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James Wellbeloved Wet Dog Food

Whether your furry friend has a penchant for wet food or prefers the crunch of dry food, James Wellbeloved dog food is a delicious and healthy option for them. James Wellbeloved prides themselves on using natural ingredients and both their dry and wet food provide a 100% complete and balanced diet for your pooch. Pick up your dog’s favourite food from right here at OnBuy!

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About James Wellbeloved Wet Dog Food

For the past 25 years, James Wellbeloved dog food has been a favourite of dogs and owners across the UK, helping to keep pups healthy and happy. Every James Wellbeloved dog food contains all of the essential nutrients that your dog requires to keep them in top condition every single day. No matter whether they love the delicious crunch of dry food, prefer to scoff a pouch of wet food, or even like a little bit of both, James Wellbeloved is the ideal complete food to feed your furry friend.

Why Should I Choose James Wellbeloved Dog Food?

James Wellbeloved believes that feeding natural food is the best place to start for your pet’s happiness and wellbeing. They also believe that natural food should be accessible for every pet which is why their whole range of foods is made with all-natural ingredients. And is suitable for all pets, of all ages and life stages and even for those with specific dietary needs such as grain-free.

James Wellbeloved offers food for your dog during every stage of their lives as every stage of development requires a different balance of vitamins, minerals and protein. Feed your new puppy James Wellbeloved puppy or junior food to help give them the best start in life. Adult dog food helps to keep their skin and coat healthy and glossy as well as offering a complete diet for your dog. When they get a bit older, senior dog food will help to support your elderly dog’s immune and digestive systems and keep them healthy.

James Wellbeloved dog food is available in two different types - wet food in pouches and dry food in bags. Both formulas contain all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your dog needs and can either be fed on their own or as a combination of both for a bit of variety. Dry food is ideal for dogs of all ages and tends to have a higher calorie count per gram so you can feed your dog less of it, making it a very affordable option. It is also easier to travel with as it tends to be lighter and can be portioned out into smaller containers. 

Wet food is the tastier option for dogs as it smells and tastes much stronger so is ideal for picky eaters and may be favoured by those with dental issues due to the soft texture. If you have a dog that likes to eat a high quantity of food, wet food is a great option for them as the lower calorie count per gram means they can eat more and not be at risk of becoming overweight. 

You can also choose between five different, delicious, flavours. Turkey, Lamb, Fish, and Duck. Whether your pup enjoys it with rice or requires a grain-free diet, your pooch will find something they can’t wait to scoff every mealtime. 

Frequently asked questions about James Wellbeloved Wet Dog Food

Is dry or wet food better for my dog?

Both wet and dry food offer different benefits to your dog, but canned dog food is actually superior to kibble in terms of nutrition. It often contains more meat protein than dry dog food, and has fewer carbohydrates and no synthetic preservatives. James Wellbeloved produces both wet and dry dog food, each specifically formulated to provide wholesome nutrition to keep your dog healthy, happy and active.

Is my dog bored of the same food?

Although dogs don't get bored as easily as humans do with their food, it's good to change up their diets periodically to give diversity to the meals. James Wellbeloved Dog Food is available in a variety of flavours and textures, including beef, turkey and lamb. To keep things interesting, mix James Wellbeloved Wet Dog Food with James Wellbeloved Dry Dog Food. 

Can I mix two different dog foods?

Many foods are made for a specific life stage, and with specific ingredients, so it may not be healthy to mix two different dog foods together. If you want to feed your dog both wet and dry food, it's best to use the same brand. Luckily for you, James Wellbeloved produces both forms of food, all of which are available in a variety of tasty flavours to tantalise your dog's taste buds. 

Can I mix wet and dry dog food?

Absolutely, as long as they're high-quality meals that are packed with nutrition. For a healthy, balanced diet, dogs should have a mix of animal proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Always check the back of the food packet to determine how much you should be feeding your dog per day or consult your vet if you're unsure. 

Is dry dog food harder to digest? Should I try wet dog food?

Due to the smooth, moist texture of wet dog food, it's easier to digest. It requires less chewing to break it down, which is perfect for dogs that suffer from indigestion. It also contains more moisture, which is a good way to keep your dog hydrated if they don't drink regularly throughout the day. If your dog has digestive issues, urinary problems or gum disease, wet dog food is the better option. 

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