Swimming Pool Water Heating

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Create the perfect sanctuary to soak in by investing in quality swimming pool heating here on OnBuy. Whether you’re hosting the ultimate pool party or having a relaxing morning dip, ensure your water is always at the optimal temperature to suit your needs. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Water Heating

Heating not only makes your pool a more comfortable spot for yourself, your family and friends; it can significantly extend the period in the year when it can be used. Maximise the potential of your pool whilst ensuring energy efficiency with OnBuy's selection of pool heating systems. With a wide range of pool water heating options available there'll be an option to suit every set-up and budget.

No matter if you own an indoor or an outdoor pool, you can rest assured that it'll be used much more if the water is warm. Investing in a pool water heater can be daunting, but thanks to OnBuy's easy-to-navigate sub categories and search filters, you're sure to find something for you here.

Some of the most common methods of swimming pool water heating include gas heaters, electric heaters, solar heaters and heat pumps. Browse through our categories to explore a variety of brands and prices, as well as specialist information about each type of heater to inform your purchase.