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About Science Museum Toys

The sciences are such fascinating subjects and studying chemistry, biology and physics can teach us important facts about the world around us. Of course, there’s no reason why science lessons have to take place in the classrooms, at least that’s the philosophy of Science Museum! 

This fantastic toy company creates science-based toys suitable for children young and old, with a special focus around teaching STEM concepts.There’s no need to bring out latex gloves and fine soft brushes - the exhibits in our collection aren’t fragile! Let’s examine them now and see what we can uncover!

Science Museum creative sets

Science may be all about statistics and data, but a good scientist knows when to get creative; that’s just what a Science Museum creative set, the most common Science Museum toys in this edit, are all about! Each kit has a different science experiment-related toy inside which is bound to get your child’s imagination racing! 

However, before they can start playing, they’ll need to build their new toy from scratch! When your child opens up a Science Museum creative set they are greeted with a selection of components waiting to be assembled. Much more than just following a set of instructions, when your child builds the toy in a creative set, they’ll be teaching themselves important lessons about interesting and important scientific and engineering concepts. From how circuits work to how the Angle of a light source affects the shadows it produces, it’ll be like your child is taking a school lesson at home - we won’t tell them if you won’t!

There are plenty of Science Museum creative sets among our virtual shelves. No matter what discipline your junior scientist is pursuing, there’s a science museum toy here for them. With an astronomy kit they can project the night sky onto their bedroom walls, and learn the constellations! If they have a passion for technology and electronics, they can build their own intruder alarm, which wards off burglars and nosy siblings alike! Or, if forensics is more their thing, they can practice their crime fighting skills with a fingerprint kit: they’ll learn all about arches, loops and whorls as they book their friends in for questioning!

Science Museum robot toys

It might be named after a museum, but Science Museum toys are anything but antiques. Among this edit you’ll find all sorts of fascinating robot toys for your child to say domo arigato to! Because of the educational focus of Science Museum toys, playing with these robots is much more intense than just turning them on and watching them go: they’re fully programmable!

Using a free app for popular smartphones and tablets, your child tells their new robot toy what to do by creating strings of computer code with a block-based coding language. Although these robots are still definitely toys, they’ll teach your child important lessons around computer science. As computers become an ever more important presence in our lives, giving your child a head start on understanding how they work will set them up well for the future!

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