Swimming Pool Cleaning Brushes & Hot Tub Cleaning Brushes

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Regular removal of unwanted debris and brushing of the sides and floor are an important part of your swimming pool or hot tub maintenance routine. OnBuy’s catalogue showcases a variety of high quality swimming pool and hot tub brushes from much-loved brands including Certikin and Life. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Cleaning Brushes & Hot Tub Cleaning Brushes

Brushing the walls and floor of your swimming pool is a great way to clean the tiles whilst removing algae. Algae not only clouds your pool water, but it poses a safety hazard by coating the areas it reaches with slime. Using a swimming pool brush regularly helps safeguard against slippery surfaces and can also help prevent staining - essential if you want to entertain in your pool! 

Finding the right brush for your pool depends on a series of factors, including

  • The size of your pool or hot tub
  • The type of cleaning you’re doing (routine or deep clean)
  • Your budget
Stainless steel pool brushes are ideal for removing algae from surfaces and walls. Simply attach to a telescopic pole and get scrubbing! Standard pool brushes with nylon bristles will remove general dirt and debris from your pool or hot tub surfaces. Most designs feature curved or tapered edges that’ll have you moving from surface to surface with ease.

Explore OnBuy’s ever-growing range of pool cleaning brushes to keep your pool or hot tub spick and span all season long.