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Tower Fans

Get the fans that tower over the rest! In this amazing OnBuy category you’ll find a wide range of tower fans on sale, courtesy of our incredible verified sellers. From traditional towers to futuristic air multiplier fans, here’s no better place to buy tower fans online!

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Looking to buy Tower Fans?

For a very long time, the only types of fans you could buy had a set of large rotary blades that scythed through the air and created a simulated draft. It doesn’t matter whether they sat on your desk, were attached to your ceiling, lay on your floor or had their own little pedestal, this was the only way you could keep cool efficiently.

However, in the late 20th Century, a new contender appeared. Slim, sleek and just as powerful. Tower fans were here. But are they really better than their rotary cousins? Should you really buy a tower fan online? Those are the questions we’re about to answer!

Tower fans versus conventional fans

Tower fans are truly great for small rooms with not much space. Because the tower is tall and slim, and doesn’t have the bulge that traditional fans have, they can slide into places rotary fans can’t access. They also require significantly less space to turn than other fans, so you don’t need to worry about finding a large space to store them. Slide them in between your living room wall and the TV to enjoy cool air while you relax in front of your favourite show. Or place one right next to the desk in your home office. The possibilities are limitless when you buy a tower fan online!

Another reason that you’ll love the tower fans on sale at OnBuy is that they provide more vertical cooling than traditional fans can manage. Because they’re so tall, our tower fans for sale can waft air from your scalp to your toes at once. Many tower fans also have a series of adjustable slats built into their front grill. This allows you to redirect airflow if you want

Air multiplier tower fans

Most air fans have a pill like shape with a set of slats at the business end that controls the flow of air. But there are other tower fans on sale at OnBuy. Strange hollow hoops that look like they’ve been pulled straight out of a science fiction film. What are these strange devices? They’re called air multiplier fans, or bladeless fans, and they’re the freshest way to get fresh air!

Despite their nickname, air multiplier fans aren’t truly bladeless. Instead, they’re hidden inside the hoop-shaped centre of the fan. But rather than moving back and forth like the blades of a normal fan, air multipliers use a compressor to draw in air towards the blades, which pushes the air out faster than it was coming in. This effect pulls additional air from near the fan in the same direction, increasing the air flow. An air multiplier fan is far more energy efficient than an ordinary tower fan, using as little as a sixth of the energy to move the same amount of air around your home. This makes them a top choice for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying the benefits of a cool fan.

If you find the constant buzzing of an ordinary rotor fan annoying, you’ll definitely want to consider the air multiplier tower fans for sale at OnBuy. Because these hoop-like fans hide their blades inside their body and don’t move back and forth, it's really only the compressor that generates noise. Because of that, these tower fans tend to be up to 10 decibels quieter than traditional fans. Meaning you can enjoy better airflow without being disturbed!

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