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Fun Ways To Freshen Up Your Fitness Routine For Summer

Published 9th June 2021
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Following a tumultuous year of ‘stay at home’ orders, it’s time to embrace the long-awaited summer season and its welcomed warmer temperatures with open arms as we’re encouraged to get out and about once more. Instead of keeping cosy indoors and dreading your daily, chilly morning run, the higher temperatures and splashes of sunshine make exercising outdoors again a joy.

Need some outdoor fitness inspiration to update your winter exercise routine? We explore several ways you can (safely!) refresh your exercise routine by choosing to make the most of sunnier climes and outdoor fitness activities. From signing up to your local outdoor workout class to tackling a terrific team sport, there’s something for every fitness enthusiast in our hand-picked list of summer exercise essentials.

Take on some team sports

team sports

The perfect way to socialise and get fit, joining an outdoor sports team has plenty of health benefits - especially after what’s been a winter of physical isolation for many! By investing in a team sport this summer, you’ll not only improve your teamwork and problem-solving skills, but you’ll also be able to have physical contact with your teammates - depending on your choice of sport.

Physical contact has been shown to increase your well-being by providing a vital sense of comfort, so opting for team sports instead of a private workout can help to combat feelings of loneliness. Plus, it’ll also give you a chance to build important relationships and social bonds with members of your community, opening up more opportunities to get involved in social activities and events. While team sports can be competitive, the focus is typically on having fun, so there’s no pressure to beat a personal best or to win every match.

Regardless of whether you have a passion for footie, an admiration for rugby players, or an urge to test out your cricket skills, there’s a team sport for every age and personality type. Indeed, there’s a huge range of outdoor sports equipment that’ll make picking up your new passion a breeze. From goal posts and protective gear that’ll allow you to host your very own American football tournament to balls and training equipment that’ll help you hone your hockey-playing skills, summer is the perfect time to try out a new outdoor hobby.

Opt for an outdoor fitness class

outdoor fitness class

Is there any physical activity that isn’t instantly more invigorating when it’s happening outdoors? We don’t think so! Instead of choosing to remain in your stuffy bedroom/home office/workout area, we recommend taking in some fresh air during your exercise routine by either snapping up some outdoor fitness equipment and/or signing up to participate in an outdoor workout class.

We suggest doing some research to discover the best and most suitable professional outdoor fitness classes near you - especially if you require additional guidance and exercising tips. With all kinds of exercise classes fit for beginners and fitness fanatics alike, you won’t be short on options. Exercising outdoors comes with a host of advantages, including the free air circulation (which can help you to stick to any Covid-19 social distancing rules) and the exposure to a vitamin D-packed sunshine that’s brilliant for boosting your mood.

Plus, an outdoor fitness class is the perfect excuse to get up early and out of the house on a pleasant summer day! Outdoor fitness classes are also ideal for those who lack self-motivation to workout and need guidance from or prefer to watch a real life instructor. 

Not to mention, a real life fitness class (as opposed to an online tutorial) also lets you leave your laptop or tablet at home, so you don’t have to worry about connecting to nearby Wi-Fi or keeping an eye on your expensive belongings. Alternatively, you could enlist a few friends and find a quiet corner in the park to get fit together to save money and have a casual catch-up with your mates at the same time.

Make the most of your local beauty spots

man running on beach

One of the most enticing aspects of working out outside is the unrivalled view which simply can’t stand up to the sight of your laundry on a drying rack or an uninspiring TV screen. So, why not make the most of your local area and seek out some nearby beauty spots? From practicing your yoga moves next to a tranquil river or lake, to planning your daily run to include a beach detour, these natural outdoor environments can make exercising feel effortless - literally!

Exercising outdoors can actually lower your perceived level of exertion, reduce stress, and even leave you feeling less mentally exhausted post-workout. Plus, if you’re always on social media filming your fitness routines, then a beach makes a gorgeous backdrop that your followers will love watching. However, many of these beauty spots are typically not equipped for working out, so it’s important to ensure you’re prepared with the correct outdoor fitness equipment.

A water bottle and a cap are some of the most important items of fitness equipment when it comes to exercising outdoors in summer. They’ll prevent you from becoming dehydrated and help to keep the sun’s damaging UV rays from penetrating your skin for a more refreshing, satisfying, and healthy workout. For exercise enthusiasts that adore working out in beauty spots away from home, it’s best to opt for outdoor fitness equipment that’s lightweight and easy to hold. This includes everything from small dumbbells and skipping ropes, to foam yoga mats and hand exercisers that can all be transported with ease to your favourite spot.

Test the waters - literally!

paddle boarding on a river

From surfing those incredible ocean waves to paddleboarding on a peaceful lake, trying out a water sport is undeniably one of the most exciting ways you can update your fitness routine this summer. After all, this warmer season is a wonderful time to take a dip when the water isn’t shockingly cold, so why not test the limits of your adventurous side and wave goodbye to stuffy indoor fitness routines?

There’s a water sport for every type of personality. Regardless of whether you’re searching for an adrenaline-pumping water sport or an outdoor activity that’s a little more relaxing, a water sport is a great way to cool off, have fun, and enjoy some exciting exercise. They also come with various benefits, including the lack of joint pressure facilitated by the water buoyancy and the reduced risk of injury. Water sports can even improve your cardiovascular health and provide built-in resistance if you’re searching for a more intense workout, allowing you to choose the right kind of water sport to suit your workout style.

With exhilarating options like kayaking, kitesurfing, and even wakeboarding to explore, there really is something for everyone, but before you dive in, we recommend ensuring you’re dressed for the occasion! Luckily, our selection of water sports clothing is chock-full of essential items like wetsuits, life jackets, wetsuit gloves, and so much more to make picking up a new water sport easier than ever.

Plan a bracing bike ride

family bike ride

Searching for a way to work out without feeling like you’re actually burning calories? Try a bike ride! Bikes are a fantastic tool for covering long distances with minimal effort and they can be snapped up in a huge range of designs. Plus, bike rides can be as exciting or relaxing as you want them to be. From durable mountain bikes and BMX models that are perfect for adventure-seekers to charming creations that come complete with a wicker basket and are perfect for chilled-out cycling, you can work out the way you want by opting for a bike that suits your exercise style.

Bike rides are also ideal for parents that struggle to make time to fit in a dedicated fitness routine, as they allow you to include the kids in your mission to exercise outdoors - getting them out of the house in the process! From tricycles and trailers to tagalongs, there’s a wide variety of kids' bike designs that are sure to delight parents and make getting outdoors much easier for families with small children. 

When it comes to the health benefits of cycling, regular bike rides can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your muscle strength and flexibility, and even decrease your stress levels. So, choosing a bike ride instead of an outdoor fitness class still counts as important exercise no matter how chilled out or adrenaline-pumping you make it! Ditch the stationary exercise bike and opt for the real thing to enjoy endless views of stunning outdoor scenery.

Fend off that summer fatigue

summer activities

If exercising outdoors leaves you sweaty and uncomfortable during the sweltering summer season, then you’re sure to benefit from our top tips! While durable exercise shoes and planning your fitness routine are two vital aspects of any successful workout, our helpful suggestions aim to make working out outside safe and easy in summer. First and foremost, you should always avoid being out in the midday sun unprotected.

To stay cool and protected at the height of summer, we suggest exercising during the cooler early mornings or evenings and always putting on plenty of sunscreen - don’t forget your sensitive neck and ears! Beaches, for example, are a wonderful place to take in a stunning view while you work up a sweat, but they have no shaded areas which can leave your skin dangerously exposed. 

To prevent the sun from spoiling your daily beach run, it’s a good idea to wait until the temperatures have cooled off. However, keeping your body hydrated is the most important aspect of participating in physical outdoor activities. This is particularly essential if you often partake in team sports where the excitement of the game can cause you to neglect your water bottle

When it comes to exercising outdoors in summer, it pays to be prepared. Keep your workout attire breathable and loose to avoid overheating, throw on a cap if you’re worried about sunburn on your head, and always take plenty of water with you no matter how long you plan on being outdoors. An easy way to remember our top tips is to recite the three H’s - Hydrate, Hat, and Heat protection - to ensure you have a safe and refreshing exercise experience!

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