Swimming Pool Light Transformers

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Whether you have above ground or underwater lighting for your pool, a transformer is a vital tool in keeping them running, and making sure they're safe. Browse our range of transformers here at OnBuy to find what you need to get your pool ready for a dip at any time of day or night. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Light Transformers

It doesn't matter if your pool is big or small, or if you have one light or fifty lights; pool light transfomers are an essential part of your lighting arrangement. They change the voltage of your mains electricity into a suitable voltage to have around water and operate your pool lights safely. You can choose to wire your transformer directly to the lights, or route the wires through a deck box if you'd like to keep your transformer further away from the pool.

That's why we've curated a great selection of swimming pool light transformers from trusted brands: so you can enjoy your relaxation and down time without a care in the world! Choose from single light transformers or ones that can handle multiple lights - we have a range of transformers to suit any pool.