Following the closure of gyms and leisure centres throughout the UK, there’s been a huge surge in demand for home workout and exercise equipment. As home workouts have increased in popularity, people have flocked to social media in search of alternative exercising methods – some of which are not so common! OnBuy fitness experts were keen to uncover the weird and unusual fitness trends that have grown in popularity during lockdown.

In order to investigate the crazy fitness trends of 2020, OnBuy used the search analytics tool SEMrush to discover just how popular they really are!

The top 10 unusual fitness trends of lockdown 2020

No.Fitness TrendNo. of Searches*% That would consider trying online% That would consider trying in person
1Naked yoga32,64012%4%
2Pole fitness29,72033%47%
3Aerial yoga26,12021%26%
4Dog yoga/Doga10,75053%61%
6Naked workout2,17014%4%
7Twerking class1,70047%43%
8Prison workout1,67032%34%
9Beer yoga1,02062%65%
10Floating yoga65043%45%
Naked Yoga

Pexels/Wendy Hero

1. Naked Yoga – 32,640 searches last month

Yoga has rapidly become the perfect fitness trend, with 460,000 people taking part in yoga classes each week according to Finder. So, it’s no surprise that the naked version is crowned the most popular type of yoga and an unusual trend to emerge during lockdown!

Interestingly, OnBuy discovered that although naked yoga is the most searched fitness trend, with 32,640 searches, it’s the trend Brits are least willing to try - only 4% would consider attending a class in person (and only 12% online)!

Pole Fitness


2. Pole Fitness – 29,720 searches last month

Alongside yoga, pole fit is another branch of exercise that has become popular! This is illustrated through the large number of people searching for ‘pole fitness’ during lockdown. With a huge 29,720 searches last month, it’s clear to see Brits are taking on new challenges.

It appears that this unusual fitness trend is welcomed, as 47% admit that they would be interested in taking part in person when safe to do so.

Aerial Yoga

Pexels/Loe Moshkovsha

3. Aerial Yoga – 26,120 searches last month

Aerial yoga is also among the trendiest, with 26% of Brits interested in attending a class.

Aerial yoga received 26,120 searches on Google last month, indicating that the gravity-defying yoga-based activity has gained many fans in recent months. The increase in popularity is partially due to the influence of social media, as the hashtag has over one million posts on Instagram.

Dog Yoga


4. Dog Yoga – 10,750 searches last month

Dog yoga – or ‘Doga’– places fourth, with 10,750 searches made last month.

According to Statista, 25% of households have a furry friend, so why not get them involved in your workout? Doga includes many of the traditional yoga poses but has slight modifications to include your dog! 53% want to try Doga via an online class, and a whopping 61% will consider attending in person once lockdown is lifted.

Hula Fit


5. Hula Fit – 2,820 searches last month

HulaFit is described as ‘the funnest way to stay fit’. It’s all about toning abs, burning calories and having fun with a garden activity toy, the hula-hoop. With 2,820 Google searches made for ‘HulaFit’ last month, it’s a popular choice for many and 54% have considered attending an online class.

Naked Workout

Unsplash/Anastase Maragis

6. Naked Workout – 2,170 searches last month

The sixth most popular unusual fitness trend is ‘naked workout’. Although it’s a broad term, it’s attracted a lot of interest, collating 2,170 Google searches in the UK last month.

Naked workouts can include any activity or type of fitness equipment, ranging from weights, skipping, sparring, trampolining and more! It doesn’t appear to be a fitness favourite as only 4% would consider attending a naked workout class in person - 14% are more receptive to the idea if taught online.

Twerking Class


7. Twerking Class – 1,700 searches last month

YouTube is stacked with thousands of tutorials demonstrating the basics of twerking, but there’s more to learn if you want to perfect the technique. As a result, there were 1,700 searches made last month from struggling Brits looking for twerking classes online.

Prison Workout

Pexels/Keiji Yoshiki

8. Prison Workout – 1,670 searches last month

Prison workouts are described as the ultimate workout, centring around the need for minimal space and zero kit, hence why it’s become a trendy fitness workout during lockdown.

With 1,670 new searches made for an ‘online prison workout’ last month, OnBuy found that 34% are interested in joining a class in person once lockdown is eased.

Beer Yoga


9. Beer Yoga – 1,020 searches last month

This fitness craze from Germany combines traditional yoga poses with your favourite beer! What more could you want?

Unsurprisingly, beer yoga made the top 10 in the UK. It ranks ninth most popular-strange fitness trend of 2020, with 1,020 Google searches made for ‘online beer yoga classes’ last month!

Floating Yoga


10. Floating Yoga – 650 searches last month

Floating yoga is a hybrid class that incorporates yoga, gymnastics, dance, adjustment and challenging poses. Despite ranking tenth on the list, almost half (43%) of Brits have considered taking part in an online floating yoga, however it’s not as simple in your living-room, so 45% would be more inclined to try the class in person.

What do professionals think about online fitness classes?

Unsplash/Jonathan Borba

What do professionals think about online fitness classes?

OnBuy spoke to Hayou Method Arron Collins-Thomas, a Qigong practitioner at the Hayo’u Method and personal trainer, who’s used lockdown to his advantage by encouraging uncommon fitness methods:

“Under lockdown our usual go-to fitness options haven’t been available, meaning no gym, no swimming and so on - especially in the early days of lockdown when we were only allowed out for one hour a day. As a result, we had to be open to new ways of staying fit and healthy. Online fitness classes very quickly became the only option.

It’s necessary to be creative when choosing which equipment to work with from home, often using household items that you can use as weights to make the workout more intense. For example, using a chair to plank on, do step ups on and so on.

I think online fitness classes are amazing. Their importance has become evident over the last few months – and online fitness has kept a lot of people mentally and physically well. It’s about much more than the actual workout: you get a much-needed sense of community and socialising. Quite often my classes end up joining the Zoom call 10 minutes early so they can chat! It helps people feel that they’re not alone and that they’re creating a new little community and support network. Lots of the clients on my course arrive via my colleague Katie Brindle, who does a free introductory live Qigong session every morning. So, they’re already online friends!

People have a lot more time on their hands in general, so it's largely boredom making people more open and receptive to trying something new. I found that at the start of lockdown, many people decided to use this pause from normal life and a time to learn new things by expanding their knowledge. It’s a good way to transform any anxiety into a positive time to learn. When you’re busy, you stick to what you know!

I would advise trying something new that you wouldn’t normally try. There are loads of options available that you don’t get in the gym. Do your research. Focus on your health and wellbeing whilst you have time.”

Lockdown fitness survey 2020

Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Lockdown fitness survey 2020

After conducting a survey of 3,700 people participating in lockdown, OnBuy fitness experts can reveal the UK’s workout habits throughout quarantine.

36% admit to working out more in lockdown than they did previously, with a third (33%) stating they’re working out ‘about the same amount’ and 31% working out less.

They also found that almost half (43%) have broadened their fitness options while confined to their homes. Due to the huge surge in online classes, it’s easier than ever to try out new routines.

Of those who have been working out more frequently, 3 in 4 say that they feel more confident to attend a gym or workout class when they begin to reopen.

When asked “What’s your go-to choice when working out?”, a whopping 47% said they use an online class/tutorial to get their daily exercise in! This is followed by 23% choosing a personal memorised workout, 14% using a TV workout, 13% opting for an outdoor walk/jog and only 3% would visit a personal trainer.

OnBuy Fitness discovered that of the 36% working out more frequently, 35% are participating because they have more time on their hands.

1 in 3 have participated in more exercise to look or feel good, 16% because they’re bored and 12% say they feel pressure from others getting fit on social media so have upped their game.

With screen times skyrocketing during lockdown, it is certain that those looking for workouts turn to social media. OnBuy Fitness found that Instagram was the most influential platform for those looking to get fit, with just under 2 in 5 (39%) saying they used the app to open up their fitness options. This is followed by YouTube (30%), Pinterest (14%) and TikTok (9%).

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OnBuy Fitness experts used search engine analytics tool SEMrush to discover how many searches were made in the last 30 days for each fitness trend. OnBuy Fitness surveyed 3,700 people across the UK in June 2020 aged 17-55 about their workout habits during lockdown.