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Star Wars Toy Ships

You’ve emerged from hyperspace into an Imperial Navy dockyard full of brilliant Star Wars ships from every era of the world’s most famous space opera! You can amass an armada of toy Star Wars ships from this category, as well as pick up Star Wars model kits and game expansion figures too!

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About Star Wars Toy Ships

The opening of Star Wars begins with a massive spaceship chase; there’s no better way to set the stakes, or demonstrate how important space ships are in the galaxy far far away. With Star Wars ships being the most iconic science fiction vehicles, it was inevitable that child and adult fans will want to collect their own Red Squadron, and that’s just what our trusted sellers have delivered for this category! So it’s time to warm up the hyperdrive and read on!

Toy Star Wars ships

Toy companies have gone in full throttle in producing a massive range of collectible Star Wars toy ships from every era of the Skywalker saga. Classic ships from the original trilogy will be at the top of every fan’s wishlist, and you’ll find entire fleets of them among our shelves.  

After a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be pitting squadrons of TIE fighters against the Rebel Alliances’ band of A-Wings, Y-Wings and B-Wings. You’ll also find models of the battleships of the galaxy: the capital Star Wars ships like Star Destroyers, the bulbous Nebulon-B frigate and even the Death Star! (Sadly for budding Palpatines, these toys are not fully armed and operational battlestations.)

The coolest Star Wars ships are reserved for the heroes and villains of the galaxy, and you can find scale models of Luke’s X-Wing, Vader’s TIE Interceptor, Boba Fett’s SLAVE I, and, of course, the Millenium Falcon.  

All those great Star Wars ships and we haven’t even mentioned spacecraft from the prequels and sequels! Our sellers’ range is just as huge for these film series. Star Wars ships from Episodes 1, 2 and 3 include punchy Jedi Fighters, the shiny Royal Starship used by Queen Amidala and the Clone Troopers’ ARC fighter. 

From the sequel trilogy you can shop Rey’s Speeder, Resistance bombers and Poe’s fighter. There are even Star Wars ships here from the standalone films and TV shows, including Rogue One’s U-Wing, the Blade of Dorin from the Clone Wars and more!

Star Wars ships for hobbies

This edit is a gold-mine for Star Wars hobbyists. Many of the Star Wars ships on offer are model kits that you have to build and paint yourself. They make excellent presents for someone who loves model airplanes and Star Wars in equal measure. 

Some of the ready built model ships are actually booster packs for a board game called Star Wars X-Wing. These small ships provide higher firepower and new abilities to bring to your next game. Some of the toy Star Wars ships we mentioned earlier are also the right size to use as props for a Star Wars themed role-playing game. Just remember one thing if you’re playing these kinds of games: Always let the Wookie win!

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