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What Your Crocs Say About You

Published 29th April 2021
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Of all the strange phenomenons to spawn from an international lockdown, a spike in Crocs shoe sales is perhaps the most unexpected. Though it may sound hard to believe, new research has revealed that demand for the proudly ‘ugly’ utility footwear brand is at an all-time high and, just like their sturdy material, it’s set to last a lifetime. Even amidst a global pandemic, CEO Andrew Rees is keen to deliver ‘the strongest revenue in Crocs’ history’, anticipating a revenue growth of 40-50% in 2021 alone. But what is it that truly makes these striking classics such a hot commodity?

Despite Time magazine listing Crocs as one of the world’s ’50 Worst Inventions’ in May 2010, they’ve since become the go-to garb of everyone, from Michelle Obama to Justin Bieber! Unmatched on comfort, durability, and *ahem* style combined, the humble foam clog is quickly becoming the coveted companion of every occasion and outfit. 

Love them or hate them, there’s much more to Crocs than mere holes and breathable fabric. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the top designs and varieties to rock the UK charts - think Top of the Pops (or Top of the Crocs, should we say!) - and help you discover what your choice of fabulous footwear really says about you and your personality.

The lover of timeless tradition | Humble black Crocs

guy wearing black t shirt and sunglasses

Modest and unassuming, black Crocs are functional and practical, much like you are. You’re a fan of simple accessories and everyday embellishments that can blend seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe while never compromising on comfort or sophistication. Speaking of your wardrobe, black is your colour of choice throughout. It’s sleek, stylish, and, just like you, has a touch of enchanting mystique that keeps everyone intrigued. In a world full of Charles Boyles, you’re a Rosa Diaz: a self-confessed badass with a killer sense of style to match. 

You’re a chameleon who prefers to blend into the background when it comes to footwear, but ride on a wave of elegance when it comes to the finished ensemble. Subtle but stylish, you’re a fashion force to be reckoned with!

The creative consultant | Jibbitz-encrusted Crocs

fashion girl 80's look

You love nothing more than whetting your artistic appetite and strutting your stuff in a fully customised creation. You love the fact that Jibbitz charms, badges, and pins simply scream for ingenuity and imagination, and nothing brings you joy quite like a bespoke ‘fit from head to toe. With all this time over lockdown, you’ve found your true sense of style and, much like Gok Wan, encourage others to embrace their individuality. 

‘Fast fashion? Don’t know her.’ You have no interest in current trends or fashion fads, and blending in with the crowd simply isn’t for you. From coordinated creations to mind-boggling mashups, your Jibbitz-encrusted Crocs have just as much personality as you do - and you’re not afraid to let it shine!

The couture-conscious collaborator | Designer Crocs

couture styled lady

For the couture-conscious collaborator, only one quote springs to mind: ‘If you can’t handle me in my Crocs, you certainly don’t deserve me at my best.’ You’re known as the sassy fashionista of the group, and love nothing more than capturing those Insta-worthy shots while grabbing a latte or fulfilling your influencer dreams. Compliments on your sense of style come thick and fast, and you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house in anything less than a hip and trending brand. Carrie Bradshaw is your muse and, whether it’s the streets of New York City or the cobbles of York, the catwalk follows you wherever you go. 

Never missing an opportunity to show off those Post Malone, G Flip, Rare, or KFC (yes, KFC) clogs, you advocate that all good fashion starts with fanciful footwear. It may cost you an arm and a leg to achieve the ultimate look but, darling, it’s positively worth it.

The summertime supporter | Sandal Crocs

Summer time man chilling on a hammock

We all know that one person who wears shorts all year round, and why should shoes be any different? You love to let those toes roam free, and you have a pair of Crocs sandals and flip flops for every occasion. Just like your choice of footwear, you’re easy-going, casual, and cool as a cucumber. Simply put, ‘stress’ isn’t in your vocabulary, and you live each day like you’re on vacation. 

It doesn’t have to be sunny for this clog enthusiast to whip out the watermelon and waterslides, though. Yes, come rain or shine, you can be found strutting your stuff in your favourite pair of summertime shoes - whether you’re on the tropical beaches of Bali or the drizzly lanes of London! You love the connotations of bare legs, bathing suits, and the beach… even when the British summer lets you down.

The winter wearer | Fur-lined Crocs

woman looking out at snow while holding a hot drink inside

If you hear the word ‘Crocs’ and immediately think of frost, cold weather, and a chilly breeze, you’re a low-key White Walker. Okay, maybe not... but you’re certainly more of a winter than a summer person! When the leaves start to change, the weather takes a turn, and Michael Bublé makes his annual festive appearance, you’re in your element. Forget sunscreen and sunglasses, you’re all about scarves and socks - the fluffy kind, of course!

You’re into all things comfortable and cosy, and love nothing more than slipping into your snuggest pair of PJs and donning some fur-lined slippers. Your wardrobe is simply stuffed to the brim with loungewear, and you can’t think of anything worse than restrictive clothing or suffocating attire. Just because it’s freezing, your feet don’t have to suffer – in fact, the bitter temperature is just another excuse to treat yourself!

The buffing buff | Polished Crocs

woman posed ready to clean

You’ve discovered Croc polish, and you’re not about to share it. If smooth, glossy, and thoroughly protected shoes are your footwear of choice, you’re pretty sleek and are always prepared for a downpour-induced emergency. Just like your shoes, your home is spotless - yes, even down to the perfectly organised cookie jar (you can thank Khloe Kardashian for that one!). Your bathroom is stuffed with an array of lotions and potions, your kitchen is sparkling, and your bed is always made. When it comes to viral videos, cats aren’t your thing. Instead, you find yourself scrolling through reams of cleaning hashtags, picking up a plethora of helpful hacks to try out along the way. 

While you enjoy the neatness of shiny and sparkling specimens, you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. A freshly polished pair of shoes comes as a result of a lot of elbow grease, after all. Some may call you pedantic, but you find pleasure in perfection, and that’s all that matters. Move aside Lynsey Crombie, there’s a new Queen of Clean in town!

The height hunter | Platform Crocs

70's hipster

When it comes to style, you soar to new heights. No, really! Never seen without your platform heels, your fashion sense is a snapshot of the ‘70s. Your wardrobe is full of flairs, florals, and funky prints, and, to you, there’s no such thing as clashing colours. You embrace all things weird and wonderful, and love being renowned for your unique sense of style. Forget Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, you’re set to create your own exclusive trademark, and it’s nothing to do with distinctive red soles or high-end price tags! 

Inspired by all things old-school, the ‘70s reflect in all aspects of your life, not just your fashion sense. From disco to pop, rock to soul, you have all the classics immortalised on vinyl, and enjoy the raw, crisp sound of your classic record player. You probably still have a lava lamp or two dotted around your home, and you definitely still take snaps with your polaroid camera. Above all else, you’re unapologetically kooky and that’s just one of the many reasons why everybody loves you.

The festival fanatic | Wellington Crocs

man at festival smiling

If you find yourself leaning more towards the wellington or boot variety of Crocs, you’re probably not afraid to roll your sleeves up and get stuck into the mud. From singing along to your favourite band in a field to simply taking your dog for a walk in the rain, your biggest goal in life is to rock the festival-chic fashion craze, and look darn good while doing it! Sure, your choice of footwear may be more Paddington Bear than Kim Kardashian at Coachella, but you think it’s the bomb… and that’s all that matters. 

Prepared for anything, your trusty wellies have got you covered - even when the fickle British weather takes a turn for the worst. In fact, it's those grizzly, rainy days that really get you excited. Whether you’re simply listening to the calming sounds of a downpour or going all out and singing in it Gene Kelly style, if the rain is pouring, you’re in your happy place. There’s a certain charm about your festival-inspired, farmyard-esque fashion sense, and you certainly turn heads wherever you go.

Did we guess correctly?

red crocs goggles and towel

Having witnessed the most popular examples of Crocs-related creations, the real question on everyone’s lips is… did we guess correctly? Are you more of a fashion-conscious collaborator, simply itching to trial the KFC model, or do you lean more towards the height hunter description, embracing all things retro in homage to a by-gone time? Whatever the result, we hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through the fads of fanciful footwear and, like us, have perhaps changed your perception on the proudly practical clog. 

If you’re still unsure on design or simply need some guidance on the best style for you, it’s definitely worth exploring our extensive selection of Crocs. From subtle outfit additions that concentrate on comfort to striking, statement shoes that are truly worth their weight in gold, you can find a pair of Crocs for every occasion here at OnBuy. Regardless of whether you love them, hate them, or feel indifferent towards them, there’s a shape and shoe for every buyer and budget… so what are you waiting for? Jump on the worldwide trend today. Your feet will certainly thank you!

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