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New to the world of handheld gaming? The Nintendo 3DS is an excellent place to start! It has multiple ways to keep you occupied, not just game playing, including an in-built Netflix app. It's also available in two sizes, 3DS and 3DS XL, so you are sure to find the perfect console to get you started. Boasting modern technology that allows you to view 3D images without 3D glasses, jump into the future with a Nintendo 3DS.

Or are you a seasoned gamer? Have you been a Nintendo fan since the DS (or perhaps since the release of classic titles like Donkey Kong or Mario Kart?) Then explore our wide array of Nintendo 3DS games and accessories sure to please every kind of fan - whether you love the classics or the more modern games. Check out OnBuy's Consoles & Bundles section to find a great deal while you're here!

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