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Proof that revamping tired tiles needn't be a difficult task, this black satin One Coat Tile Paint from the DIY experts, Ronseal is on hand to update yours in a flash. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the paint boasts quick and easy application - with no primer required to get start...
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Paint brushes need a refresh? Cue the Hamilton Prestige 5pc Brush Set! The set contains five brushes crafted with high quality synthetic filaments, rust resistant stainless steel ferrules, and a rounded beavertail handle for your comfort, even during longer painting sessions. Designed to give ...
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Hamilton Prestige Sash Brush Set Pure Synthetic Bristle - 3 Piece Set Contains: 1 x 15mm, 1 x 18mm & 1 x 21mm Designed for profile and detail work Gives a great finish on above type of work Head shape ideal for cutting-in Waxed wooden handle for comfort Rust resistant stainless steel fe...
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Harris Expert Paint Brush Set 3 Piece Set contains: 1 x 0.5", 1 x 1" & 1 x 1.5"                       (12mm, 25mm & 38mm) Designed for the discerning Diy'er Hard wearing pure natura...
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Professional dual timber treatment to protect against fungal decay and woodboring insects Effective against a wide range of wood rotting fungi including both wet rot and dry rot whilst the pyrethroid insecticide is effective against all life stages of wood boring insects 1L-2L of concentrate tre...
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Tough, durable, Waterproof and mould resistant Won't leave brush marks Suitable for bare or previously painted tiles No primer needed Resists knocks, scuffs and scratches Coverage: 6m² covered per 750ml tin or 266 15 x 15cm square tiles Drying Time: Touch dry in 1-2 hours Update your tiles or m...
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permanently blocks damp stains on walls and ceilings Can be applied to damp walls Allows trapped moisture to escape without causing anymore damage Can be painted or wallpapered over when dry
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Guaranteed to block damp permanently Apply direct to damp walls and ceilings Permanently blocks stains Micro-porous formulation allows trapped moisture to escape Can be painted or wallpapered over Approx drying time 2-3 hours
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Reverse wound, easy roll-out application Protects temporary protection for carpets and rugs Protects against spillages, foot traffic, dirt and debris Safe working surface without creases and trip hazards High strength adhesive; may cause damage to non-carpeted surfaces Before use, apply the film to...
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Coral Paperwiz 3-in-1 Wallpaper Tool            Wallpaper Smoother   Smooths wallpaper easily Removes all bubbles Increases adhesion to wall Makes perfecting seams an easy task Use for accurate trimming of edges Beveled edge on both sides Designe...
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Draper Air Brush Kit 6 Piece An entry level air brush for detailed work such as automotive designs, model makers, graphic artists, etc. The spray pattern is adjustable from 3 - 50mm, operating pressure 15 to 50psi (1.03 - 3.5bar).      air brush    50cc jar with c...
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Hamilton Perfection Dusting Brush 3 Ring Perfect for removing dust before painting Pure natural bristle Ringed bristle for extra strength and rigidity Sealed beachwood handle Cabinetmakers brush
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Hamilton Prestige Dusting Brush Pure Black Bristle For removing dust before painting Pure natural bristle Bristle set securely in a durable seamless ferrule Sealed beechwood handle Width is 3.3/4" (95mm) For the professional decorator / discerning Diy'er
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Hamilton Prestige Paperhanging Brush     For smoothing all types of wallpaper.   Stiff natural bristle with softer bristle outside for a  combination of strength and softness.   Comfortable beechwood handle with  grooved finger-slot for ease of use.   ...
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Perfection Namel Var Oval Paint Brushes
Multiple options available
Hamilton Namel Var   Oval Paint Brush   100% Pure Bristle   Multi-Size Listing - Select 1" 1.5" or 2"       Extra thick oval head High quality pure natural bristle Maximum paint pick up Ideal on profile surfaces Durable & easy to clean Rust resistan...
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Blue Dolphin Painters Masking Tape Roll 50m - 25,38,48mm Width - Easy Removal
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Clean removal, blue paper tape for painted walls, woodwork, metal and glass. Its special adhesive resists sunlight degradation for easy removal, even after 2 weeks. Medium tack makes it suitable for most surfaces. Resistant to solvent and moisture. Perfect for professional painters. Ideal for: previ...
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Hamilton 9 Ring Paperhanging Brush Knots are set in rings to give extra strength and rigidity. Manufactured using the best grade, pure bristle China bristle Ideal for difficult corners etc. Clear finish beechwood back, shaped for ease to hold and comfortable use. For smoothing all types of wal...
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Hamilton Paint Brush Comb   Plated steel bristle Ergonomic wooden hamdle Cleans bristles properly Helps maintain bristle for a longer life Authorised Hamilton distributor
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Hamilton Perfection Roller Sleeve (Pack of 3) Microfibre sleeve (Tight weave) 9" x 1.75" Medium Pile Thermobonded Short pile not needed due to type of fabric Exceptionally smooth / even finish Suitable for smooth surfaces Suitable for both water & solvent based paints Microfibre blend ...
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Hamilton Perfection End Caps For Roller Sleeves 9", 12" 15" & 18" Fit 1.75" Core Sleeves Manufactured using virgin plastic for structural strength Use with double arm frames Authorised Hamilton Distributor
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Hamilton Laying-Off Brush 100mm (3.7/8") Extra thin brush Designed for laying-off / finishing (not for application) Finely tipped synthetic filaments Stainless steel ferrule Plywood handle Width: 100mm (3.7/8") Thickness: 9.5mm (3/8") Creates a great finish when laying-off Authorised H...
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Hamilton Perfection Window Brush Pure Synthetic 3/4" Gives a perfect finish with water based paints High quality synthetic filaments Finely-tipped & flagged filaments Perfection Synthetic give a perfect finish straight from the pack Angled for easier edging and detailed work Superb pai...
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Hamilton Performance Cutting-in Brush Short Handled Synthetic filament for high quality finish & durability Angled profile for precision cuting-in Stainless steel ferrule Plain ergonomic wooden handle Designed for superb control  
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Hamilton Perfection Adjustable Frame For 9", 15" & 18" Roller Sleeves Dual fitment for extension poles Accepts tapered or threaded recepticles If using 9" sleeves, you will also need to purchase end caps Most 12" & 15" sleeves are sold with end caps Not recommended for prolonged use ...
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Harris T-Class Proforce Painters Pouch 100% White cotton Luggage style buckle on strap Adjustable strap Metal press-stud closure Waterproof lining Large capacity Width: 49cm (19.5") Height: 33cm (13") Maximum waist fitment: 64cm (50")
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Painters Dusting Brush Dust Brush
Multiple options available
British Made Dusting Brush Pure Bristle (white / Black / Grey) 4 inch (100mm) Beautifully crafted. Genuine 'British Made' product. Long bristle length (70mm - 2.13/16") A brush to be proud of.  
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Professional concentrated woodworm treatment Highly effective against all life stages of woodboring insects and woodworm 1L of concentrate treats 82.5 - 125m² of timber depending on use The formulation is water-based producing a Non-flammable, quick drying product containing no volatile or...
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Dulux Professional Undercoat Paint, 2.5 L - White
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Dulux Once Gloss Paint, 750 ml - Pure Brilliant White
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With Split Bristle Tips For A Smooth Even Finish. No Loss Bristles Easy To Clean Ideal For Skirting, Door & Window Frames
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With Split Bristle Tips For A Smooth Even Finish. No Loss Bristles Easy To Clean THas A Unique Shaped Brush Head For Precision Edging
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