10 Wardrobe Organisation Hacks

The Best Wardrobe Organisation Hacks

Published 18th January 2021
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We get it - no one likes to admit they learnt something from social media. But there are some real gems hidden in the depths of our favourite platforms. From YouTube to Instagram, social media has a lot to offer in terms of teaching us new tricks including how to get organised! 

Everyone and their mother is on social media in one form or another. Some are dedicated to cute cat videos while others review some of the most delectable-looking food the world has to offer. Others still are passionate about organisation. It sounds boring, but organisation videos, nicknamed ‘organisation porn’, have become a huge hit on social media in recent years. Hit shows like How Clean Is Your House? and Hoarders appeal to our nosiest personality traits and there’s something so satisfying about watching someone clean up their messy house - so why not apply the same satisfaction to your own home? We see you, we see your pile of unfolded clothes, and we’re here to help! Here are 10 of the best hacks for organising your wardrobe that we learnt from social media.

Solutions for Shoes

Social media tik tok

One of the wardrobe storage solutions that seems to be the most baffling for everyone is shoe storage. We’ve all dug through that growing pile of shoes on the floor of the wardrobe looking for the other half to our favourite pair - it’s a pain. Time to put your foot down and get those shoes tidy! 

Many social media organisation gurus suggest storing your shoes up high on a shelf to help keep your floor clear and clutter-free. Use these cool, adjustable, stackable clear drawers so you can see and access every pair easily. Or, if you are the type to struggle keeping your footwear organised on an existing set of shelves, give these shoe organisers a chance. They allow you to stack your shoes on top of each other, while still making them easy to see and keeping them tidy and out from under your feet.

Tidying for T-shirts

Folding clothes

Storing t-shirts can be a frustrating task. They don’t stack well, which is of no use to spaces without drawers, and even if you’ve got them folded neatly, they can still be bulky. And don’t even try to pull your favourite out from the bottom of the pile - they’ll all go everywhere!

Our solution? Either some storage bins or interlocking t-shirt organisers. Folding your tops Marie Kondo-style in a clear or shallow tub will enable you to see exactly what you have in your wardrobe while still giving you easy access to your clothes. Interlocking t-shirt organisers are ideal for slim-lining your collection, especially if you have little storage space. They also enable you to grab any top from the bottom of the pile with ease!

Not familiar with Marie Kondo? Check out her innovative style of folding clothes to get some inspiration!

Hanging Hacks

Hanging hacks

Some clothes were made for hanging out… and others seem to crumple to the ground as soon as they are rehung. We’re sure more than a few of you are familiar with having to use your entire body weight to shove your clothes aside so you can add in your newest addition. Whatever your wardrobe lacks, we’ve got the solution.

When it comes to keeping clothes all in one place, velvet hangers are the perfect solution. Instagram, Pinterest and even TikTok are all about the aesthetics and what better way to complete your new cohesive closet than with a matching set of hangers? The flocked non-slip coating will help to keep even the silkiest, strappiest garments where they belong (off the floor).

If you live in a small place or somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of wardrobe space (we feel your pain), Wonder Hangers are absolute lifesavers and, unsurprisingly, are having their praises sung all across the organisation social media accounts. Simply use both of the hooks on the rail and place your regular hangers in the notches. Then, unhook one end and drop it down. Your clothes will be able to hang flat and you can fit much more in your wardrobe - result!

Divide and Conquer

Hanging up clothes

It’s all well and good having lots of shelf space but what do you do to keep them tidy all the time? Sometimes, coming up with solutions to keep items apart is the best way to ensure your things stay organised and within easy reach!

Whether you use your shelf space for storing towels, t-shirts, or anything in between, it can be difficult to keep them organised. A fantastic way to optimise the space you have available is to use shelf dividers. By spacing a pair of shelf dividers the same width apart as the items on the shelf, you can double or even triple the amount of space and ensure it stays nice and tidy. By using ones with an open or clear design, you avoid turning the spaces into dark cubbies and keep the flow of the wardrobe going. It’s a no-brainer really.

One hack that we’ve seen all over platforms such as YouTube and TikTok recently is to use sticky hooks to organise accessories and jewellery. Dividing out your necklaces and belts helps you to see exactly what you have available and means you don’t have to spend precious minutes getting ready trying to untangle an impossible knot. Command hooks are ideal for sticking on your walls or inside the wardrobe door as they won’t damage the surface - perfect for rented homes!

The Bits and Bobs

Bits and bobs

Now, onto those awkward items, you just don’t know what to do with: From an endless collection of scarves to keeping the “time-of-the-month” underwear separate from the rest, everyone has something in their wardrobe that just never seems to be tidy! 

All of the organisation gurus swear by drawer organisers and for good reason. They are great at helping to keep all your socks, undergarments and cami tops neatly arranged and easy to access. Whether you only have a shallow drawer that tends to overflow, or you have drawers so deep you get lost in them, an organiser is the perfect addition to keep it tidy.

As many of us probably know, storage boxes can hide all manner of sins. Grab a set of pretty ones and stuff them with scarves, gloves, or hair accessories without sacrificing the appearance of your wardrobe. They’ll stay within easy reach but will be out of sight, giving the impression of a beautifully organised closet! 

Looking for even more tips including ones that feature some of the items we’ve mentioned? Check out this amazing video by OrgaNatic on YouTube and see if you can pick up some additional tips!

And there you have it. Our clutter-busting wardrobe hacks inspired by social media! If you put any of these tricks to use, let us know on social media - we’d love to see! Who else has realised their wardrobe is monstrously messy now? BRB - off to go tidy!

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