About Jurassic Park Toys

Our shoppers, our dear OnBuy customers: welcome… to the Jurassic Park toys category! You’ll find all things InGen amongst these virtual shelves, with toys from this fantastic franchise genetically engineered for maximum fun. Whether you’ve got a little paleontologist who wants to create their own dino theme park, or you’re a toy collector looking for pristine Jurassic Park toys, you’ve come to the right place.

Jurassic Park action figures

The main attraction of Isla Nublar was the park’s collection of prehistoric dinosaurs, and the same is true of our Jurassic Park Toy collection! You can pick up plastic figures of the most memorable terrible lizards from the films, like the titanic T-Rex, the cunning Velociraptors and the colourful but deadly venom-spewing Dilophosaurus.

While the dinos steal the show, they need human characters to prey on! You’ll find action figures featuring characters from the films. You can pick up Jurassic Park toys of the film's PhD wielding heroes, Doctors Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcom, as well as ones of the side characters, like precocious dinosaur expert Tim and his sister Lex (famous for her knowledge of Unix systems) and the brave equipment expert Eddie Carr. 

Since Jurassic Park has been such a monstrous franchise for so long, many of the original toys from the 1990s have become sought after rarities. Like John Hammond’s  Dominican amber mine, we’ve procured some excellent specimens that collectors will love to see. These include action figures in original packaging with unique movie cards and other Jurassic Park toys that would otherwise be lost to history.

Jurassic Park Board Games

Many a Jurassic Park fan has wondered whether, if they were stranded on Isla Nublar, they would survive or end up as dino food. Now they can with our collection of Jurassic Park board games. Players can test their wits, luck and mettle against the world’s most dangerous theme park using a variety of rulesets to decide their fate! What’s more, some Jurassic Park board games let players assume the roles of the dinosaurs, and task them with gobbling up the other players!

Keen-eyed fans may have recognised that a few characters and dinosaurs are missing from this Triassic category. Where are Owen, Claire, Blue and the other characters from Jurassic World? So that the park doesn’t get too overwhelmed, we’ve divided the Jurassic kingdom into two categories. You’ll find toys for the Jurassic World films in this Jurassic World toys collection!

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