About Dimplex Storage Heaters

Keep the heat inside with a Dimplex storage heater! These powerful electric heaters, similar to an electric radiator, store heat deep inside to save you money. Keep reading to learn why you should buy this special electric heater from the venerable British heating experts Dimplex!

How storage heaters work

At their core, Dimplex storage heaters are the same as their electric radiators. Both draw electrical power from your mains and convert it into thermal energy to heat your home. But whereas electric radiators release that heat almost immediately, storage heaters keep the heat locked away in their cores, releasing it slowly over the course of twenty-four hours, like a thermal battery. 

What’s the point of that, we here you ask? ‘Charge up’ a storage heater and you’ll soon see the difference in your electricity bill! Dimplex storage heaters are designed to be turned on at night, when electricity is at its lowest demand as is therefore cheapest. By absorbing this energy slowly over night you could save big compared to what you’d be paying with a standard electric radiator.

There are other benefits to using a Dimplex storage heater besides saving money. One example is that your home is heated in the morning. Traditional radiators require time to heat up a cold room, so even if you switch them on as soon as you wake up, the next hour or two is bound to be chilly. Because a Dimplex storage heater is already releasing heat, your house will be at a nice temperature from the moment you flutter your eyes!

Why Dimplex storage heaters

We’ve covered why you would want a storage heater, now here’s why you should pick a storage heater from Dimplex in particular. There are a few different models of Dimplex storage heaters in this category, but all of them share the same high build quality and a smart approach to energy storage. 

All Dimplex storage heaters are fitted with a series of timers and thermometers. You set the time you wish the heater to start the warming process and the storage heater will automatically adjust its output based on the temperature of the room, so the machine is as efficient as possible and you’re never sweltering by accident. Some Dimplex storage heaters have the ability to draw additional power during the day if they begin to run out of juice while the room isn’t hot enough. This means you never have to worry about a sudden cold snap spoiling your day.

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