Swimming Pool Chemicals & Hot Tub Chemicals

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Shopping for swimming pool or hot tub chemicals can be confusing, especially if you're a new owner. Don't worry, we've got all the essentials - and then some! Here you'll find your basic chemicals for regular maintenance, as well as a range of speciality chemicals for specific problems. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Chemicals & Hot Tub Chemicals

Unfortunately, owning a pool or hot tub is not all about sunning yourself poolside or having long, relaxing soaks (although that'd be ideal!) - some maintenance is necessary to keep your paradise looking tip-top. We've got an expansive range of pool and hot tub chemicals for your water's basic needs, and you can also find plenty of specific chemicals here to help with the less common problems - like our selection of algaecide to help keep algae out of your water. 

Chemicals for pools and hot tubs have two main purposes: keeping your water balanced, and keeping your water clean and sanitised. In order to keep your water balanced (i.e. safe to swim in) you'll need to maintain the right levels of pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. 

We've got a selection of pH increasers and pH decreasers to ensure your water has the right pH level; if it's too high or low the water can irritate your eyes and skin. Chemicals to control the alkalinity of your pool are just as essential, as alkaline helps the pH stay balanced - which will be a time-saver as pH levels can be affected by almost anything! Check out our range of alkalinity increasers and sort your paradise out in no time. 

Calcium hardness sounds like an odd thing to worry about in pool or hot tub water, but if your levels are off the water can eat away at the plaster or corrode the inside of your pool or tub - so stocking up on calcium hardness increasers will help you and your haven in the long run! 

We've got a great range of pool and hot tub water cleaning chemicals too - check out our selection of chlorine tablets for an easy way to dose your water, or opt for liquid or powder chlorine for more control over your dosing. Bromine is a popular alternative to chlorine, especially for those with indoor pools or hot tubs, and we've got you covered with our wide range of bromine tablets