Women's Perfume

Women's Perfume Overview

Bursting with a scent-sational selection, OnBuy's women's fragrances selection is one you'll want to be familiar with. Whether you're looking for something delicate to elevate your everyday or a show-stopping perfume option for those after-dark invites, you'll find it here. Prepare to find your new signature scent!

Looking to refresh your go-to? Or are you hunting down your soon-to-be new favourite? Showcasing scents to suit all tastes and occasions, you're sure to find just what you're looking for here in OnBuy's chic collection of women’s fragrances. If you’re looking for a light perfume you can wear every day we have many great choices awaiting. Or perhaps you’re searching for an exciting, captivating fragrance for special occasions? Whatever you desire, this OnBuy category is your own personal perfumer! You can choose delicious fragrances from names like Guerlan, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and more. Tempted? Read on to learn more!

Spin the wheel of fragrances

Our women's perfume collection includes choices from all of the legendary perfume houses. No matter which master perfumer created your ideal fragrance, it’s almost guaranteed to mix a variety of perfume notes to create something exciting and unique.

Floral and zesty fruit notes are very popular fragrances for women’s perfume. These scents mix light and sweet flavours to create a refreshing aroma that’s perfect for summer. Alternatively, you can turn up the heat with a spicy oriental perfume filled with cloves, pink peppers or cinnamon. Or if you want to pick out truly memorable women’s perfumes, you can choose a scent with predominantly wood or musky notes. Most commonly reserved for men’s fragrances, in a women’s perfume these notes provide the base for many strong and mysterious perfumes that are well worn in the evening. 

Which strength of women’s perfume should I buy?

In case you’re not aware, most women’s perfume comes in four common varieties, each one with a different concentration of active perfume ingredients (known as ‘essence’ in the biz) inside the liquid. Eau de parfum (EDP) fragrances have the highest concentration at around 20%. Eau de Toilette (EDT) is close behind with a concentration of 15%. The last two fragrance types are much weaker: Eau de Cologne (yep, cologne’s not just for men!) has a concentration of 2-4%, while the lightest perfume type, Eau Fraiche, can have as little as 1%. 

The higher the concentration, the stronger the perfume and the longer it lasts. Which one you’ll want to pick depends on how you want to use it. If you’re heading for a night out or a romantic dinner and want a powerful fragrance that lasts a long time, an EDP perfume is your best bet. But such a vivid aroma may be a little too much for a business meeting! In that scenario, a spritz of Eau Fraiche will give you a subtle confidence boost!

A delectable women’s perfume can be an amazing finishing touch to your beauty regimen, but you can also purchase the foundations as well. Our collection of shower gels and soaps categories have plenty of fantastic scented body cleaners, from the everyday essentials to posh treats for special occasions. A quick spray of antiperspirant is brilliant for keeping body odour away so nothing can interfere with your perfume. Our antiperspirant and deodorant selection contains many effective BO busters with subtle scents that won’t overpower your chosen fragrance.

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