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Pokemon Trading Card Packs

Dive into the exhilarating world of strategic Pokemon battles by expanding and enhancing your hand with OnBuy's extensive range of Pokemon card packs. With everything from themed decks, booster card packs and comprehensive Trainer sets, our selection of Pokemon card packs are chock full with crucial energy and trainer cards, alongside both basic and evolve Pokemon cards to steer you towards victory.

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Looking to buy Pokemon Trading Card Packs?

Having been the playground must-have for almost two decades, the Pokemon Card Trading Game is a strategic game of thrilling Pokemon battles where your imagination is the vital finishing touch. To defeat your opponent, you must use all your training, wit and skills to become the well-deserved victor of this popular card game.

Whether your child is a Pokemon-fanatic or you've adored collecting the nostalgic cards since childhood, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is suitable for all children above the age of six with no upper age limit on the card trading game fun. Enhancing your collection by adding varied and rare Pokemon card packs and booster boxes is a brilliant way to build up your personal card set, trade and, ultimately, become the Pokemon trainer champion. 

If you're looking for the best place to buy Pokemon cards in the UK, OnBuy offers a fantastic selection. Browse our extensive online shelves to find your perfect pack in an instant!

How to play the Pokemon Card Trading Game

If you're new to the Pokemon realm, it's a good idea begin your strategic battle training by opting for an everything-included Trainer Kit - complete with a standard sixty card deck and everything you need for you and a friend to get started, this is the perfect introductory Pokemon card set.

To kick off the battle, start by shuffling the pack of mixed energy and trainer cards, this will become the deck that each player draws from to begin their turn, and place six prize cards face down on the table. In front of you, you should can have up to six Pokemon (basic or evolve) cards, however only one can be active at any one time. The remaining Pokemon cards are benched until your opponent knocks out your active Pokemon.

Basic Pokemons can be put onto the battlefield immediately, whereas evolution cards have to be placed on top of their corresponding basic cards to evolve them, which then provides your fighters with stronger methods of attack. When it comes to general gameplay, both players take it in turns to launch attacks at each other in a bid to become the champion!

You'll notice that every Pokemon card has a certain amount of hit points which shows how much damage they can sustain before being disqualified. Once your Pokemon has suffered a severe enough attack to defeat it, the card must be removed from play and replaced with one of your benched cards.

The player that scores a Pokemon knockout is then rewarded by drawing one of the face-down prize cards. To win, you can either draw all of these prize cards (which is the most common way), knock out all of your opponents benched and active Pokemon or, seize victory if you're opponent can no longer draw a card from the deck.

What do the different types of Pokemon cards mean?

  • Energy cards: Energy cards are required to fuel your Pokemon attacks, to use your chosen Pokemon you must first ensure it has the required energy cards supporting it. The amount of energy required for the attack depends on the type of Pokemon and their skills, the more powerful the attack, the more energy you'll need to get your Pokemon going!
  • Trainer cards: Trainer cards have a whole host of useful advantages including drawing cards and finding a particular Pokemon, as well as manipulating those aforementioned energy cards. These super-helpful cards help to give you that added advantage when it comes to strategising your new battle plan.
  • Prize cards: Prize cards are placed face-down on the playing table and neither player is aware of what they are. Simply knock out one of your opponent's active Pokemons to win a prize card and collect them all to become the victor of the game.

Can I play the Pokemon Trading Card Game online?

If you prefer to play online rather than in real life, you can connect to a huge community of Pokemon Trading Card Game players by simply downloading the exciting card game online. Pokemon decks that are available to play online are clearly marked in the top left-hand corner of the packaging and provide clear instructions to help get your virtual battle and brand new deck set up in a flash.

Wondering where to buy Pokemon cards in the UK? Look no further... OnBuy is the answer!

Customers love our best-selling Pokemon Trading Card Packs

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