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Rentokil Pest Control

With Rentokil pest control products by your side, you can take care of any animal invasion. If you’ve got a rat problem, our collection contains plenty of products, both deadly and humane, to get rid of them. You can also find sprays, tape, traps and cassettes to eliminate all kinds of insect hives as well.

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About Rentokil Pest Control

If you’ve got an animal infestation, you want to turn to the very best. With close to 100 years of experience (beginning in 1925 with the creation of a powerful insecticide to treat the notoriously tough Deathwatch Beetles that were eating their way through the Houses of Parliament), Rentokil are among the oldest providers of pest control products. Whatever animal ails you, Rentokil pest control is the solution.

Rentokil rodent control

Pet mice and rats may be safe and cuddly, but their wild counterparts are a whole other story. Invasive, ravenous animals that can carry dangerous diseases, these rodents are a real hazard and need to be taken care of immediately. That’s where Rentokil’s rodent line comes in.

The first step in dealing with a rat or mouse infestation should be the humble mouse trap. Rentokil pest control products have advanced far beyond the traditional wire with cheese. Their advanced mouse and rat traps use high tensile springs and strong jaws to kill your targets quickly. 

Many of these traps are fully enclosed, with the bait and kill mechanism stored within a plastic shell. Rentokil traps are perfect for taking care of rodents in households with pets and small children. With holes that only rodents could enter, you can rest assured that your pet or child won’t be accidentally injured, and the animals corpse, along with any fleas, fluids or excreta that might come with it, are stored hygienically within the trap.

Individual traps might be effective for a few mice or rats, but those animals breed quickly, and a major infestation will overpower traditional traps. If your rodent problem is serious, you can turn to more wide ranging means of animal warfare. Rentokil sells a series of poisoned bait. This variety of Rentokil pest control is sweet smelling, and will attract your pests quickly. It’ll kill quickly too, in as little as a single feed, and you can buy poison packs that can kill up to forty mice at once. Some of these Rentokil poisons are weather resistant, so you can deposit them outside to attract rat colonies established in your garden.

Despite the final syllable of their name, not all Rentokil pest control products are fatal. You can buy many mouse and rat traps that don’t harm the animal at all. Attracted with a small piece of bait, animals that enter these Rentokil live capture devices will be trapped inside. All you have to do is collect the activated trap, take it to a remote location far from your home and release the animal unharmed. Effective and totally humane, these are the best options for pacifists.

Rentokil insect control

Rentokil pest control products aren’t just useful for getting rid of rodents. Insects of every variety can be a huge nuisance and, if you’re allergic to their stings, a deadly treat. From moth balls to fly traps to insecticidal sprays, Rentokil make a host of insect control treatments.

The most prominent, and effective, form of insect Rentokil pest control is their line-up of insecticides. These sprays interfere with insects' nervous systems, paralysing them and killing them quickly. Some Rentokil biocides are powerful enough to get rid of entire nests in a single blow. You can spray these foams from up to two metres away, meaning you can stay at a safe distance, and the fast acting formula will destroy all of the insects within twenty-four hours.

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