Sell With OnBuy

OnBuy is a new, innovative and rapidly growing online retail marketplace. Based in the UK, it is a direct alternative to Amazon, delivering value for retailers and consumers alike.

Our concept is simple. Low seller fees mean you can pass on savings to your customers and maximise sales.

Retailers from small specialist outlets to major household names are discovering the value of selling with OnBuy. That value is all about partnership. Our commitment is to support your business, promote your product, maximise your sales and never compete against you.

Why Sell with OnBuy?

OnBuy is a proven selling channel with thousands of customers searching daily for a good deal. We have a rapidly growing audience of shoppers. OnBuy offers an efficient model, only charging a low selling fee for items sold, which is typically much cheaper than other marketplaces. See OnBuy Selling Fees >

This means better margins for sellers and better deals for customers. It's often cheaper to sell through OnBuy than it is for a seller to maintain and market their own online shop.

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Benefits of Selling With OnBuy

Low Cost Per Sale

Don't like high selling fees? Don't pay them. It's really that simple.
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Control Your Own Money

We don't hold your money, we let you accept your payments directly.

Registered British Company

We are a registered company in the UK and are liable for our UK tax and VAT.

Access to OnBuy European Selling

We have marketplaces across Europe and make it easy to sell across Europe.