Most Expensive Wardrobes

The World’s Most Expensive Wardrobes

Published 25th February 2021
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It’s no secret that wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, boasting a variety of functions, features and hidden storage solutions to help keep your home clutter-free. But did you know that they’re also available in a wealth (quite literally!) of different prices, too? By this, we don’t mean your standard budget to premium price range - we’re talking megabucks! 

With prices starting from just £4,637 to a jaw-dropping £85,000, we’ve scoured the net to find the world’s most expensive clothes cupboards on the market today. So, whether you’re fantasising about your dream home, looking for a truly show-stopping addition to your boudoir, or simply indulging in some window shopping, prepare to enter the wonderful world of luxury wardrobes… and feel some serious furniture envy on the way.

Italian Midcentury Maple Wardrobe with Sliding Mirrors | £4,637

Italian Midcentury Maple Wardrobe with Sliding Mirrors

Designed in the 1950s by contemporary artist Vittorio Dassi, this wardrobe is the epitome of Italian mid-century chic. Crafted from stunning yellow maple and supported by unique wooden cone legs, it’s no wonder that this is one the most costly cabinets out there. 

Ranked as the cheapest (!) item on this list at a ‘modest’ price of just £4,637, you would think that the world of furniture-making had changed dramatically since its creation. In actual fact, sliding mirrored wardrobes just like this one are now a well-loved and popular style choice in many homes across the world, and are widely available online. Though it may have been a novel feature some sixty years ago, smooth gliding doors are almost a given in closet designs today.

While this retro, quirky and distinctive wardrobe certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the most contemporary of modern bedrooms, it’s second-hand nature shows signs of visible wear and tear (perhaps unsurprising considering its age). Who knew shabby-chic could be so expensive?

Prism Glass Wardrobe | £7,255

Prism Glass Wardrobe

Granted, this transparent option won’t be for everyone (especially if you tend to haphazardly throw your clothes into your wardrobe!), but for lovers of classy elegance and sophisticated minimalism, it could be the perfect match.

This chic tempered and thermo-welded glass display case is decidedly worth its high-end, superior price point. Though it may look to belong in more of a museum than a boudoir, it seems perfect for showcasing a plethora of iconic movie outfits and paraphernalia. If you happen to own Marilyn Monroe’s famed white dress, or Dorothy Gale’s sumptuous ruby slippers, it may be the wardrobe you’ve been looking for. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star?

Boasting a whopping 12mm thickness, precision bevelling and extralight mirror base (not to mention the polished steel coat hanger bar at its peak), the accomplished craftsmanship is surely not to be scoffed at. Want to place your wedding dress in the spotlight? Let it take centre stage with the crystalline storage solution from Prism.

Nuit Walnut Wardrobe | £11,868

Nuit Walnut Wardrobe

Weighing in at third on our list, this wardrobe may look like any other wooden closet on the market, but appearance can sure be deceiving. Once fully extended, this ingenious space-saving (yet not so penny-saving!) solution transforms into a Narnia-esque tardis that doubles its unopened size - genius! You’re sure to find a winter wonderland in this one. Indeed, at that price, you’d be hoping for the lion and the witch as well!

With its handy sectioned drawers, tie storage feature (yes, even your ties can experience a touch of luxury!), multiple hanging rails, and shelves, the Nuit Walnut wardrobe is the king of coordinated furniture. If you love tidy spaces, methodical bedrooms and neatly ordered apparel, this is sure to bring satisfaction to your eyes… although, probably not to your bank account!

For something more affordable, check out OnBuy’s selection of convenient cupboard declutterers, showcasing everything from wall bags to accessory pockets and even storage boxes. Or, take a tour through our latest blog on the best organisational hacks to bring harmony back to your habiliment.

Nascondimi Wardrobe | £36,000

Nascondimi Wardrobe

Yes, you did read that correctly… £36,000! Designed by Valentina Giovando, this exquisite hand-crafted wardrobe expertly blends a mixture of varying materials and textures. From wood, fabric, galvanised metal and brass, to sequins, fibreglass, nails and silver studs, there really is no comparison when it comes to interior multimedia. 

For such an eclectic and avant-garde look, it’s hardly surprising that the Nascondimi warrants such a hefty and ponderous price tag. Handmade in Italy, as with most examples on this list, there’s no doubt that this unique choice took some serious skill and expertise to create. Alongside the £700 shipping fee, it’s safe to say that this beautiful box should probably be left to the rich and famous to re-home.

Porada My Suite Wardrobe | £85,000

Porada My Suite Wardrobe

Last but not least, we have the deity of walk-in custom wardrobes: the Porada My Suite Closet. This beauty is truly a thing of dreams, something most could only ever wish to have in their humble home. Yes, move over Kim Kardashian, we’ve found the newest trendsetter! It costs an extortionate £85,000 to buy but don’t fear, that’s with 15% off. Bargain, right?!

The Porada’s modular sections allow you to fully customise your room, satisfying every Sex in the City fan out there. Fully constructed from canaletto walnut, which itself can fetch between £200-£500 for a small sample, it’s sturdy, durable and stylish, the perfect companion to any closet connoisseur.

High-end style - without the high-end price tag!

hanging suits

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction to the world’s most expensive and luxurious wardrobes. Here at OnBuy, we want to prove that high-quality doesn’t have to mean high-price, so why not browse the extensive collection of affordable, sophisticated alternatives just waiting to be discovered within our wardrobes category? Whatever your needs for a tidy and organised bedroom, we’ve got you covered - literally!

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