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5 simple tips to save money on running your tumble dryer

Published 21st December 2022
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Tumble dryers are one of the most useful home appliances, but they also require a lot of energy to run. That has a big impact on your electricity bills and your carbon footprint, but there are some simple tricks you can do with every drying cycle to make your dryer more efficient.

Sort your clothes properly

Mixed loads makes your dryer run for longer, but dividing your clothes into lots of loads will cost you in the long run. It's best to think ahead and wash lots of the same types of clothes together so you can dry them together.

For example, drying large items like jeans or bath towels together can improve your dryer's efficiency.

Make sure you are using the right settings

It may sound simple but many people don’t realise that different settings affect how much energy the tumble dryer uses. Always select the setting that best fits the kind of clothes you're trying to dry, otherwise you could end up with a load of still damp clothes that need a second drying cycle.

Another tip is to buy a tumble dryer that comes with a moisture sensor. These models will end the drying immediately if they detect the clothes are dry, even if there's still time left in the cycle. This is a feature common in Bosch tumble dryers and other brands.

Make sure your lint trap is clean

The lint trap collects the fluff that comes off your clothes as they dry. If the filter traps enough enough lint hot air can't pass through it, which means the tumble dryer needs to work harder to dry the same amount of clothes.

Sometimes the lint trap might get damaged, which can also affect your tumble dryer's efficiency. If this happens you can buy a spare from our Washing machine parts & accessories category.

Check the dryer seals regularly

Make sure all seals are working properly so that no heated air is getting lost from inside the drum of your machine. If there are any gaps, replace any worn out seals as soon as possible. It's easy to find replacement seals for a wide variety of washing machine brands, including Beko, HotpointBosch and more.

Use airers & washing lines

Tumble dryers are best at drying large clothes and other big bits of laundry like sheets and duvet covers. A more efficient way to dry small clothes like underwear and socks is by laying them on an airer or clothes horse. Place it near a radiator in winter and these little items will dry in no time. If you have a garden, investing in a washing line is a great idea. When it's bright and sunny you'll be able to dry an entire load of washing for free.

That's all of our tips on how to optimise your washing machine to save money. This advice assumes you have a washing machine to begin with. If you don't, make sure to check out our tumble dryers buyer's guide for advice on how to choose the right model for your home.

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