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6 Great Wardrobe Ideas For Your Bedroom

Published 11th February 2021
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Regardless of whether you’re a keen collector of designer garments or you’d rather stick to your tried-and-tested t-shirt and jeans combos, your bedroom will always require the perfect wardrobe to house and organise your bedroom necessities. With so many wardrobe designs, sizes, materials, finishes and colours to choose from, selecting the right storage solution for your boudoir may seem like a daunting task.

However, our handy guide is here to save the day! It’s bursting with six separate wardrobe ideas to suit every kind of personality, bedroom décor, and clothing collection. Filled with space-saving solutions, organisation hacks, and a list of super-helpful top tips, your mind will be overflowing with bedroom wardrobe ideas by the time you finish reading this guide.

So, why not join us as we delve into the various types of wardrobe models currently available, an example of each type, and how you can make them work in your personal bedroom? With wooden wardrobe wonders and ultra-modern modular storage closets to explore, this informative OnBuy guide is packed with plenty of bedroom wardrobes and storage inspiration!

Instantly save space with a sliding door wardrobe

sliding wardrobe door

A fantastic clothing storage solution for bedrooms that lack floor space, a sliding wardrobe can make your cosy bedroom seem immediately bigger whilst simultaneously looking sleek and stylish. Unlike traditional wardrobes that feature outward-opening doors, a sliding door wardrobe fits effortlessly into tighter spaces as it operates on a smooth runner.

Modern sliding door wardrobes can be snapped up as freestanding units or expertly built into your boudoir if you’re looking for something a little more customised and permanent. This more permanent storage solution can even add value to your home by kitting out your bedrooms with a highly sought-after clothing closet that doesn’t take up any unnecessary floor space for the next owner.

This space-maximising wardrobe is available in a wide range of finishes and materials, with some sliding door creations also featuring mirrored doors to make your bedroom seem even more spacious. As well as giving the impression of bigger boudoir, a mirrored sliding door wardrobe bounces natural light around the room to ensure your small, personal space still feels fabulously bright and airy.

Checo White Sliding Door Wardrobe With Optional LED Lights

white wardrobe with sliding doors

Pros: Space-saving sliding doors, choice of several sizes, optional LED lights, mirrored sections

Cons: On the more expensive side, LED lights option even more costly

Bringing together modern design with space-maximising solutions, this Checo White Sliding Door Wardrobe offers a brilliant alternative to wardrobes with outward-opening doors. If you can overlook the higher price tag for this essential piece of bedroom furniture, you’ll be able to benefit from a plethora of handy interior shelving for accessories, alongside a sizeable clothing rail for hanging garments.

With width options to suit almost every space, you can opt for either the 120cm, 150cm, 204cm, or 233cm model, and even add some LED lights if you’re willing to splash a little more cash. This illuminating and energy-saving optional extra is fitted to the top of the wardrobe and hits the two full length mirrored door sections below to give you a clear view of your outfit before you step out of the house.

Add warmth with a wooden wardrobe

wooden wardrobe

If you’re not so keen on an ultra-modern interior, then a wooden wardrobe can introduce a rustic charm as well as a dash of warmth to any boudoir. Ideal if you tend to shy away from more simplistic and contemporary bedroom designs that incorporate large areas of black, white, and grey, a wooden wardrobe is best paired with more colourful bedroom décor.

When it comes to selecting the perfect wooden wardrobe for your bedroom, you can choose from a huge selection of both veneer and solid wood models in a variety of stunning shades. Bedroom closets with a wooden veneer are often lighter and therefore much easier to move, while the solid wood alternatives boast an ultra-durable construction that promises a longer lifespan.

One of the most attractive features of a wooden wardrobe is the range of shades they can be picked up in. From gorgeous gold undertones in solid oak bedroom furniture and lighter pine creations that are perfect for bright bedrooms, to rich mahogany and incredible walnut wardrobes that complement stunning dark boudoirs, you can discover wooden bedroom furniture in almost any shade.

vidaXL Hill Range 2-Door Solid Pine Wood Wardrobe

vidaxl wooden wardrobe

Pros: Made from solid pine, additional drawer and shelf storage, low maintenance

Cons: Two outward-opening doors, considerable weight

A generous rail for all your hanging clothes is fitted into this two-door wooden wardrobe, which is completed by additional drawer and shelf storage for housing your folded garments and other accessories. The exterior boasts a gorgeous honey brown tone and is therefore ideal for instantly injecting warmth and character into any bland or cold-feeling bedroom.

Best of all, this solid pine wardrobe doesn’t come with any mirrored sections and isn’t made from a laminated material, meaning it won’t be easily marked by sticky fingerprints. Simply wipe down with a dry cloth, and you can keep this vidaXL wardrobe in pristine condition - without spending hours of your time wiping away unsightly fingerprints!

Combine functionality with contemporary style

contemporary bedroom wardrobe

Don’t compromise when it comes to picking the right clothing storage solution for your boudoir! If you’re searching for a closet that looks great and works even better, then opting for a wardrobe that combines plenty of sought-after storage features with contemporary style is a real winner. From fashionable clothes rails to trendy open wardrobes, these wardrobe ideas are incredibly popular right now.

For convenient clothing access, an open wardrobe or hanging rail should be at the top of your list. A go-to choice for anyone that likes to keep their garments neat and organised, as well as on display and within easy reach, this type of wardrobe is often desired by fashion bloggers, Instagram influencers, and anyone else that loves to frequently switch up their style.

However, sliding door mirrored wardrobes also make a fantastic and convenient bedroom clothing storage solution as they allow you to check out and perfect your outfits while you get dressed up. Not to mention, this type of wardrobe can even feature statement modern designs on the exterior doors while hiding an abundance of smart storage shelves and compartments behind the space-saving doors - ideal for anyone who struggles to keep their closet neat and tidy!

Rio High Gloss Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe

high gloss wardrobe

Pros: Choice of both size and colour, LED lights, features bold mirrored doors

Cons: One of the more expensive wardrobe options, high gloss exterior prone to fingerprints

This Rio High Gloss Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe boasts a statement design on the smooth sliding doors to the front of this contemporary wardrobe. A combination of circles, this design would look outstanding in any kind of modern boudoir. Available in black, white, or grey, this stunning piece of contemporary bedroom furniture can also be purchased in any one of three sizes to suit the dimensions of your bedroom.

The only downsides to this storage solution are the considerable price tag and the high gloss material that’s prone to fingerprints. As such, you may have to spend more time keeping this statement wardrobe in prime condition, but it certainly has the wow factor to impress guests and a bounty of shelves and hanging rails to satisfy all your clothing storage requirements.

Get organised with a savvy storage solution

lady organising wardrobe

Do you often find that your closet quickly descends into unorganised chaos? Or maybe you struggle to locate your treasured accessories amongst a tidal wave of handbags and shoes? With the right bedroom closet, you can wave goodbye to these storage worries and create a wardrobe that you can be proud of. 

Unlike solid wood wardrobes that are often limited when it comes to separate compartments, modular or canvas wardrobes are able to accommodate variously sized storage sections, as well as a hanging rail that lets you house and organise a range of bedroom essentials. From hanging garments and folded items of clothing, to boudoir ornaments and accessories, selecting the right type of wardrobe can drastically improve your current closet situation.

A lightweight alternative to wooden wardrobes, a canvas wardrobe often features a modular style and can be arranged in a variety of different configurations to suit the user. As a result, they make fantastic all-in-one bedroom storage additions in both student and rented accommodation where space tends to be more limited and lightweight wardrobes are generally preferred.

Large Grey Foldable Canvas Wardrobe

large grey canvas wardrobe

Pros: Ultra-affordable, lots of storage sections and space, lightweight

Cons: Not as robust as solid wood alternatives, only one size and one colour available

If you haven’t got hundreds of pounds to spend on a new solid wood wardrobe, then this ultra-affordable canvas closet might be the perfect storage solution for your home - and your bedroom organisation system! This lightweight unit boasts a selection of sections that allow you to group certain accessories and ornaments for effortless dressing in the morning or before a fun evening on the town.

While it’s not as durable as a solid wood wardrobe, it’s much easier to move and reposition around your boudoir thanks to the featherweight canvas material and stainless steel frame. The fabric exterior also gives this canvas closet a trendy look, while the roll-up door can be easily released to cover any untidy storage sections within. Finished with two clothing rails for hanging garments, this foldable wardrobe is a must-have for anyone who struggles to keep their closet in order!

Select a simplistic storage cabinet

Simple wardrobe

Opting for a traditional wardrobe isn’t for everyone! Freestanding solid wood wardrobes and even closets with sliding doors often include clothing rails, however not everyone needs a generous space for hanging clothes. If this sounds like you, then why not consider a more simplistic storage cabinet that can be used not just in your bedroom, but also throughout your home?

Regardless of whether you prefer the locker room style or a more rustic look, there’s a huge range of storage options that won’t break the bank, but still look ultra-stylish. This sophisticated wardrobe design can be used as convenient hallway or living room storage and tends to boast plenty of shelves and drawers to keep your belongings perfectly organised.

Ideal for housing everything from shoes and handbags, to fluffy blankets and padded pillows, a storage cabinet can also hold folded clothes and is therefore suitable for placing anywhere in your cosy abode. Particularly useful if you favour convenience over size, these simple storage cabinets can be organised with ease.

Timber Art Design UK Zahra Storage Cabinet

art design cabinet

Pros: Trendy industrial style, plenty of shelving options, easy to organise, affordable

Cons: No clothing rail for hanging garments, only one size and colour variation

While this practical and stylish bedroom storage option doesn’t come complete with a clothing rail for hanging your favourite garments, it does feature plenty of shelves for accommodating any folded items of clothing, accessories, ornaments, pillows and bedding that you might want to keep within easy reach in your boudoir or elsewhere in your home.

Available for an affordable price, the only downside to this industrial-style storage unit is that it comes in just one size and one colour. As such, you may not be able to snap up this cabinet in your favourite shade, but you can enjoy the stunning visual appeal of the light wood against the black metal frame - something which adds both style and sturdiness to this bedroom storage solution.

Best wardrobe ideas for storing accessories

wardrobe storage ideas

A keen favourite among fashionistas and trendsetters, a wardrobe that offers cubbies to store your accessories is a must-have for those who enjoy customising their outfits. If this sounds like you, why not uphaul your current closet storage system and opt for something that’ll make getting dressed quick and easy every single day? Some of the best wardrobes for accessory organisation purposes include canvas and modular wardrobes that can often be easily rearranged to suit your storage needs. 

This kind of wardrobe tends to include many separate compartments which makes storing and locating accessories and garments a cinch compared to one long hanging rail and a jumble of shoeboxes and handbags underneath. Not to mention, you could even choose to label each section to really speed up the process!

To keep your accessories easy to locate and pair with outfits, a modular wardrobe is the perfect type of closet to instil a sense of accessory organisation, regardless of which storage system you prefer to use. Whether you’d rather group your accessories based on the season, colour, style, or type of event, you can make this compartmentalised wardrobe ultra-personalised to work for you.

vidaXL Black & White 9-Compartment Modular Storage Cabinet

modular wardrobe

Pros: Nine compartments, affordable, lightweight, easy to clean

Cons: Small hanging rail section, plastic construction not as robust as solid wood

This sleek and incredibly functional black and white modular storage unit couldn’t be more effective when it comes to keeping your coveted accessories easy to find. Especially useful if you tend to lose belts, hats, and many other kinds of outfit accessories underneath a jumble of clothes, this nine-compartment colossus is sure to do the trick.

Also suitable if your hanging rail closet lacks dedicated space for your accessories, this magnificent modular wardrobe features eight closed compartments to keep your outfit additions neat and tidy in their individual sections, as well as one narrow open section for hanging garments. This eliminates the chance of certain accessories getting lost behind clothes and can even be used to hold ornaments and other important items.

However, if you have a particularly weighty load of closet treasures, this plastic storage cabinet may struggle to support every item. While a solid wood alternative is more likely to withstand more substantial clothing collections, this lightweight vidaXL wardrobe certainly impresses when it comes to manoeuvrability, size, and the spacious storage sections.

Final point to consider

Selecting the perfect wardrobe from our plethora of suggested wardrobe designs is no easy task, but we hope we’ve made it that little bit simpler for you with our informative guide that’s packed full of beautiful and fabulously functional bedroom storage ideas. However, before you pick up a brand new closet, we suggest getting the tape measure out and double-checking the measurements for your chosen piece of bedroom furniture.

While this may seem obvious, you should always take into account any protruding wall light fittings, power sockets, or natural light that could be blocked by a more considerable wardrobe than your current closet. Other factors to consider include the amount of floor space you have to play with, as well as the overall style/theme of your bedroom.

After all, a suitable wardrobe should simplify your life by helping to organise your clothing collection and update the interior of your chic boudoir at the same time. So, why not take some motivating inspiration from one of our wardrobe ideas and inject some style and practicality into your slumbering space today?

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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