Pool Reagents & Hot Tub Reagents

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Ensure your water testing method is as accurate as possible with OnBuy’s selection of swimming pool and hot tub reagents. Available in tablet, liquid or powder forms, find a reagent to suit your set-up right here. Read More >

About Pool Reagents & Hot Tub Reagents

Formulated to accurately test water chemistry, a reagent creates a chemical reaction when it is added to another substance. When a reagent is added to the pool or hot tub’s water, it may change the colour of the water, depending on the test being done. The colour of the new solution is then compared to a colour chart to determine the results.

Devices called photometers can digitally output the results of a water chemistry test. These devices merely compare the actual colour with a digital colour chart, so reagents — along with vials and/or litmus papers — must still be used.

OnBuy stocks a number of reagents that come as part of a water test kit. These can help measure a variety of elements, including copper, chlorine, alkalinity and water hardness. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, counting the number of drops and waiting the required amount of time, in order to get the most accurate results.