Best Wardrobes For Small Rooms

The Best Wardrobes For Small Rooms

Published 2nd February 2021
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Recently snapped up a small spot in a fabulous room in a house share? Moved into a new home with a slightly smaller bedroom? Or maybe you’d like to downsize to create a less crowded feeling in your realm of relaxation? With a little help from OnBuy, you can discover a whole world of wonderful wardrobes for small rooms.

Whether you’re looking for a slimline wardrobe or a narrow depth wardrobe, snapping up a smaller wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to compromise style. Featuring small and compact closets to suit every budget and personal preference, upgrading your bedroom storage solution needn’t be a hard task with the help of this handy guide.

Make those measurements

Make those measurements

Before you dive straight into selecting a compact wardrobe for your small space, we suggest taking some exact measurements from the area that you want to place your new petite wardrobe. Whether you use a tape measure, laser measure, or even a ruler, listing your ideal height, width, and depth measurements will ensure a perfect fit.

Especially noteworthy when furnishing a small room with a wardrobe is to take into account any wall light fittings that could limit the height of your wardrobe. As well as this, you should also bear in mind whether you have enough room for a wardrobe with outward-opening doors or whether opting for a sliding door or open wardrobe will save sought-after floor space.

Figure out how much storage space you require

how much storage space you need

If you’re kitting out a small bedroom with every key item of boudoir furniture at once, measuring the amount of floor space each piece of furniture fills will prevent you from purchasing too many pieces to fit into the compact room. Marking out the area for each item of furniture, using tape for example, can provide you with a better idea of the amount of space you have left to work with.

Sometimes, when moving into a smaller space, sacrifices have to be made. If you’re struggling to size down your closet, we recommend using the Marie Kondo technique: if it doesn’t spark joy or have a practical use, either donate it or get rid! After all, there’s no point holding onto mounds of clothing, shoes, and accessories that you no longer love and your bedroom can’t even accommodate.

Decide on the best wardrobe style for your bedroom

Decide on the best wardrobe style for your bedroom

Having a vague idea of the best wardrobe style for your bedroom can dramatically focus your search in an instant. From fashionable open wardrobes to more traditional wooden units, you can either build the look and feel of your bedroom around this item of furniture or snap up a wardrobe to suit the current décor of your boudoir.

If you thrive on organisation and control, then an open wardrobe is an easy way to show off your presentation skills and save space all at the same time. So, back away from those bulky and heavy wardrobes with outward-opening doors, and opt for the bare bones of an airy and lightweight open wardrobe instead.

Alternatively, if you’d rather have your clothing collection safely behind closed doors (away from curious little hands and naughty pets!), either a slim sliding wardrobe or tall wardrobe with outward-opening doors can still be fitted into small spaces with ease.

If pets and littles ones are a concern, we suggest opting for a robust wardrobe made from a material that can be easily wiped clean such as laminated board or metal. Whether you want to remove all traces of chocolatey fingers or pooch saliva from your temple of calm, snapping up a durable and damage-resistant wardrobe is essential.

OnBuy’s top ten wardrobes for small rooms

top then space storage soloutions

Within our wonderful run-down of the top ten wardrobes that’ll fit snugly into your small space, you can discover a wide assortment of stylish and practical small bedroom wardrobes to suit every taste and budget. 

Now you’ve the right room measurements and have a good idea of how much wardrobe space your clothing collection demands, picking out the perfect storage solution for your bedroom needn’t be a hard or time-consuming task.

The minimal modern marvel | Checo Small Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe

Checo Small Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe

Pros: Minimal and modern design, sliding doors, available in Sonoma oak or white

Cons: On the more expensive side, lack of mirrors - can make your space look even smaller

A modern stunner - the Checo Small Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe can accommodate a healthy collection of both clothes and accessories with expert ease. Available in two distinct colours (sonoma oak or white), this sliding door wardrobe is perfect for anyone who lives alone as it provides ample storage for a singleton!

To the right of this wardrobe, there's a four-section column running from the top to the bottom of the unit that can fit mounds of folded clothes, ornaments, bags and shoes - all in an organised and easily accessible manner. As a result, this bedroom necessity couldn’t be better suited to providing a versatile storage solution for small spaces.

For the single professionals | vidaXL Gloss Grey Slimline 2 Drawer Wardrobe

vidaXL Gloss Grey Slimline 2 Drawer Wardrobe

Pros: Ultra-slim design, two generous drawers, sleek high gloss exterior, no doors

Cons: Limited hanging space, only suitable for those with a rather small clothing collection

This slimline open wardrobe by the furniture specialists at vidaXL couldn’t be more perfect for single professionals who love low-maintenance furniture with a sleek appearance and durable construction. Ideal if you only have a relatively small collection of clothes, this high gloss closet is ultra-slim, but does boast two drawers for storing your accessories and folded garments.

Without outward-opening doors taking up precious space in your bedroom, this 50cm wide wardrobe fits neatly into smaller rooms despite the substantial 200cm height. If you’re looking for quick and easy daily access, this sturdy, neutral grey wardrobe won’t let you down.

Choose slimline to save space | Home Discount Corona 1 Door Solid Pine Wardrobe

Home Discount Corona 1 Door Solid Pine Wardrobe

Pros: Rustic appearance, slim to fit into small spaces, affordable, internal shelf

Cons: Outward-opening door, only available in pine

If you have enough room between your bed frame and this rustic closet to accommodate the outward-opening door, this slimline wardrobe would make a fantastic addition to your space - as long as your ceiling is high enough to fit this 178cm tall piece of furniture! The distressed waxed pine material boasts an attractive Mexican-style exterior, elevating the aesthetic of your space with an eye-catching focal piece.

From the skilfully-constructed solid pine timber to the black metal studs and handles, this Corona wardrobe offers plenty of internal storage, despite the moderate 58cm width and 50cm depth. Finished with a handy internal shelf and a hanging rail, this affordable wardrobe is a perfect fit for compact, cosy, and relaxing boudoirs.

The compact clothing cabinet | vidaXL Solid Oak Wood Top Cabinet Wardrobe

vidaXL Solid Oak Wood Top Cabinet Wardrobe

Pros: Could double as display or TV unit, solid oak top, five small drawers

Cons: Not suitable for hanging long items of clothing, on the more expensive side

Another fantastic option brought to you by vidaXL, this solid oak wood top wardrobe measures a compact 105cm in height, allowing you to place all kinds of treasured ornaments, photographs, lotions and potions (or even a television) on top for easy access. Available in a white or oak finish, this wardrobe looks beautiful in almost any small sleeping space.

While this classic and charming cabinet wardrobe may be towards the higher end of your closet budget, it boasts five small drawers on the right side for storing accessories, jewellery, and any other boudoir essentials you’d like to keep conveniently nearby. The left compartment provides a decent amount of garment hanging space thanks to the clothing rod within.

The trendy open wardrobe | HOMCOM 5 Drawer Open Wardrobe

HOMCOM 5 Drawer Open Wardrobe

Pros: Stylish open design, five drawers, very affordable, lightweight

Cons: Less substantial than wooden models, not suitable for longer items of clothes, such as maxi dresses

A fantastic bedroom storage option for anyone who likes easy access to their outfits, this five-drawer open wardrobe is a popular style of closet for fashion bloggers to effortlessly show off their favourite clothing combinations. Lightweight and ultra-affordable, it’s also a brilliant storage solution for students and singletons on a tighter budget.

While this lightweight open wardrobe isn’t as considerable as wooden alternatives, it boasts two shelves with an oak tone effect and five material drawers of varying sizes to conveniently accommodate a plethora of accessories. Complete with adjustable legs, the unit remains well-balanced and prevents the floor from becoming marked by frequent use.

For convenient mirror placement | BMF Small Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe

BMF Small Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe

Pros: Convenient mirror, sliding doors, laminated board material

Cons: A more expensive option, limited space for storage boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe

Effortlessly slide the two doors across to reveal the magnificent amount of storage waiting within. The hanging rail provides ample space to keep your clothing collection neat and organised, while the single mirrored section is conveniently placed to let you check out your complete outfit before leaving the house.

Made from robust laminated board material, this sliding mirrored wardrobe boasts additional resistance to scratches and other kinds of damage - ideal for both children and pets! What’s more, you can choose from either a clean white, rich chocolate, or oak sonoma exterior to match your existing bedroom furniture.

For versatile storage space | Westbury 2 Door 2 Drawer Combination Wardrobe

Westbury 2 Door 2 Drawer Combination Wardrobe

Pros: Modern neutral exterior (either grey or cream), two large drawers, classic design

Cons: Outward-opening doors, large light oak top

For traditional style, yet practical modern appeal, this combination wardrobe offers both drawer and hanging options for your glorious garments thanks to the generous metal rail and double drawers. The classic style can be snapped up in either a neutral grey or cream tone to suit all your existing décor.

While outward-opening doors can be difficult to open in small spaces, the combination of soft-close hinges on the doors and smooth metal runners makes this wonderful wardrobe effortless to use while dressing. The considerable 180cm height and light oak top may be an issue in rooms with particularly low or sloping ceilings but overall, we adore this trendy and versatile storage solution for small bedrooms.

The small, sleek and simple | Home Discount Riano 2 Door Wardrobe

ome Discount Riano 2 Door Wardrobe

Pros: Low-maintenance, internal shelf, affordable

Cons: Outward-opening doors, plain exterior

Searching for something simple to slot into your small boudoir? This Home Discount Riano 2 Door Wardrobe could be exactly what you need! Featuring a clean white exterior, this small and sleek wardrobe can be introduced into any room as it’s a perfect blank canvas upon which to build your personalised bedroom furniture set.

If your petite bedroom has enough room to accommodate the outward-opening doors, you’ll be able to benefit from the ample storage space within, as well as the handy internal shelf and hanging rail to keep your garments crinkle-free. Finished with stylish grey metal handles and an affordable price tag, this small wardrobe is a real winner in our eyes.

An industrial-style delight | vidaXL Metal Industrial-style Storage Wardrobe

An industrial-style delight | vidaXL Metal Industrial-style Storage Wardrobe

Pros: Industrial gym locker style, two drawers, two adjustable interior shelves

Cons: Not suitable for hanging long clothes, contemporary locker design may not be to everyone’s taste

If you can’t get enough of the trendy industrial style in your home, then you won’t want to miss out on the vidaXL Metal Storage Wardrobe. Boasting two internal adjustable shelves to keep your accessories and folded clothes neatly organised, this contemporary industrial-themed wardrobe is both practical and visually stunning.

While the smaller 107cm height makes this metal locker less suitable for keeping long items of hanging clothing free from crinkles, it features two drawers for conveniently storing smaller belongings and folded items. With a name holder and ventilation holes on each door, this wardrobe practically exudes that cool locker room feel.

Mamas & Papas Melfi Compact Midnight Blue Storage Wardrobe

Mamas & Papas Melfi Compact

Pros: Ample hanging space, adjustable shelves, built-in drawers, ideal for kids

Cons: Especially expensive, available in one colour only

Finished in an on-trend dark midnight blue shade, this storage wardrobe features three adjustable open shelves for either storage or displaying personal belongings, as well as two adjustable inner shelves and three drawers for all of your (or your child’s) closet requirements.

These ingenious storage solutions utilise your wardrobe space to make the most of small bedrooms. If you can handle the impressive price tag, the Melfi Compact Midnight Blue Storage Wardrobe from Mamas & Papas would be an ideal choice for your bedroom, taking up far less space than standard wardrobes, without compromising storage options.

Our final small space storage suggestions

small space storage suggestions

Sadly, not everyone has the floor space to insert massive built-in wardrobes or add an impressive walk-in closet to the side of their bedroom. Thankfully, our list of space-saving wardrobes for small rooms lets you make the most of your bedroom, making it feel lighter, brighter, less crowded, and way more relaxing.

To get the most out of your particularly petite boudoir, we recommend sleek sliding doors or open wardrobes to prevent outward-opening doors making your bedroom harder to navigate. If you need more sliding wardrobe inspiration, we suggest checking out our informative sliding wardrobe buying guide!

Alternatively, as shorter wardrobes can double up as a display unit for your ornaments and treasured memories, these also make fantastic options for smaller spaces, too.

Ultimately, the best wardrobe for your small space will depend entirely on the measurements of the room in question and your personal bedroom décor preference. Why not take a look at our best wardrobe organisation hacks to make the most of your savvy bedroom storage solution today? Go on, you and your home deserve it!

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