published 9th August 2021
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Inspired to improve your fitness after the smorgasbord of summer sport? Join the club! Whether it was the edge-of-your-seat Euro season, the nail-biting tennis tournament, or one of the many other exciting events we’ve seen on our screens that’s sparked your sporty side, we’re all feeling a little more motivated to get moving!

It goes without saying that you won’t become the next Usian Bolt or Dina Asha-Smith overnight, but now’s the perfect time to spruce up that stale fitness routine, get in shape, and make the most of the summer sun while it lasts. Say goodbye to fad diets that lead to hanger and boot camps that leave you feeling flat, this blog is all about putting the fun back into fitness - all without the hefty expense of a gym membership!

So, wondering how to keep fit at home? In this blog, we’ll guide you through some of the top home workout equipment, including handy fitness trackers, simple strength training gear, and bodyweight exercise tips, to help you capitalise on your new-found motivation and smash those fitness goals even faster. 

Ready… Set… Go!

It’s important to look the part!

bag packing

As you’ll know if you’ve been working from home in your trackies and comfort wear for the past year, it’s impossible to get in the right headspace and stay motivated if your appearance is saying the opposite. Fortunately, activewear has become infinitely more comfortable and fashionable in recent years, providing an added incentive to get active.

For the ladies, this is a bit more important as you’ll need to invest in some quality leggings, trainers, sports bras, and something warm on top too. Luckily for you, you’ll find all this and more from big name brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, as well as more affordable and generic options, among our expansive selection of women’s activewear. While it’s still pretty hot outside, you might want to consider Under Armour’s range of gym shorts, which are flying off OnBuy's online shelves this summer!

It’s slightly more relaxed for gents, as long as you invest in a quality pair of trainers, like these Nike Downshifters. Sporty yet stylish, they’re the ultimate pair of kicks to keep you on-trend as you train. Plus, if you’re keen to show off your gains and keep cool in the process, you might want to consider this Under Armour CoolSwitch top.

Time to get techy

smart watch on wrist

Fitness trackers aren’t essential, but if you want some success from your new sporting activities, they’re a top tool. Trudging on a treadmill will get tedious pretty quickly (and the treats in the kitchen cupboards will start to look all the more inviting) if there’s nothing to strive for. However, with a handy fitness tracker, usually in the form of a smart watch, you can achieve regular goals and set yourself new challenges - the reward of beating your 5km best time will keep you coming back for more!

If you’ve just clicked through to OnBuy’s collection and been left confused about which is best for you, worry not… and don’t jump the gun! We’ve already overcome the hurdle of researching what’s hot and not in the world of fitness tech, and picked out our winners in this handy guide.

If you’re heading outdoors (or really want to get in the zone at home), we’d also recommend a set of excellent cans that can cope with your workout and keep you motivated by pounding the bass as you pound the pavement. Yep, you guessed it - we’ve already put together another handy guide and recommended our favourite running headphones, including the incredible Power Beats Pro.

Let’s step it up a notch!

lady on treadmill

Right, you’ve geared up and your motivation tank is filled to the brim after several hours of binge-watching Britain’s incredible athletes - it’s time to traverse the baffling world of fitness machinery.

Depending on what has particularly piqued your interest during this marathon summer of sport, OnBuy has a whole range of diverse exercise machines that are perfect for home workouts. You’re probably pretty familiar with a treadmill already, but perhaps one thing you didn’t know is that so many of the machines on our shelves are foldable, making them really convenient to store - added bonus, you’re less likely to turn it into a laundry rack and stop using it as an exercise machine if it’s stored away (plus, we’ve got actual laundry racks for your sweaty gym gear here!).

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder that’s ideal as a starting point, the Homcom Black Indoor Treadmill is an affordable option with all the tools you’ll need. Want something a bit speedier? The MOTIVEfitness by UNO Speedmaster 1.8 won’t disappoint, although it does have a more premium price tag.

Put the pedal to the metal

exercise bike workout

If you feel more at home in the velodrome, perhaps you’ll be more interested in exercise bikes, especially if you’ve been enthralled by Tadej Pogačar’s Pyrenean progress in the Tour de France. Make your workout all the more exciting by visualising your own tour; stream the cycling on your TV or tablet (the 2021 Vuelta a España isn’t too far away), don your favourite team jersey, and try your best to keep up with the peloton.

This hugely popular Homcom Exercise Bike is a great option that ticks all the boxes. It’s for all-round fitness and training with easy-to-adjust resistance levels, adjustable seat and handlebars, and includes all the stats you could need to know to help track virtual Alpine adventures.

Just don’t let your strength training slip!

weight lifting

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about Arnie-style biceps, but ask any decent personal trainer and they'll tell you about the importance of strength training in any fitness routine - especially if you’re trying to shift some of those extra pounds put on over the lockdown!

Did you know that keeping up with strength training can help you burn more calories while you watch TV on the sofa? No, it’s not too good to be true - it really does! Keeping your muscles in good shape with some weight sets increases your resting metabolic rate and keeps you in better all-round health. To discover some of the brilliant benefits of weight training, check out the informative video below.

Now we’ve got you interested in securing some strength training equipment, it’s time to focus on what’s right for you. As we said, it’s not all about pumping iron to earn bodybuilder status - although if that is what you’re after, look no further than our range of weights and dumbbells.

If you’re short on time (listen up, mums and dads!), wearable weights are brilliant. They can help combine your cardio and strength training into one workout by acting as added resistance on your muscles while you're moving. The straps are conveniently worn around your ankles and wrists so you’ll get as good a workout as a trip to the supermarket with the kids - newborn in the papoose, pushing the toddler in a pram with one hand, holding half a dozen carrier bags with the other - but less cumbersome and stressful!

If you want some more focused strength training, tools like kettlebells can be a handy accessory to boost your workout. Just check out some of the home workout routines available for free online; they’ll give you plenty of ideas for maximising your muscles!

On your marks, get set… go shopping!

high five

Now we’ve given you all the training you’ll need to capitalise on your motivation and create a gold-standard fitness routine, it’s over to you. There’s a whole lot more on OnBuy’s shelves when it comes to fitness and exercise, but the tips and tools above should be enough to get you on the right track!

If you're more outdoorsy, we’ve taken a look at everything you’ll need to triumph at tennis, get in a round of golf, and follow in the footsteps of your footballing heroes in this handy blog. There’s also an easy guide to dipping your toes into the wonderful world of water sports - perfect if you need to cool off this summer!

Given the current summer sun we’re basking in, you’ll want to make sure you’ve stocked up on sunscreen if you’re taking up some outdoor exercise, as well as a rewarding iced treat to help keep cool afterwards - just don’t delay if you want to snap up one of our hot deals!

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