Swimming Pool Water Testing & Swimming Pool Chemical Supplies

Swimming Pool Water Testing & Swimming Pool Chemical Supplies Overview

Want to know the secret to keeping your pool sparkling clean, refreshing, and inviting for a dip at any moment? OnBuy's collection of water testing and chemical supplies - that's how! Dive in and discover all your water maintenance must-haves under one virtual roof (and thank us later!).

Home to all the pool water testing supplies you could need, spanning handy all-in-one test kits to specific pool chemical supplies, consider our collection your one-stop shop to a well cared-for paradise! 

If you're new to pool or hot tub ownership (or it's your first time testing it!), don't panic - we've put together a handy guide to the key tests to help you shop with confidence. Of course, once you've tested the water you'll likely need chemicals to adjust the levels, but don't worry: we have plenty! 

Chlorine test kits

We've all heard of chlorine - but why do you need to put it in your pool or tub? Not only will it kill any lurking nasties, but it'll help disinfect and clean your water! Luckily, we have easy-to-use pool chlorine test kits here that'll let you know how much is left in your water (and how much to add!).

pH Level test kits

Did you know that a pH imbalance in your pool can cause damage to your pool equipment - and worse, irritate your eyes and skin? Fortunately, our pH testing kits for water in your pool or tub will help you avoid both; you'll find nifty sets of strips and easy-to-master digital probes alike!

Total Alkalinity test kits

An essential chemical to test for, the wrong amount of alkalinity can throw off your carefully curated pH balance - which is the last thing you want! That's why our collection of pool and hot tub chemical supplies is home to an array of alkalinity testing kits; you're welcome!

Calcium Hardness test kits

Another thing to avoid is your water becoming too hard or soft - enter our calcium test kits for pools and hot tubs! Designed to reduce damaging build-up and keep your water at the perfect level, find a pool and hot tub calcium test kit here and take that weight off your mind. Anyone for a dip?

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