Swimming Pool Light Deck Boxes

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Before you can start enjoying your pool after dark, you'll need a deck box to keep your lights running smoothly - browse our ever-increasing selection of swimming pool deck boxes here at OnBuy and ensure you have everything you need for a beautifully lit up pool. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Light Deck Boxes

If you've invested in underwater pool lighting, you'll no doubt want to make sure you have all the necessary bits so your set-up works properly - that's where the trusty deck box comes in. A deck box will link your pool lights to the transformer and keep electricity running safely through it and keep your pool looking tip-top. 

For an innovative, tidy way to keep your lights connected and running, check out the Certikin Swimming Pool Light Deck Box. Not only is it fully waterproof making it worry-free to install, it has a square design so it will fit in with any existing tiling you have, or make it a breeze to tile around it.