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No toy collection is complete without a sweet selection of dolls, teddy bears and soft toys - and we think your little one would agree! Available in an array of shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder that every child finds themselves a favourite at some point - browse OnBuy to discover theirs today. Read More >

About Dolls, Teddy Bears & Soft Toys

Whatever your child's taste; from toy dolls to cuddly teddy bears, every child possesses that one toy that’ll always hold a special place in their heart. This special toy becomes possibly their first best friend, allowing an exploration of emotions and attachment.

Discovering the right toy to fill that important position in your little one’s life can be tricky - with so many options available, which do you go for? Well, you could choose something to showcase their favourite animal or colour, for example. Or why not bring their favourite cartoon character home with our range of bestselling brands?

Find everything from cute puppies and colourful giraffes to fluffy bears and baby dolls right here on OnBuy.