Pool Thermometers & Hot Tub Thermometers

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It may sound obvious, but purchasing a high quality, accurate and easy-to-read thermometer is essential for any pool or hot tub owner. OnBuy offers a variety of simple-yet-effective options so you can always be sure the water is the perfect temperature for relaxing dips and calorie-burning swims alike. Read More >
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About Pool Thermometers & Hot Tub Thermometers

If you tend to prefer sleek and simple designs, you’ll love our chrome-plated tubular thermometers, complete with a handy cord that can be attached to a pool ladder or hung elsewhere within the pool for an understated finish. We also stock a range of floating thermometers with quirky rubber duck, shark and dolphin designs from GAME - perfect for adding a playful twist to your pool or hot tub.

For a techy twist, why not try a state-of-the-art digital wireless thermometer for your pool or hot tub? These smart devices allow you to monitor the water temperature from inside the house, meaning you can set an alarm for when the pool reaches the optimum temperature for a quick dip or a swimming session. Clever!

Whatever your preference when it comes to buying your pool or hot tub thermometer, OnBuy will have something to suit all tastes and budgets. Browse our full range today and prepare for a summer of fun!