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SystemsEleven Radiator Brush

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  • Get at hard to reach places with a SystemsEleven Radiator Brush!
  • Thin metal core & supple fibre brushes can squeeze into tight spots
  • 70cm long brush reaches the back of & can bend under appliances
  • Soft, hardy plastic bristles remain intact without damaging furniture
  • Easy grip plastic handle has a hole for hanging the brush from hooks

SystemsEleven Radiator Brush Description

Ordinary dusters do an amazing job in our homes, but they can't reach everywhere. From gaps between our radiator grills to the spaces underneath the dishwasher, layers of dirt, dust and cobwebs can build up quickly in the spaces that our regular cleaning tools can't get to. If you're haunted by these hard to reach spots, then the SystemsEleven Radiator Brush will soon set things right.

The SystemsEleven Radiator Brush is a thin metal wires covered in a layer of microfibre brushes that can reach into all the right places. The core of these radiator brushes is a simple piece of wire only a few millimetres thick. When pushed into a small gap the surrounding microfibres squeeze together to create a brilliant cleaning action. 

With 70 centimetres of cleaning power, these cleaning brushes are lone enough for you to reach right down the back of your oven or refrigerator. Not only is SystemsEleven Radiator Brush long, but it's flexible too! Its bendy metal spine can be curved around corners or under cabinets, allowing you to approach your cleaning from any angle - brilliant!

The thin, fibrous bristles that the SystemsEleven Radiator Brush uses are soft but sturdy - the perfect combination for cleaning! You won't have to worry about them falling to pieces after only a cleaning sessions and they won't scratch or scuff your radiator or furniture, either.

You won't have to get your hands dirty when cleaning with the SystemsEleven Radiator Brush thanks to its easy-grip plastic handle. Once you've finished sweeping, these radiator brushes have a hole cut through the bottom of the handle, allowing you to hang them from a hook, ready for the next time they're needed.

Please note: After placing an order for the SystemsEleven Radiator Brush you will receive a brush in one of the six available colours at random. 


  • Length: 70cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Available colours: Blue, red, green, black, clear, purple

Manufacturer's description:

Long Reach Flexible Radiator Heater Heating Bristle Brush Dust Cleaner 
These are fantastic multi purpose dusters for those hard to reach areas like radiators.
It fits into the tiny radiator holes to get every inch of dust,
this brush has strong plastic bristles to give a detailed clean to your radiator with out any damage.
It goes in to all tiny nook and crannies on the radiator and behind, its flexible and long for easy dust free cleaning.
Colors : Blue Red  Black, Clear, Green & Purple Randomly sent
Size: 70cm Approx.
Material: Plastic.


Codes 9503544576365 (EAN)
Rank #2 All-Purpose Cleaners
#3 Household Cleaning Products
#19 Laundry, Cleaning & Storage

Detailed Product Information

ColourBlue, red, green, black, clear, plastic

Product & Price History

Overall, this handy washing product has been awarded 5 star reviews by our customers. Across all of OnBuy’s All-Purpose Cleaners ranges, Systemseleven radiator brush has been given a sales rating of 2. Dive into our colossal Systems Eleven collection to find even more tempting laundry items

For your information, All-Purpose Cleaners is the name of the category that this product has been sorted into. There are plenty of categories for consumers to explore on OnBuy.

We regret to say, this must-have laundry item is awaiting an inventory top up right now, but before this Systemseleven radiator brush ran out of stock it had a price tag of £3.99. The two most approved of choices in this laundry division are Orange Glo Wood Furniture 2 in 1 Clean & Polish Spray Bottle 473ml and Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth and CarPlan Trade Valet Tyre Slik - 5L. We stock 3276 different All-Purpose Cleaners under the Household Cleaning Products category. Your dearest digital store has done all the tough work for you - yay!

Price Graph

Price history - lowest £3.99 (20/10/2021)

Product price history A line chart showing the price history for SystemsEleven Radiator Brush. £3.99 - 01/12/2020 £3.99 - 03/01/2021 £3.99 - 17/01/2021 £3.99 - 31/01/2021 £3.99 - 07/02/2021 £3.99 - 28/02/2021 £3.99 - 11/04/2021 £3.99 - 09/05/2021 £3.99 - 20/06/2021 £3.99 - 03/10/2021 £5.00 - 10/10/2021 £3.99 - 20/10/2021 1/01/2021 1/04/2021 1/07/2021 1/10/2021 £5.13 £4.88 £4.63 £4.38 £4.13 £3.88
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Product Reviews of SystemsEleven Radiator Brush

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Overall Rating:
5 Star
39 Reviews
4 Star
5 Reviews
3 Star
0 Reviews
2 Star
1 Reviews
1 Star
2 Reviews
Highest Rated Review
P. Harrison
Posted 29/05/2021
Furniture Polish
We use to buy the Orange Glow polish years ago but for some reason you could not buy it in England but know you can
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P. Harrison
Posted 29/05/2021

Furniture Polish

We use to buy the Orange Glow polish years ago but for some reason you could not buy it in England but know you can
J. Stirling
Posted 29/04/2021

perfect brush

This long brush is perfect for cleaning behind the radiators, just gets every cob web and dust.
Posted 27/03/2021

Radiator brush

I think it's the best thing I have brought dose the jobgrest
S. Tawse
Posted 21/03/2021

Useful radiator brush

I'm happy with the product which works well for most radiators, though it struggles with smaller ones.
C. Dilkes
Posted 07/03/2021

Radiator Brush

Happy with my purchase and delivery was promt and effecient. Done wonders to my radiator, didn't realise how dirty they get. Would recommend it.
Posted 06/03/2021

Brilliant for small areas

I love how this brush can get into small areas. I have been trying to find something to clean behind my radiator and this is perfect.
J. Taylor
Posted 01/03/2021

Radiator cleaning brush

Hi I'm very happy with all items I've bought from you as described and fast delivery,thank you have a nice day.
L. Wilde
Posted 22/02/2021

Perfect for the job

Would highly recommend this product and at a quarter of the price I've seen delivery too! Very sturdy bristles to get in all the nooks and crannies
T. Jones
Posted 20/02/2021

Sorta works but with difficulty

I bought this to squeeze between the tiny slats that cover our radiators - not behind them. It works but it's not easy. The plastic tip catches when you pull it out. You have to push the brush all the way through so dust falls on floor. Dust only collects at the bottom tip when you pull the brush out. I spent almost an hour just trying to clean one rad & it didn't reach every part. The brush will be useful for clearing cobwebs from the ceiling but I'm going to buy a different rad cleaner.
C. Pratt
Posted 17/02/2021

Waste of money. Absolutely rubbish

The 1st time we used this all the bristles started falling off and we had to put it in the bin.
c. porter
Posted 14/02/2021

Very good

A. Ross
Posted 10/02/2021

Radiator cleaner

The product is too stiff and does not easily collect all of the dust. I was expecting a fluffier, more durable cleaner
A. Stephenson
Posted 07/02/2021

Cracking buy

Radiator brush is perfect for getting into those hard to reach areas that gather dust and hair. Great delivery time and price. Terrific buy
R. Hodgson
Posted 02/02/2021

Radiator brush

Happy with the product fast delivery
J. Bromilow
Posted 27/01/2021

For those awkward knocks and crannies

The perfect addition to the household cleaning cupboard for the places dust and debris gathered but you can never get to.
Good quality, robust and quick delivery.
S. Oliver
Posted 19/01/2021

Radiator cleaner

I'm very happy with this cleaner. It gets right inside them as well as many other small spaces. Good buy
D. Stephenson
Posted 18/01/2021

Gets in all the nooks and crannies!

Does what it says on the tin! The brush is robust and flexible, can't believe how much dust gets stuck behind the radiators. Very reasonably priced too, Would definitely recommend.
G. Jones
Posted 21/12/2020

Systems Elevenadiator Brush

Great for cleaning down backs of radiators. Nice firm bristles and should last a long time. If you need to clean INSIDE the radiator then this is going to be too big for you.
B. Quinn
Posted 10/12/2020

Radiator brush

Brilliant, it just fits well into the slots on radiator. Would gladly recommend this product. It does exactly what it is made for.
S. Davison
Posted 06/12/2020

Radiator brush

Does what I bought it for!
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Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock.

SystemsEleven Radiator Brush

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